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About GotU

GotU is a London-based ad tech company, delivering real results to small businesses and retail stores with hyperlocal advertising. GotU provides real results with its unique and innovative optimizing of the campaign. Instead of clicks & impressions, that often mean close to nothing to an SMB, GotU helps business directories, publication networks and SMB marketing partners deliver reach & frequency within a certain timeframe, in a specific location, thus maximizing the possibility for the target audience to act on the message they see (e.g. phone call or in-store visit). This way the end-client, a small business, sees real results and understands the value of their digital investment. More generally, GotU helps with the most common problem of all businesses, finding new ways to find new customers and increase sales. These are all aspects that yellow page companies, business directories, publication networks and SMB marketing partners, and large retailers, can convince their clients with. GotU is the winner of the Facebook Innovation Spotlight Award 2016 for Real Results:

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A great place to get quick help with all kind of business needs

The platform has been very easy for our team of 12 employees - from sales through management up until now we have not had any issues or problems that I can think about at this point! We are able solve all kinds of questions regarding product use...See full review

A great tool and affordable option if you aren´ t using both FB ad's AND GAP

The ability for us as an agency to manage our inventory across multiple platforms - Facebook ads & Google Adwords allows my clients access to reach their target audience without having any other middle man in between them (ie me). I can't think of...See full review

Excellent Platform For Small Businesses

The platform is easy and simple to use. It's very user friendly and the customer service is exceptional. It's also very cost effective. There is nothing that I dislike about GotU. The only thing I could find was that the platform is a little...See full review

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