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Revainrating 2.5 out of 5Β Β 
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Description of 🧭 Enhance Your Navigation Skills with the Custom Accessories 55558 Compass

Suction cup mount. Easy-to-read. Convenient size mounts almost anywhere. Simple plug-in operation.


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Contrary to many reviews this compass works very well. People should understand that all compasses are subject to changes and deviations, which are foreseeable errors. The compass is not reliable when placed near metal such as a dashboard or car frame, and only indicates magnetic north, not true north. All compasses are also subject to acceleration and deceleration errors and lead and lag errors when rotating. However, they are reliable, we move with constant speed and direction.

  • Handy size, fits almost anywhere
  • Not sure

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Bad design and inaccurate.

This compass has a few problems. The markers for north and south don't seem to be facing each other on the globe, but at an angle? Also, the markers (N, S, E, W) indicate the direction they represent, not the opposite direction. This is a problematic meaning to be read from the side, not the top. In my opinion the compass should show the direction you are moving, not the direction the markers are actually pointing. It's not impossible to read like that, just very poor design. Even at such a low

  • Simple operation with plug-in
  • So far so good

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Doesn't work at all. Totally inaccurate

I used to have a compass like this in my car but my little kids loved taking it off the windshield and playing with it. Of course we lost. When we moved to a city that isn't surrounded by mountains and I had no idea how to get around, I searched all over town for a replacement and couldn't find one. I finally searched the internet and found it! It looks just like the previous one I had and loved a few years ago, although I'm not sure if it's the same brand. We will, this doesn't work. The ball…

  • Suction cup mount
  • Operating speed