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Electop Buffing Polishing Polisher Adapters

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About Electop Buffing Polishing Polisher Adapters

16 PCS CAR BUFFING SPONGE PADS: 4* 3inch Sponge Polishing Pads, 4* 5inch Sponge Polishing Pads, 2* 3"Woolen Buffer Pads, 2* 5"Woolen Buffer Pads, 2* Drill Adapter, 2* Suction Cup. PREMIUM QUALITY BUFFING PADS: These 5 Inch & 3 Inch drill buffing sponge pads are durable, stretchy, compact, light, absorbent and soft, feels good. No matter what stress it supports, it will not be out of shape. Enough cells can hold little dust particle in case the car is hurt. ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY: Professional wool and foam pad buffing, polishing and finishing system. Efficient cutting and…

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Perfect for buffing and polishing

This is a great kit and I have used this to get my headlights clean again. In combination with Mothers Mag aluminum polish and Dewalt cordless drill. My headlights are crystal clear.See full review

Great little polishing kit

Got this for headlight restoration along with headlight polish from these chemists. Used it in a drill press and successfully restored 8 pairs of headlights with 1 pad still in great condition.See full review

Sticks well to tools and gadgets

I didn't believe at all that the velcro system would hold the pads in place during use. I was wrong. They work great and make the transition from applicator to polisher a lot easier. If only my car polish worked the same way.See full review

Easy to use and very affordable

Perfect for a drill. The drill is inconvenient to use. Although my first tool of choice is a rotary polisher. There was no place where this car was, but it turned out fine. The pads are durable and inexpensive. I used clay from McGuiars & Ultimate…See full review

I use them with my drill motor

I use a cordless drill with a motor for polishing paintwork. They work great, although if you get too aggressive you can rip the textured ones fairly easily. I have cleaned and reused the apartments several times. The velcro closure makes them easy…See full review

Fast delivery good for body repair tools

I originally ordered these for headlights and finding a set of 3" and 5" was definitely a bonus so will be using them for the body. too much of. Everything pictured was supplied and is accurate, looks and feels good. The foam is 1" thick and…See full review

Very good polishing kit for the money

Best $14 I've ever spent on Revain. I used a small headlamp cover on my 2003 civilian, buffered 5 minutes, both headlamp covers were like new. I used Turtle Polish with a cordless drill and set it on low speed. People said they would come back in a…See full review

Great product for the price.

Ideal for polishing headlights! I used 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper (wet) for 5+ minutes by hand in a circular motion, then coated the lights with Mothers Wheel/Mag polish and used a 3 inch foam pad, then a wool pad and then coated with UV…See full review

There are no problems here. best body repair tools

I used this with Meguire Plastix cleaner and polish to keep my 8 year old headlights from fogging up and to polish some solar panels for the fairy lights. It worked very well. Most of my headlight fogging is gone and the light quality is much…See full review

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