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MaterialAlloy Steel
Exterior FinishSpray coating
Size3.5 Gallon
Metal TypeAlloy Steel

Description of 🚘 Electric Portable Automotive Carburetors with Enhanced Capacity

FLOW-THRU PARTS BRUSH WITH TUBE+180 DEGREE ROTATING NOZZLE: Designed for circulating washing. Heavy-Duty grooved handle. 28-Inch (71-Centimeters) Long Tube. The flexible metal nozzle is ideally used to guide the cleaning agent to the parts which need to be cleaned. HIGH FLOW PUMP: High flow parts washers pump, ability to clean all types of parts efficiently and quickly, such as screws, bearings, gaskets, suitable for all kinds of working environment, such as auto repair shop, the construction site. Only water - based solvents can be used, otherwise the pump will be damaged. STURDY STEEL+ANTI-RUST COATING: Redsun parts washer cleaner were made of sturdy steel, the powder coating can resist rust and corrosion.However, we do not recommend the use of volatile solvents such as gasoline. LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: This parts washer is light weight enough. That you can easily pack it up and move the parts washer from job site to job site or from your shop to your garage. PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: You can get our performance guarantee. If you have any problems with the parts you need, simply contact customer service for a replacement or refund.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Simple and effective little cleaner

It was amazing right away I bought it because it had a brush that was a $10 accessory to other cleaners. There are many hacks on YouTube to improve cleaning products and I've used a few of them. I added a rubber grommet (shown in gray in Figure 2) to the cap and a screw to hold the cap on the front edge. Now it closes and closes. seals the vapor outlet and you can also move it without spilling liquid. I also added a scrubbing pad over the pump filter inlet, secured with zip ties. This…

  • Price
  • Clarity

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good countertop cleaner

After reading the comments about not being able to control the flow/pressure to reduce 'splashes' around the perimeter of the tank I would add two points. In the first, I installed a 1/4" Loc-Line hose (#40413, comes with different size nozzles) that increased the ID over the OEM line, and second, a faucet with a faucet that acts as a relief valve. It worked great I could have just used a "pilot" valve on the pump outlet but I gave it up as the pump impeller is driven by a magnet and I didn't…

  • Durable finish
  • Unbelievable price

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Just great in tools and gear

I use this in a motorcycle shed to clean parts and it replaced the Harbor Freight unit which looked very similar but is much better. The pump is obviously a retrofit from an old HF unit, although the main body is almost identical except the paint job is much better here. I think powder coated. I used a water based solvent, Simple Green Industrial Solution, I mixed it 50/50 with water. I didn't clean up very quickly, so I bought an inexpensive electric skillet from Walmart for about $20. I put a

  • Very good value
  • Vulgarity