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About Fluency

Fluency provides an enterprise-level technology platform that automates critical, necessary, but repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with digital advertising management. Fluency’s platform allows users to operate with the highest level of efficiency, enabling them to focus on strategic business objectives that deliver cost-effective, optimized advertising campaigns. This results in easily scalable advertising strategies that increase competitive advantage and optimize market share growth opportunities.

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Great platform that truly understands content marketing!

The software is very easy to use and can be integrated with other platforms when necessary for clients like Facebook/Instagram ads or Google AdWords. It's been great having someone dedicated at Fluency who has helped me navigate their product and...See full review

Love how easy and seamless everything flows with Fluenc

The ability for all creatives (ads) under one roof is what I love most about fluencies service offerings; this feature makes it much easier than having multiple accounts because you can make changes across many ads at once! It's hard sometimes when...See full review

The ability to create custom metrics is endless!

The ability for us as marketers is endless when it comes down to creating custom metrics. I love being able to create my own reports from our data points! It takes some training if you're not familiar with Excel or Google Sheets yet, however there...See full review

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