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Boye Round Knitting Loom 11 5 Review




Revainrating 2 out of 5  
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Description of Boye Round Knitting Loom 11 5

Includes (4) circular knitting looms, (1) loom hook, (1) yarn needle, and (1) set of instructions including a pattern for a basic hat. Round looms measure 5.5", 7.5", 9.5", and 11.5" in diameter. Our loom set is a fun and simple way to knit without the use of needles, and allows you to perform both circular and flat knitting. The perfect way to make hats, booties, scarves, and more!. Ensure pegs are firmly snapped into place before use.


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Revainrating 3 out of 5

Ideal for beginners. but not quite for normal consumers

I like this product very much. It is durable and easy to use. I also like the larger size compared to other round looms which is why I bought it. My other round looms are 1/2 inch smaller. However, I don't like the indentations on the individual cones. This makes it easier to hook the yarn. I also find that it takes a little time to pull the yarn out of the groove on each pin. All in all it would be great for beginners and small children.

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My only complaint is that I am used to using round hat looms that use an odd number of pins. It's nice to add different effects to your instruments, but I wanted an odd number of pegs because my old one broke. Correctly. At that point I decided I might as well end it the way it is. I keep them to myself because they're another tool to add to my arsenal.

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Revainrating 1 out of 5

Significantly reduced quality compared to the old sets

A very disappointing loom set. I bought another one from this set a few years ago and really liked it. When I decided that the second set would be suitable for multiple projects at the same time, I ordered another one and found the quality to be stunningly inferior to the previous set. On a single loom, the pin grooves are entirely uneven in width, many of them so narrow that the hook cannot be inserted. All looms have rough, sharp-edged pins along the top horizontal groove, causing the yarn to

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