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💻 Unveiling the AeroCool Aero One Eclipse: The Ultimate Computer Case for Gaming and Professional use Review




Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of 💻 Unveiling the AeroCool Aero One Eclipse: The Ultimate Computer Case for Gaming and Professional use

The side panel made of tempered glass allows you to view all the components of the system. Mesh front panel design enhances ventilation and showcases front LED-lit fans. ARGB fans can be controlled via a button on the case or through motherboard software with Addressable RGB support. can be controlled by LED control button or motherboard with addressable RGB lighting 6-port fan hubMesh front design enhances ventilationTempered glass side panel to showcase the inside of the systemLiquid cooling supportDual-section design for better ventilation


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

On my own behalf, I want to say that the case is very worthy, the glass is of the highest quality, like a car. Everything looks nice and alright. Don't forget about the 5v RGB pin, if you don't have one, no problem, you can set it up via the button. If you have any questions, write to the mail: nursayatt@gmail. Com Some pros: + Smoked glass, very durable + Beautiful coolers, configuration through utilities + RGB Hub + Magnetic grid + You can install an additional 4 coolers, 2 from the bottom +…

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Disgusting, I don't recommend it to anyone!

In general, I am very pleased with the case, there is a place for cable management, everything is quite convenient and simple, everything will work out with straight arms. It is possible to add 4 more 120mm fans (it is not clear why, really), it is also well packed. Different pros: I liked the look and height (I wanted a taller case). Also, in my opinion, quite quiet turntables, quite a lot of potential, there are dust filters, great ventilation and I really like the place where the glass is…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

Overall, not bad. Tempered glass, hub, coolers, dust filters, and preferably straight arms included :) Got pros: 1. Perhaps the price, because there are essentially no alternatives for such money. 2. The kit comes with 4 coolers already installed in the case and HUB. 3. Tempered glass cover, which I consider a plus. 4. There are dust filters, top, front and bottom. 5. Not noisy, the colors of the complete coolers are adjusted only when connected to a hub. Got cons: Specifically, the wall where…

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Nothing special, there are positives and negatives.

5. Where there is a basket for HDD and PSU, there is catastrophically little space. By the way, I could not stick my relatively small PSU with wires there. The wires rested on the HDD basket. I had to remove the HDD basket to put the PSU through. There are very few places. Everything is close to each other. And about the HDD basket - a different story. 6. The HDD bin is just awful. It is screwed from below to the body through bolts between which rubber gaskets pass, which are not very good in…

  • 1. Design. With backlight looks impressive, very stylish. It will look great on the table, both in white and black. 2. 4 RGB turntables included + hub. 3. Tempered glass 4. Relatively compact 5. Excellent blowability. Temperatures after Zalman Z11 dropped by 7-10 degrees for all components, for SSDs, if it used to be 45-50, now it’s 30-35 (I screwed the ssd onto the front panel, next to the mother). That is why I took a case with a mesh and 3 valves for blowing, because Zalman Z11 had a full steam room. Only one valve 120x120 for blowing (side 80x80 has long since left). In AeroCool One, coolness reigns, like in a refrigerator. I don't know if it's a negative. But if you want to get the maximum air flow, so that it blows straight, remove the front dust filter, it dampens the air flow by 30-40%.
  • At the beginning of 2022, this case, like the airhawk duo/nighthawk duo, completely disappeared from store shelves. In early May, they reappeared, and then only in black and in small quantities. By the end of the month they were gone again. The corpus is in short supply. 1. I took it for ~ 4300 (this is the price with all the additional discounts in one popular store). In other stores, it costs from 5000 to 6000. Previously, it could be taken for 4000-4500. But the deficit apparently allowed the stores to raise the price to 5000-6000, which I consider extremely inadequate. Naturally, it is not worth that kind of money. Read below why. The first drawback of this case is the price. The red price for him is 4000. 2. Metal. Before buying, I was worried, I read reviews about metal at the level of a tin can, etc. Had arrived. Touched. It seems that for a price of 4000 METAL is not bad. Yes, the wall bends behind and in some places. There, only the motherboard has thicker metal. My old Zalman Z11 has 30% thicker metal, it once cost $80-100. And by the way, in a collapsible form, the Z11 is noticeably heavier than the AeroCool One Eclipse (and for a second the Aerocool body has tempered glass, but it is not light), draw your own conclusions. For 4000 metal is normal, but for 5000-6000 it is no good. 3. Turntables. At first they seemed quiet, after a day or two, in deathly silence, I began to hear some kind of crack from all 4 ex. Similar to the game of throttles, only quieter by 50%. The turntables were quieter on the Zalman Z11. Perhaps it's all to blame for the fact that the valves on the aerocules out of the box are spinning at max speed and I have not yet figured out how to lower the speed. I don't have a 5v connector. To be honest, after a close acquaintance with these valves, it seemed that they were not of very high quality. And all the development efforts went into the design, not the insides. You may ask if I want too much for a case for 4000? Yes, but this case costs 5000-6000 now. And this is a shame. 4. I didn’t like that they didn’t make the glass on the side tinted. Transparent is better, isn't it? I will continue in the comments.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Exactly what I needed, it's a great buy, I recommend it.

I switched to this case after zalman i3. In appearance, AeroCool does it in all aspects, but the Zalman itself was quieter, perhaps due to other turntables, but they + everything could be turned off if necessary. In AeroCool, they will work constantly and at medium speeds. Perhaps I did not understand the controls, but even when the control unit was connected to the motherboard, I could not reduce their speed. In general, the body is good, but it needs to be improved, its price is currently too

  • Nice, nice body. There are no large gaps in the body assembly (almost).
  • No noise cancellation, no. It is impossible to turn off the turntables or reduce their speed only if you connect each fan to the motherboard itself, but then without highlighting. RTX 2070 got scratched on the case. After installing the video card and the holder for it, the connector cover does not close (although I tried to bend it, it did not work out).

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

Well, personally, I was not very lucky with the purchase and I got the case crumpled and broken, for which special thanks to the online trade company. The rest of the body is quite satisfied.

  • The blown frontal wall (with a lattice) is easily removed by hand. Short in depth, but taller than the "regular" body. Easy. Transparent glass side cover, easy to install even when the case is standing.
  • Not the best holes on the mounting wall. When installing a 2.5" SSD, in order not to damage the power wires, I had to lead them through the hole above which the second 2.5" SSD is installed, and not through the nearest one (there is in the photo). Through the nearest, you have to bend strongly. Although I do not exclude that it is possible that I misunderstood something during installation. The case is flimsy, it is possible to crush its elements during assembly. When rearranging the case, you just want to grab onto the protruding plastic elements, and this is fraught with slight damage.

The ZM1000-ARX power supply will fit if you remove the mounts under the HDD. (You also need to consider the wires and the size of their connectors.) As a result, there is no mount for the HDD. The only mounting option, upside down to the grate. A video card longer than 319mm cannot be stuffed. GV-N3080AORUS X-10GD - succeeded. . Thanks AeroCool for the answer, most likely I will not apply for a guarantee. At the moment, after replacing the fans, the case suits me. To enable the backlight…

  • 1. Airflow of components. 2. Design. 3. Durable outer case. 4. Plenty of room for a given case size. 5. Convenient fastening of side covers. 6. Price
  • 1. After 2.5 months, the fans began to splash with oil. All without exception. (possibly marriage of the party) 2. Small compartment for the power supply. 3. The thickness of the metal for mounting the motherboard could be more. 4. It was not possible to get the RGB controller to work with the ASUS TUF-GAMING-Z490-PLUS-WI-FI motherboard

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not the best quality, but generally not bad.

Disposable housing . if it was made of good materials, it would be good! - Native valves work only through the native hub, which is just a misunderstanding! At first I thought the hub was not working, but I accidentally found out that to switch to MP, you need to hold the button for a few seconds . and it all worked! Connecting to SYS_Fan 4-pin still does not work - the motherboard does not see it and there is no way to adjust the speed (It only works if you connect it to the CPU_Fan connector…

  • - Beautiful appearance - Ease of assembly - normal flow
  • - Bad iron - not very good fans - inconvenient and unnecessary hub for setting the backlight - The price is too high for him.

The motherboard costs AsRock b 450 steel legend, it turned out to transfer backlight control to the motherboard by pressing the backlight switch button so that it blinks 2 times. If you overdo the button (blinks 3 times, then the backlight will simply turn off).

  • The thickness of the metal will go, the quality is good, the cooler is just fire. I took it for 4700 by promic.
  • Put in is a president