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DELL Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset, black Review



Very good

Revainrating 5 out of 5  
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Description of DELL Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset, black

Black color; Volume control: 1; Connector: USB; Connector: Bluetooth; Headphone type: full size; Mount: Headband; Type: Wired/Wireless Headset; Headphone connection: Wired; Headphone connection: Wireless; Manufacturer Brand: Dell


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

I have been looking for expensive and GOOD headphones for a long time, but I found excellent ones. They are worth their money. Different pros: They look and fit perfect, the sound is perfect, sound positioning is good, no worse than the old Roccat 5.1 Different cons: A non-switchable informer (a voice that informs about the connection of the headphones and the transmitter), if you go far, it starts to bother. I believe that it would be possible to transmit information about the connection with…

Pros below: Lightweight headset with excellent wireless sound. The microphone can be set in relation to the face as you wish. There are convenient presets for most game genres. Some cons: The USB transmitter is not tied to the headset and may lose it when connecting other wireless devices.

I took it primarily for long games. In this regard, the headphones justified themselves completely. They have excellent ergonomics, you can sit for hours without feeling tired or stewed in your own juice. Positioning in games works excellently, and, according to subjective feelings, in principle, the sound environment is transmitted in great detail - the same Skyrim sparkled with new acoustic colors, although the game is already 10 years old. I can’t say anything special about the microphone, I

  • Very light despite being wireless Soft and comfortable pads, ears do not get tired and do not sweat Good volume margin Very good sound quality for wireless headphones Great positioning in games Futuristic appearance They hold a charge well, charge quickly (subjectively)
  • Not exactly flaws, rather nit-picking: Not the most convenient location of the control buttons - they are small and close to each other, you have to get used to it Soft-touch coating - beautiful, but collects fingerprints Charging via micro-USB - it would be great if there was a magnetic connector with contacts Very rarely, but there are short-term (1-2 seconds) disconnections, although the whistle is only a meter away. I sin on a nearby router

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Valuable purchase, nothing but pluses!

Cool thing, like any other product of this company, very cool packaged. Doubts were whether to take or not. Especially after reading the reviews. In the end, took and happy as an elephant. Works in conjunction with an Alienware laptop, everything connects perfectly and works without problems. Some pros: Sound quality Noise isolation Quality of materials and assembly Hassle-free operation Different cons: After 3 hours in them, the ears start to get a little tired. Autonomy of work somewhere…

A year has passed since the beginning of use, the headphones are like new in all respects. They sound great, for a computer headset, especially a wireless one, and it’s completely great. Before these there were Logitech G933, garbage dump, squeaks, peeling headband, build quality, school exterior, slop instead of software, died 6 days before the end of the warranty (the microphone arrived). Technical support answered exactly 7 days, of course, so that God forbid I didn’t hand it over to the…

  • Sound, speakers and equalizer. BY. Microphone. Appearance. Battery life. Pass-thru, work while charging via micro-usb. Do not emit squeaks and extraneous sounds. The design, headband and ear pads, the mechanism for removing the latter and the quality of workmanship.
  • Price, more expensive than competitors, because Alienware.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

Fully match the price. I have never been so pleased with a purchase. I bought them, it seems to me only as they came out, I chose a gaming headset for a long time, and stumbled upon this one, at first sight I fell in love with them in the picture, I started looking for reviews, reviews and at that time there was not a single review, and now I thought the unknown did not means bad, without hesitation went and bought it. I can compare with many headphones, the previous ones were Raiser Kraken…

  • Sound Dual channel operation Quality Comfort
  • Missing

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good product, not disappointed.

I re-tested several top-end ears before settling on these. I had a Sennheiser GSP 670 (sound satisfied, not satisfied with comfort) and SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless (reverse situation: there is comfort, no sound), but these ears did it for everyone. The first and most important thing is, of course, the sound, it is great both in music and in games, the detail is excellent even in heavy genres, there is exactly as much bass as you need. The second is sound positioning. It's not just good, it's…

  • - The sound quality in music (any genre) and games is beyond praise - Positioning in 7.1 mode is not just good, but excellent and it really helps in games - They are standing! You do not need a stand, you can put it directly on the table and it will look neat - Good software with flexible settings - Satisfactory noise isolation with fabric ear cushions - Excellent microphone quality - Build quality - Ability to connect 3.5mm
  • - Soft-touch coating simply attracts prints that are difficult to remove - The price is crazy - The questionable design of the microphone, if you remove it, then sometimes it dangles slightly, this does not interfere with life, but it looks sloppy. - Micro-USB is a failure, even for the year the headphones came out in 2022, the only cord in the house of this type is only for them - I did not appreciate the dongle slot: you will not use it, and there will always be a hole in the bowl. It's a nitpick, you don't pay attention to it, it's just superfluous. - No Bluetooth connection. Some competitors have this and this is a very good bonus.

Other reviews say: - no bass, there is bass, just activate the bass boost in the software (they are not always needed at the maximum out of the box, I have a physical button on the edifiers to turn off / boost the bass and they were initially turned off), not like a subwoofer will have but enough, better than without them; - idle hiss out of the box until I heard it. The sound quality, workmanship, everything suits. I hope the hiss will not appear and the software will be finished. It is…

  • Sound quality, workmanship, lighting, comfortable fit.
  • More like a nitpick: a microphone mount. It does not stay in the groove and constantly moves away (loosely fits). It doesn’t hang out, but it’s strange why they didn’t make a retainer for the microphone. It is flexible, no matter how I tried to bend it so that it does not move away, but all in vain. Crooked software, constantly crashes when trying to adjust positioning.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

I advise you to purchase it unambiguously. I am a fan of high-quality sound in games, when watching movies, music, etc. . and these headphones provided me with a vengeance. . in principle, all this is trifles, but it looks elegant. The price is not small, but it's worth it. Got pros: Appearance (lighting, adjustments, etc.) Equipment. Software (although I didn’t get used to it right away after using the prog on Asus headphones). Sound (very . very good. Suitable for games, movies and music in…

A truly premium product that has no competitors in the market. Only the packaging is amazing. Build quality, nice quality soft touch plastic. Sound 7.1! Full noise cancellation ensures maximum immersion in the game process. They feel heavy in the hands, but on the head you don’t feel them at all. The microphone is flexible, the sound is clear, easily hides in the case, does not interfere at all. Someone might say: "Where is the bass?" And it shouldn't be here, gaming headphones!

  • materials Build quality Appearance Sound Equipment Yes, they are great.)
  • No