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About Elena Dragomir

Elena Dragomir Shop and Beauty - Make up and beauty. Follow your dreams with and glow with make up products by Elena Dragomir.

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female beauty is important in daily life

offers a long list of its own feminine beauty line, with highly rated products in the industry by promoting its brand as one of the best in the current market and providing extensive information regarding everything that has to do with your...See full review

Elena Dragomir: exclusive cosmetics line for the modern woman.

Elena Dragomir: is a line of exclusive cosmetics for the modern woman focused on excellence, seeks to achieve the best business process, its product line has a variety in their cosmetics, such as its wide range of colors, flavors in lipsticks...See full review

this comany is a nice innovation by Elena Dragomir

Elena Dragomir is the founder of Elena Dragomir beauty shop, this is why the company is named after her. The founder, is a freelance makeup artist and an upcoming makeup artist as well which has already established her company among various...See full review

You will be pleased with the quality of products supplied by this company

If you've been confounded on where to get your beautification packs, cosmetics units, lip-shine, lipsticks, concealers, and different frill, I suppose you should make your next stop at Elena Dragomir. Elena Dragomir is a one-stop web based shopping...See full review

Your one-stop platform to shop for your beauty products

If you've been confused on where to get your beautification kits, makeup kits, lipgloss, lipsticks, concealers, and ither accessories, I guess you should make your next stop at Elena Dragomir. Elena Dragomir is a one-stop online shopping platform...See full review