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Description of Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20 Irrigation, white/blue

Professional Oral Care Made Easy

Introducing the Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20 irrigator, a revolutionary piece of professional equipment designed to take your oral hygiene routine to the next level. This hydro massager utilizes a powerful jet of water to efficiently cleanse your oral cavity, removing stubborn food debris from those hard-to-reach interdental spaces. Not only does it provide thorough cleaning, but it also offers gentle gum and oral mucosa massage, ensuring comprehensive oral care right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Unleash the Power of Oral Care

Experience the benefits of an effective oral care routine with the Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20. Often, traditional brushing and flossing can leave behind areas that remain poorly cleaned, leading to issues such as bad breath, enamel discoloration, and more serious oral health problems. With the OxyJet irrigator, you can effectively prevent these issues from arising. This comprehensive set includes the Oral-B Oxyjet Irrigator, four irrigator heads, a charger with a convenient stand, and a cannula container, making it easy and convenient to incorporate into your daily routine.

Unrivaled Performance and Protection

What sets the Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20 apart is its exceptional performance and protective features. The microbubbles present in the water jet contribute to reducing the amount of bacteria and germs in your mouth, providing added protection against plaque and gingivitis. With a water-to-air ratio of 95:5, this irrigator delivers a precise and controlled flow, ensuring maximum efficiency in cleaning interdental spaces and bracket systems. It's an effortless way to achieve a fresher, healthier smile.

For Whom and Where

This versatile oral care solution is suitable for individuals of all ages who value their oral health. Whether you're a busy professional, a parent, or simply someone who strives for optimal self-care, the Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20 will be your ideal companion. Use it at home, while traveling, or anywhere you desire to maintain your oral hygiene. Here are some key areas where this product can be used:

  • Daily oral care routine at home
  • During orthodontic treatments
  • Post-dental procedures for enhanced recovery
  • On-the-go oral care when traveling
  • For individuals with sensitive gums or oral conditions
  • Invest in the Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20 irrigator today and embrace the power of professional oral care for a healthier, more confident you.

    Professional equipment for cleaning the oral cavity in your bathroom! An irrigator is a hydro massager for cleansing the oral cavity with a jet of water, which allows you to efficiently remove food debris from the interdental space, as well as gently massage the gums and oral mucosa. Often, hard-to-reach areas and interdental spaces, which make up most of the oral cavity, remain poorly cleaned. This entails not only the appearance of bad breath, discoloration of the enamel, but also more serious problems. The use of the Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet irrigator for oral hygiene helps to most effectively prevent possible problems. Contents: Oral-B Oxyjet Irrigator (1 pc.), Irrigator Head (4 pcs.), Charger with stand and cannula container (1 pc.) * Easy to use. * The percentage of water and air in OxyJet irrigators is 95:5, respectively. The microbubbles in the water jet reduce the amount of bacteria and germs in the mouth, thus protecting against plaque and gingivitis. * Two irrigator modes provide comprehensive oral hygiene care. Monoflow - a direct directional flow for cleaning interdental spaces and bracket systems. Turbo flow covers a larger area and gently massages the gums, rinses the mouth and removes food debris. * Air filter cleans water of dust particles * Improves gum health * Removes plaque from hard to reach places * Made in Germany * Developed with dentists



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    The purchase, I’ll say right away, is not cheap, and I had to get confused with the outlet, since at that time the bathroom was being renovated and we successfully installed the outlet next to the sink and thought out a place for it, but it’s worth it! Having bought an irrigator, I did not regret for a second! After a month of use, I can highlight several advantages of this model: - Firstly, it has good power. The pressure of the jet is adjustable and even at medium power it copes with cleaning

    • Adjustable jet pressure, easy to use.
    • The price bites a little, but it's worth the money.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    The product is terrible, much below my expectations.

    In the photo you can see my previous device made in Germany (it was purchased on 10/13/2022) and it has a more powerful pump (pump). A new apparatus was bought (consciously :) in the hope that it would be possible to rearrange the old working (the handle broke) pump (pump) into the new case.

    • They simply don't exist.
    • A completely useless device made in Hungary with a very small pump (pump) power. I do not advise you to buy this device with such a small power produced in Hungary, it's just money down the drain.

    There are a huge number of irrigators on the market, as many eyes run up. This irrigator was taken on the recommendation of a friend who has been using it for a long time. The price is high, but using the device, you can decently save on a visit to the dentist. I use an irrigator, if possible, after each meal, it removes food debris between the teeth and in hard-to-reach places well. A large water tank, several speeds of water supply, at medium speed I do some massage of the gums. So far…

    • complete oral hygiene
    • price

    A good device, while it is new. The weak point is one small rubber band in the piston pump. It quickly turns into dust, in connection with which, first, the pressure drops and the jet becomes weaker and weaker, and then completely (in my case) falls off the piston and blocks the air intake. As a result, the motor turns, the piston moves, but there is no pressure in the system. I purchased the device in the region of 3500, the cost of the pump at the moment is from 2600 to 3500, and the cost of…

    • + Relatively low price + Two operating modes
    • - Lack of pulsating jet - Short service life - Disposable device

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    Poor quality, not worth the money.

    Previously, I had a Panasonic EW-DJ40 model, the power of the jet was such that it was possible to knock down flies in the air as if from an anti-aircraft gun at 1.5 meters! Now I have been using Brown for more than 2 years. Although they write a pressure of up to 600 kPa, what is the use of it if the diameter of the outlet is less than 2 times! It turns out that the jet beats, but it does not have enough power and volume to clean everything between the teeth. For example, WaterPik WP-660…

    • Famous brand, beautiful, not short hose.
    • weak jet power

    ORAL-B Professional Care Oxyjet is a very good irrigator that helps to clean your teeth well. It also does not damage the gums and provides good care for them. I also liked the fact that there are four interchangeable nozzles in the kit. By the way, on the pgbonus website, you can get cashback for buying this irrigator.

    • 1. Takes good care of your gums 2. There is a pressure sensor 3. Smooth regulator of the irrigator 4. Gum protection system 5. Has two cleansing modes 6. Good dental care 7. Great battery life 8. Comfortable shape 9. Light weight 10. There are 4 interchangeable nozzles included 11. Comes with a storage case
    • Not detected

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    The product disappointed, does not meet the promises.

    they used it, used it, and then bought a cheap Chinese battery for testing and it turned out that the Chinese one cleans many times better and more powerfully, now this one has gone to the shelf for the time being with the near prospect of being in the trash

    I have been using it for 8 years, it cleans and washes perfectly the most inaccessible places, especially in the presence of crowns on the teeth or bracket systems. A strong jet of water knocks out all the debris that a toothbrush can't handle. The only downside is that the pump is noisy.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    Just a terrible product, very upset.

    I ordered my mother, she liked it very much, she used it for 4 days. Then I discovered a marriage in the form of a leaking pan during use. Very upset.

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    The product is average, Im not sure its worth the money.

    The pressure is 4 - 5 after brushing with an electric brush. Then rinse your teeth with Listerine or similar and you can practically forget about tartar and bleeding gums. With its pros: While the device is new, everything is fine, it cleans your teeth gently and efficiently. Different cons: Nozzles fail about once every 3 months. Hong Kong, tap water is hard. The nozzles are advanced with a whirlpool effect, so to speak, but they cost indecent money, especially after stability surges, and…

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    How could such a bad product be made?

    A simple toothbrush does not clean your teeth well enough. I saw this device for sale, read rave reviews and bought this miracle of technology. I tried it and I don't understand why this piece of G. was created. USELESS THING. even though I bought the shares of the money down the drain.

    Teeth after it say thank you. I recommend this item to everyone. Especially for those who wear braces. The main thing is not to be lazy to use it. After that, enjoy. Got pros: Tooth . The best irrigator you can think of. Better only jet built into the dental chair. Has some cons: It also breaks down. There are spare parts. But spare parts are comparable to the price of an irrigator. Lasted 8 years, which is 3 times longer than the Chinese aqua peak or something like that.

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    A completely ordinary product, nothing remarkable.

    Three times I handed it over for warranty repairs within 2 years, they changed the pump 2 times, once the handle with the switch Has pros: Price, 2 year warranty, 4 fan spray nozzles for all family members. Work from 220V Has cons: Weak pressure of the water pump, the pump and handle quickly fail.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

    Many write about weak pressure. Yes, it is not very strong compared to impulse irrigators, but it is enough to completely clean the space between the teeth. Very carefully knocks out the remnants of food, the gums do not bleed, I personally really liked this irrigator.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Everything in the purchase suits, a very necessary product.

    I bought the Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20 irrigator seven months ago and use it all the time. I have several crowns and it is much more effective to wash out food debris in places where they are installed with a jet of water than to crawl with a brush. The irrigator has 2 modes of operation, you can choose the one that suits you.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Excellent product, the best quality.

    #pgbonus after installing braces is an indispensable thing for cleaning! Does a great job cleaning up food pieces. The pressure is good, of course you don’t get used to it right away)) it’s inconvenient to wash small parts. The gums have become better, they bleed less. Battery operated, charge lasts up to 30 minutes