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🎮 Sony PlayStation Vita 2000 1GB Black/Red Game Console: A High-Performance Gaming Experience Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of 🎮 Sony PlayStation Vita 2000 1GB Black/Red Game Console: A High-Performance Gaming Experience

set-top box type: portable, wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, screen size: 5 ", operating time: 6 h


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

I am a big child :-) very happy with the prefix. only games are few and expensive. if the situation does not change, I will flash the prefix Its pros: comfortable during the game, excellent hardware, long battery life Cons below: The battery is not removable, without a cover in any way. and most importantly (not to the console itself, but to the company) - few games

Before the hack, I mainly used it for streaming games from PS4 when the TV was busy with my family. It is convenient to play, the picture is good due to the low resolution of the lags. After hacking, only 10+ games are worth downloading and playing. It's a bit annoying that she's been stuffed with so much. Touch front, touch back, cameras. Cameras , by the way, even for video chat - . Most of the "chips" such as the accelerometer and tachi are used only in games from Sony. There are few real…

  • - offline work - graphics quality - stream games from ps4
  • - it is not clear why SO MANY input interfaces - ferocious ergonomics, after a couple of hours of playing, thumbs start to hurt

In general, I wrote a review to please the current and future owners of the console with the news that it was hacked. But only firmware 3.60 is hacked. So you need to upgrade to it from any older version (via PC). Don't even think about upgrading to 3.61, there's no going back. For details, we run to the w3bsit3-dns. Com forum and carefully read everything. Hacking is not as easy as with psp, but nothing particularly difficult. Good luck to all!

  • She was finally hacked. That is absolutely. Now you can run games for Vita (and also homebrew, that is, all sorts of emulators and software). For this, all shortcomings can be forgiven. Everyone has already written about the technical advantages before me.
  • Very expensive memory cards that will not fit any other devices. The lack of the possibility of downgrading the firmware. The hack does not yet support launching PSP and PSone game images.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A practical product, nothing to complain about.

Don't buy a console with games on offer. Gave with Adventure games. There are only 2 games. The rest is for children 5 years old. It is better to take a bare console and upload it yourself. It's bad that there are no L3, R3, L2, R2 buttons, it would be much more convenient to play with them, even if the console would be a little thicker. Despite such a number of shortcomings, in general, I am satisfied with the gift. For an amateur

  • 1. Stylish design 2. Slim model 3. Good battery life 4. Touch screen 5. Rear touch panel 6. Pleasant sound and animation effects in the system itself. 7. Front and rear cameras 8. Wifi 9. Bluetooth
  • 1. Display - even with a small sun or light, the picture is not visible, but you can see your reflection. Small viewing angle 2. Non-standard flash drive, you could make a microsd 3. Little memory, only 1 gb 4. Weak sound, like 2 speakers, bass is not enough. 5. Expensive games. 6. In most cases, some kind of children's games 7. There are few useful applications, there are even more in the phone and you can download it. (I did not find an application, in my opinion only games can be downloaded) 8. Graphics is so-so, I thought it would be better. 9. The front and back cameras are of poor quality, better on the phone. 10. A flash drive is expensive, if you take it at 64, then its price is half the console 11. No vibration like in Sony joystick.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

Has some pros: New design with optic edges. Became lighter in weight. And now a normal micro usb charging connector. Some cons: The screen has become different, unlike the first model, but this is not critical, after a month you already forget what kind of screen it was on the old version!

I'll tell you right away. I had three PS vita first generation. He took and sold as new games were released and passed. So I had something to compare. Slim after a fat girl, it's like the 5th iPhone after the 4th. Lighter, thinner, nicer materials. The feeling of a premium product, which was lacking for a fat woman. The only rollback is the screen. It is faded compared to OLED, but after a week you get used to it. The built-in 1Gb memory essentially does not give anything, you still need to…

  • - light and thin, fits comfortably in the hands (compared to Vita 1000) - very convenient to play (not compare with all phones) - at the moment decent content and constant discounts in the PSN store - really increased battery life in comparison with Vita 1000 - convenient menu and settings - constant firmware ate.
  • - very easily soiled and unstable to scratches case - the console was originally from the release of the first Vita with obsolete hardware, and now even more so. Against the background of iOS and Android, a resolution of 500x300 looks miserable. - high price of games - in 2022, officially, most retailers sell black colors, almost all white ones are gray imports. - one year warranty

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not all that bad, but there are minuses.

I bought it just to get acquainted with the system and try remote play, as well as take it on trips, and if you like it, leave it. But there are very few good games on the vita system itself (3-4 pieces), and they are at an inadequate price. The screen is terrible. The sticks are far from comfortable, low smoothness and accuracy, fingers slip, in a more or less difficult situation in the game you will be killed very quickly, control and aiming is twice as slow as with a normal joystick. Plus…

  • The design has changed a lot for the better. Excellent build quality, nothing dangles or creaks. The weight has decreased, the thickness has decreased, the buttons have become more comfortable. The battery keeps excellent. You can now charge with any charger from a smartphone with a micro usb output. Fingers touch the touchpad less often at the back, changed the location slightly. Works smartly, does not hang. It’s quite convenient to watch YouTube (if the smartphone is dead or not, it’s still more convenient from the smartphone) Remote Play with PS4 works perfectly smoothly and with the same graphics. PS. If suddenly someone doesn’t know, Remote Play is an opportunity to connect to PS4 and play those games that are on PS4 from Vita (controlling from it) or from a smartphone (controlling a joystick) without losing graphics and with minimal delay.
  • The main drawback is the display. The screen has become much worse, whitish, with poor viewing angles, after a normal smartphone it catches the eye very much. The menu is ugly, cheap cartoon gives. Buttons L1 and R1 are generally a failure. I'll explain. I turned on remote play with PS4, the game is destiny. L1 scope, R1 fire. So, when you click on L1, until the click, the character either aims, or not. Or you hold L1 and the view starts jumping from aim mode to simple view. Because the L1 button must be pressed and held very tightly and strongly pressing with your finger, this is wildly annoying. Whether I have a marriage, or whether all consoles are made this way, I don’t know. Check when buying. The sound chip is mediocre; in the same headphones, the smartphone produces sound much better.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Fits the description completely, very satisfying.

I took it for 8K along with Borderlands 2. Before this miracle, I had only PSP (which, by the way, was very good). Immediately after the first inclusion, I realized that I did not buy in vain. Immediately pleased with the clear display. A menu immediately appears with time, language, etc. settings. After that, it throws it to the main screen, they say, do what you want. I really liked the visual effects, as well as the design. I must say right away that both the lock screen and the main screen…

  • Excellent display, bold design, support for a bunch of console games, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, YouTube, memory cards up to 64GB, a gyroscope, two cameras, etc.
  • Rear sensor scratches quickly

Before buying, I thought for a long time about whether I need this prefix or not. You need to clearly understand what you want from it and what you can get. I took it because of the lack of really high-quality and large game projects on mobile platforms, besides, I was very warmed by the opportunity to have my favorite psp games with me and at any convenient opportunity to be nostalgic. Killzone: Mercenary, LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Mortal Kombat, Gravity Rush and more

  • GAMES, compactness, good autonomy, interesting opportunities for gaming, by and large versatility and functionality.
  • The back panel lends itself to scratches, the sticks could have some texture for better finger control, the prices of memory cards (their format itself is special), dust can get into the D-pad keys, the presence of some restrictions in terms of the size of games, not the most willing development attachments from the company.

Definitely recommend to buy, but only to those who really love games (and understand that they cost money). There are a lot of good games, in spite of everything, on the Vita, and the button control is insanely convenient compared to smartphones / tablets. Pros: - Very thin and light. - Sticks! Real Sticks! As well as almost a complete set of buttons of a standard gamepad. Touch control on smartphones has not yet been compared in accuracy and convenience with the console. - Great games. A lot