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Description of Chaokoh

Chaokoh is well recognized as a premier retailer of premium supermarket, gourmet, pantry, and kitchen supplies. Our coconut-based products are carefully created to ensure the highest quality and taste using only the best ingredients. Having first opened its doors in the early 20th century, Chaokoh has a rich history of serving up authentic and delectable Thai fare to patrons in many different countries. Trusted and appreciated throughout the food industry for our unwavering dedication to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction. We manufacture a large selection of goods, including coconut milk, cream, and other kitchen necessities, in our cutting-edge factory in Thailand. When making our products, we only use the finest and freshest ingredients, and to do this we maintain tight relationships with local farmers. At Chaokoh, we aim to provide our customers with the best service possible, and we take great pride in the high quality of our products. We guarantee that our goods will give your food that authentic Thai flavor whether you're a professional chef or just a home cook. We appreciate your business and promise to always do our best to meet your needs.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Genuine Components, User-Friendly Shopping Experience

As a foreigner currently residing in a different nation, I have found that Chaokoh's online business has been an absolute godsend for me. Because they offer such a diverse assortment of genuine ingredients, including coconut milk and cream, I've been able to easily recreate some of my all-time favorite dishes from back in my home country. I appreciate that their products are crafted to reach the highest standards of both taste and quality, and that they are made using only ingredients of the…

  • wide range of kitchen essentials.
  • restricted accessibility in some areas.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Clean Fuel for the Highest Possible Efficiency

I am always looking for clean fuel to help power my workouts and assist in my recovery because I am an athlete. Because of this, I really appreciate that Chaokoh is dedicated to using only high-quality ingredients in the coconut milk and cream products that they sell. Not only do they give my protein shakes and milkshakes a delectable flavor, but they also supply my body with the beneficial fats and nutrients it needs to function at its optimum level. I appreciate that Chaokoh products are…

  • genuine flavor of the goods.
  • greater price range than rivals.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Top-notch Ingredients for Delicious Dishes

I recently came across Chaokoh's online shop and was blown away by the caliber of their offerings. My curries and desserts now have a thick, creamy texture thanks to the coconut milk and cream. I respect their dedication to using premium ingredients and creating goods that uphold high standards. Additionally, it was simple for me to stock my kitchen with their assortment of cooking essentials and pantry staples. Any home cook searching for high-quality ingredients to improve their dishes should

  • high requirements for excellence.
  • Some goods could contain water.

My recent experience with Chaokoh's products left me feeling dissatisfied, despite the company's assertion that they use only the highest-quality ingredients and adhere to the strictest quality standards. The flavor of my recipes was negatively impacted because the coconut milk and cream I used lacked richness and had a consistency more similar to water. In addition, they only carried a restricted variety of products, which made it difficult for me to locate the ingredients I required for my…

  • Use of premium materials.
  • a small selection of goods.