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Review on GotU by Dave Einarson

A great place to get quick help with all kind of business needs

The platform has been very easy for our team of 12 employees - from sales through management up until now we have not had any issues or problems that I can think about at this point! We are able solve all kinds of questions regarding product use cases in short timeframes (we don't want too much information).

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There were no great things during my first months as an employee there but since then it's getting better every day. So far everything was ok so nothing negative yet either :) If you need help solving your business needs fast without spending tons money just go ahead because they will be happy if their solution helped out even once! Our biggest challenge right know still remains how well customers understand what kind of data usage fits best into which category/product combination within one account / customer profile etc.. It helps us finding new ways around using products more efficiently than before possible by providing insights where needed most urgently ;).

Pros & cons

  • Support
  • Speed
  • Good customizability, eases changes to workflows easily.
  • Easy integration with other tools like Zendesk & Help Scout
  • Some glitches when integrating 3rd party software
  • Not always intuitive enough
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