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Very good

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Description of Hairdryer MOSER 4350-0050, black

Product Characteristics

The Hair Dryer MOSER 4350-0050 in black is a versatile and lightweight hair care tool designed to make your drying experience effortless. Weighing only 0.5 kg, this hair dryer provides a comfortable grip, ensuring that your hand won't get tired even during long hair drying sessions. Its lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability and precise styling control.

Similar Products Comparison

When it comes to lightweight hair dryers, the MOSER 4350-0050 stands out from the competition. Let's compare it to other popular models in terms of weight and performance. Unlike the bulky and heavy alternatives, the MOSER 4350-0050 offers an impressive lightweight design without compromising on power or functionality. Its advanced features and ergonomic design make it a top choice among hair professionals and enthusiasts.

Key Benefits and Versatility

The Hair Dryer MOSER 4350-0050 is an essential tool for anyone seeking a reliable and lightweight hair drying solution. It solves the problem of hand fatigue, allowing you to dry long hair with ease. This hair dryer offers adjustable heat and speed settings, ensuring customized styling options for every hair type. Whether you have thick, curly hair or fine, straight hair, the MOSER 4350-0050 provides efficient and gentle drying without causing damage.

Here are some important parameters that make the MOSER 4350-0050 an outstanding choice:

  • Powerful airflow for fast drying.
  • Multiple heat and speed settings for personalized styling.
  • Compact and lightweight design for comfortable handling.
  • Innovative technology to minimize heat damage.
  • Who will benefit from this product? The Hair Dryer MOSER 4350-0050 is perfect for professionals in the beauty industry, including hairstylists, salon owners, and makeup artists. It is also ideal for individuals who value quality hair care tools and want to achieve salon-worthy results at home. Additionally, anyone who desires a lightweight and reliable hair dryer for effortless drying and styling will find great value in the MOSER 4350-0050.

    The Moser 4350-0050 hair dryer weighs only 0.5 kg, so the hand does not get tired even when drying long hair. It has a hanging loop to save space in the bathroom.The device has three heating modes, which allows you not to overdry the hair, and two modes of flow intensity, depending on the type and length of the hair. The power of the hair dryer is 2200 W, so it will dry even thick hair in just a few minutes.The package includes a nozzle concentrator, with which you can do any styling. The length of the hair dryer''s power cord is 2.8 meters - during the drying process, the device does not hinder movement and makes it possible not to be tied to a power outlet.



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    Type of review

    Well packaged, nothing more. There are no unpleasant odors. I added an old Philips hair dryer with similar functions, but heavier and larger, for comparison in the photo.

    • Powerful air flow, the concentrator nozzle is narrow and beveled, which makes it very easy to style with brushing, quickly switches to a cool stream. Comfortable and tactilely pleasant to hold. Dries quickly.
    • The nozzle is put on the hair dryer without fixing, it is held due to a slight difference in diameters and the physics of sliding materials, without fixation. Hope it doesn't loosen up over time.

    Before buying Moser were Rowenta and Philips. Served each for 6 years of daily use. After the breakdown of the latter, I read reviews and decided on Moser, because. attracted the price and wanted something pro. But honestly, I was disappointed. Dries not so fast thick hair. You have to sweat. Overall, this hair dryer is good value for money. But I wouldn't take it again. Recently I had the opportunity to temporarily use another Italian Elchim hair dryer. Yes, it's a little more expensive. But…

    • Price compared to similar models from other manufacturers. Two nozzles included.
    • For me it's weight. The smell of plastic, which disappeared only after 4 months after operation. At first it was very scary, because. the smell of plastic when heated was strong. Well, and, probably, the cold mode button. The location is not very convenient. You hold it in your hand and do not notice how you touch it and cold air starts to blow.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A wonderful product, it's nice to use.

    With its pros: Very powerful, even at the first speed, at the second - it sweeps away everything in the field of view))) a long wire. There is an eyelet for a hook. Heats up very quickly and blows hot air. Some cons: Freaky, but there is hardly a hair dryer of the same power and quiet at the same time. So it's nitpicking.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Well done, but I wont buy any more.

    By sight and touch, one gets the impression that this is not a professional hair dryer, the wife says that for 2.000 a simple hair dryer also works. Time will tell. Hairdryer was not taken for work.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    I will never repeat this purchase.

    The old hair dryer broke. Gave this one. My thin long hair is now sticking out in all directions, overdried. This is some kind of horror. Very suitable for thin and dry hair! Pros: Powerful. Suitable for those who want to dry and dry their hair quickly. With its cons: The minimum settings are not at all minimal. It overheats terribly and blows strongly even at 1 speed. Generally uncontrolled hair dryer. Inconvenient buttons. So I'm not used to it. Heavy.

    You can start working with them, but if you really have a hairdresser with an average traffic, then look towards more expensive models. Got pros: It is not much better than a regular cheap hair dryer. Would be nice to use at home Got cons: Doesn't feel like a professional one. This is a divorce. Take, for example, a hairdresser and hold at least a professional Moser hair dryer in your hands. From the power cord to power, it is different, but this one is called an economy option.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Perfect product for any user!

    My candid take on this purchase.Some pros: The quality of the assembly and materials, the insides. Cons: For someone, the article may be a minus of weight and wire.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    There is absolutely no product, do not buy it.

    I fell for wonderful reviews and videos. In fact, using the house itself is inconvenient - very long. The nozzle gets very hot. After the first use after the cap, the hair was electrified! I was stunned! This is from a hair dryer with a tourmaline type: (before that there were other hair dryers for home use and this was not the case: (The second time I noticed that it does not keep the temperature during drying: it heats up in waves, first hot air, then it gradually turns into warm and cold…

    • Product advertised with positive reviews. There are no advantages (the length of the cord for home use and in the presence of children is rather a minus. The case does not heat up, but the nozzle heats up brutally).
    • Inadequate price-quality. A waste of money. Brand overpayment. Heavy, bulky, uncomfortable, long clumsy design. The nozzle is heated. Does not ionize. Dries for a long time. It emits an odor during operation. Flimsy plastic on the back of the hair dryer (where the fan is).

    My husband gave me a Moser Ventus hair dryer for my birthday, which I have long wanted for myself. I ordered it from amazon and was happy. Very fast delivery. I am delighted. It is really a very good, powerful hair dryer that has three temperatures (hot, warm and cold) and a cool air button, regardless of the selected mode. The wire is about 3 meters, which allows you to move around without any problems and not feel discomfort. I also liked that the set comes with two nozzles: a standard one…

    • Compact, durable, ideal for home use
    • I didn't see any flaws

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I didnt expect the quality to be so high.

    And what will happen to me if I write a review? There will be no review for free . itself write reviews reviews, I'm only for money. 1000 characters / 100. Different pros: And what will happen to me if I write a review? There will be no review for free . itself write reviews reviews, I'm only for money. 1000 characters / 100. Some cons: And what will happen to me if I write a review? There will be no review for free . itself write reviews reviews, I'm only for money. 1000 characters / 100.