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About Faruse

Frause is Europe's first and largest job search platform only for English speakers. An all-in-one job board platform that provides the latest jobs and internships, a personal dashboard, online courses, and a resume builder.

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Great tool which helped greatly during job search

Easy to use interface! I do not think there are many companies out their with software in this regard because it just makes life so much easier as an employer or candidate alike when using these types of platforms such easy navigation through different sections (eocs/cv uploader etc) - i would be interested if they were open source but then have control over who could update them!! I love that it has a lot of different categories to browse through. It allows me to have many options when looking for my next career move. The layout can be confusing at times but overall its great! Nothing so far! Keep up with your work guys! If you are searching for a career move then this is the right place for you. This is where I found my current position. Its very easy to use and helps you find jobs that fit your career goals.

Best platform cum job site that not only provides information abut jobs and companies

The design of this website was very simple to use since I am new user from other websites like LinkedIn or Facebook etc.. Also it has an option where you can send messages directly with your candidates by clicking their profile picture which will be shown in front of them when they are available. It also helps me save my time as well as money because i don't have to look at different sites just to find good candidate profiles. There isn’t anything much bad about farusenow sofar but if there is any thing then its nothing really big. Its perfect place for finding fresher/experienced positions within few clicks.

Pros & cons

  • Its one stop store, everything under single roof.
  • Easy way through search box
  • Good database
  • Ability To communicate using direct messaging facility via email address provided while signing up
  • None

Easy and quick way for overseas job research

I love how easy it was to use! It helped me connect with other students in my area who were also looking at international opportunities as well. The site itself could be more user friendly if there are specific instructions or videos showing you step by steps of certain features/tools available (like posting internship applications). Also having access from anywhere would have been nice since sometimes when we're working during our classes its hard finding time between class work etc.. This helps us keep up motivation levels while searching through different options out side school hours which can get discouraging after awhile : ).

Pros & cons

  • Easy signup process
  • User friendly layout that is very clear, simple & organized
  • Ability for users globally located outside US
  • Good but not great

Easy-to navigate platform - good alternative job board

The best part about farusE was its free trial period (which lasted just one week). After using it I found some useful features which was not there in other platforms; such as creating tags to better organize my research results! Also you can compare multiple databases at once instead of doing searches one by one through many sites. And also unlike many others, their support service responds quite quickly if they are still available during your working hours. It seems more professional than competitors when used with LinkedIn. Since faruSE is an international database where people from different backgrounds apply for similar vacancies/jobs, sometimes i would get confused what exactly am looking out for since everyone looks so attractive and promising. One point is that after submitting applications for particular tasks you rarely know how successful candidates have been selected. There needs improvement regarding this issue or perhaps introduce an email notification system like…