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digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

I took it for a child as a second tool for practicing in the country. When buying, they recommended the simplest stand to me, and this was a mistake - it should be as stable as possible.See full review

roland fp-10 digital piano black logo

Feelings of delight! Long chose and compared. The sound is different than that of the "pop" yamaha. More real, quieter. The game is a lot of fun, even if only for myself at the level of 3rd grade MSH). I recommend! Has pros: The keys are like an acoustic instrument. Nothing extra. I do not use the built-in sound, because in headphones or to external acoustics. Weak built-in sound is normal: when purchasing a mid-range instrument, you need to be prepared to plug it in to a good sound. Listen to gSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Quite comfortable, light grill is not large, I was very pleased with the full opening function, it reduces the cooking time by 2 times. Of course, it will be necessary to adjust to the choice of temperature for different dishes, but otherwise there were no problems during the first use. Recommend to buySee full review

front right gas shock absorber marshall m8010662 for hyundai solaris 10-, kia rio iii 11- // cross-number kyb 338108 logo

With its pros: good stands. harsh, but this is the thing for Solaris, tk. finally the car began to hold the road at speeds greater than 100 km. Has some cons: for some, a decrease in comfort may be critical. set for me. I love when the car is downed, confidently obeys the helm.See full review

petrol cultivator daewoo dat 3530 (3.5hp, 26cm) logo

If this cultivator breaks down, bring the entire cultivator to the warranty repair without removing the cutters to lighten the weight. Otherwise, they will be asked to bring them to make sure that you did not plow stones for them. And secondly, as the guy in the store advised me, as soon as possible, change both the manual starter and the receiving ratchet for more reliable ones. The presence of wheels is completely incomprehensible. Basically, they're more of a hindrance than a help. In additioSee full review

jögel camp compression shorts performdry tight short (jbl-1300-061), black/white - size xxl logo

Hoping my insights prove useful.My first compression shorts, I took them for running and for volleyball. The flight is normal😌 you can take it.See full review

wheel disk x"trike x-113 7х17/5х108 d67.1 et45, hsb logo

Discs from the manufacturer KiK (Xtrike is a KiK brand). The quality is good, I use two sets of wheels on Xtrike rims, the coating holds despite the presence of damage from the curb on one rim. Sometimes I drive aggressively, I also got into the pits strongly - the wheels are even. In the tests of the auto review, the KK disks showed themselves perfectly, so you can not be afraid when riding them.See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

I liked the mouse from the very beginning because of its stylish appearance and, of course, because of the manufacturer. For the first half of the year, I could not get enough of the new acquisition, absolutely everything about this mouse suited me. However, over time, I began to notice that the hand is numb and the mouse is not so comfortable, because of its rather large size, it is far from suitable for everyone. But this minus can hardly be called a minus, because everything is individual. BuSee full review

life jacket poseidon fish life vest adult up to 80 kg with gims headrest, belarus logo

Outwardly, there is nothing to complain about. Except for the trouble with the torn off rope holding the whistle. Neatly sewn. Haven't checked in the case yet.See full review


"Self-propelled gun" is of course a thing! The entire area was cut in less than an hour. Tall grass is almost nothing to her. It only mows and rushes forward by itself! :) The mower does not have a clutch - the knife sits directly on the motor shaft, therefore, in order to pour the grass out of the box, the motor has to be turned off, and then started again, pulling the handle. Productivity is awesome, so when the grass is tall, the 45 liter box fills up in a minute. I don’t know how bad it is See full review

engine foam decoking lavr complex, 400 ml, ln2510 logo

This is certainly not a panacea, moreover, in order for the engine to work really well, you need to use several means. But even when using only this excellent decaking, you feel the result immediately. There were problems with the plant in cold weather, oil - the impression that he does not drive on gasoline, but on oil with such an expense. I cleaned it with this decarbonizer, chose it based on reviews - thanks for helping. Means of fire: simple and effective. Well, once I found it, I also usedSee full review

tool set bort btk-46, 46 pcs., black logo

I bought such a set and I am glad, the price is favorable and for my motorcycle it is the best! I liked that everything will be in one place in a convenient case. The quality of the tool norms, comfortable to use. I am satisfied with the purchase. The set has a good content, it includes: sockets of various sizes, sockets, a screwdriver for bits, a ratchet wrench, a hex adapter, extensions in two sizes, a flexible extension, etc. For a set of tools and quality, you can put 8 points out of ten!See full review

wireless mouse redragon mirage, black/red logo

Unbiased take on its performance.in general, I like the view in the dark, it's very cool, I bought it with the same red drgon rug, it's very beautiful.See full review


The box was in factory wrap. On top of the pimple, and even higher - cardboard. And all this in a plastic container. Everything is safe. I am satisfied with the purchase.See full review

leds h7 6500k led 18033 narva logo

For a price of up to 4500 it has no analogues, the visibility on the road has become what you need, especially since you often ride at night, even if the headlight is dirty, the light loss is still minimal, I recommend buying With its pros: I managed to buy for a promotion and buns, they work out for everything 200%, good bright light, nice packaging Different cons: In fact, they are not, but there are a couple of quibbles 1) it’s hard to pick up a high beam, the regular one merges and, in fact,See full review


First of all, I liked the inhaler because it is designed to treat diseases of all parts of the respiratory tract: upper and lower. For procedures, you can use various drugs, including antibiotics, mucolytics, hormonal drugs (they are approved for this type of inhaler). The kit includes different masks (adult, child), mouthpiece. The only moment it is noisy, you have to turn on the TV louder. And so he fully justified himself, with his help, the disease recedes in 3-4 days, and the state of healtSee full review

box stanley fatmax 1-95-615, 49.7x29.3x29.5 cm, 20"" , grey-black logo

Bought at a discount. There are three of these boxes. It is convenient to put them on top of each other. Rectangular size. You can get up, but it's not a ladder. Latches, metal locks will not break and give a solid appearance to the design.See full review


I read a lot of reviews about Kama tires. The impression was mixed. As a result, I bought a Euro 519 model for my kia. Very high quality tires. Perfect for our roads. Spikes do not fly out, wear is minimal. I did not reveal any problems either on asphalt or in snowdrifts. Good grip when cornering. I have been riding them for the third year already, I can say that the quality is no worse than imported ones.See full review


In general, 2 months of everyday use and I'm disappointed, they cut themselves off, they pause when answering a call through the headphones, the sensor either works or doesn't work, the sound is generally disgusting maximum vidos to watch, they are lousy for music. cheap g…. cheap g….See full review


I wanted to connect quickly, instead of the old three-stage filter, but the inlet tube is wider - so I had to change the tap. Other than that, it's a very handy system. Different pros: Good water quality. Simple (relative to other systems) assembly and installation Its cons: If you change a three-stage filter, it will not work without replacing the tap (the inlet tube is wider).See full review

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