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⚒️ J-B Weld 8267 SteelStik Epoxy Putty Stick - Steel Reinforced - 2 oz.: Strong and Durable Review



Very good

Revainrating 5 out of 5  
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img 1 attached to ⚒️ J-B Weld 8267 SteelStik Epoxy Putty Stick - Steel Reinforced - 2 oz.: Strong and Durable
img 2 attached to ⚒️ J-B Weld 8267 SteelStik Epoxy Putty Stick - Steel Reinforced - 2 oz.: Strong and Durable
img 3 attached to ⚒️ J-B Weld 8267 SteelStik Epoxy Putty Stick - Steel Reinforced - 2 oz.: Strong and Durable
img 4 attached to ⚒️ J-B Weld 8267 SteelStik Epoxy Putty Stick - Steel Reinforced - 2 oz.: Strong and Durable


Compatible MaterialFiberglass, Plastic, Metal
BrandJ-B Weld
Package InformationBottle
Item Volume2 Fluid Ounces

Description of ⚒️ J-B Weld 8267 SteelStik Epoxy Putty Stick - Steel Reinforced - 2 oz.: Strong and Durable

J-B WELD STEELSTIK: A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick that is steel reinforced & non-rusting to quickly repair or rebuild anything made of metal! J-B Weld SteelStik is certified by the NSF and is safe for contact with potable water. CURE AND SET TIME: After kneading the two part formula together by hand, SteelStik takes 5 minutes to set and cures in 1 hour. J-B Weld SteelStik set and cure color is dark grey. PRODUCT FEATURES AND STRENGTH: J-B Weld SteelStik has lap shear strength of 900 PSI, can withstand continuous temperatures up to 350F (176C ) and intermittent temperatures of 450F (232C), and is chemical resistant against petroleum, hydraulic fluids and other chemicals when fully cured. SteelStik can be molded, shaped, sanded, drilled and tapped. SURFACE APPLICATIONS: Iron & Stainless Steel, Copper & Brass, Aluminum & Bronze, Fiberglass and Plastic & PVC. DO IT YOURSELF: Big or small, you can DIY it with J-B Weld. Our heavy duty epoxy and adhesives repair & restore it right the first time. J-B Weld delivers superior performance, quality, and results for the World’s Strongest Bond. Fit Type: Universal Fit.


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Revainrating 3 out of 5

Don't waste your money

I have been using JB Weld liquid epoxy for years and decided to give this putty a try, what a waste of time and money. I was trying to join two small pieces of metal together where there is almost no pressure, when put back together they separated. Went and got some old stuff, liquid epoxy worked like a charm. That sucks - save your money, if I didn't use any of this I'd return it, money wasted. JB should be ashamed of selling that crap.

  • Delivery was very quick
  • Good but not great

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Not for me, but maybe for you.

I bought this to fix the top of a metal outdoor table that was separating from the frame. I worked as directed and set 3 parts about 3 inches apart, then used clamps and left them for a couple of days. It seemed to be holding up well, but after a couple of weeks the "welds" were coming loose. So it didn't work. For me, I couldn't get to problem areas to clean or roughen them up. To be honest this can work if you can prepare your metal surfaces properly.

  • Absolute Legend
  • No Instructions

Revainrating 5 out of 5

This worked great on wrought iron

I broke my leg on my grandmother's 1940's wrought iron table and was fed up with it. Before I threw it in the trash I decided to give JB Weld Steelstik a try. It was a clean straight break (I dropped the table too hard on the cement). I thoroughly washed and sanded the foot piece. This needs to be dealt with quickly. I decided to do 1/2 at a time, about 1 inch of putty on each side. At first I doubted it would hold, I had to physically hold the bandaged leg for about 10 minutes. 60 minutes and…

  • Absolutely amazing!
  • Some flaws

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Saved my son (and me) from yelling at

We have some really nice table lamps that my wife loves. where are you going The bullet landed on top of the lampshade, breaking 3 of the 4 support rods. Because of this, the shadow slumped miserably. We tried crazy glue, Elmers glue, tested, we even got out a soldering iron, we just couldn't put those sticks back on. So Revane rushes to the rescue. I fixed the lampshade to the wall with some handy tape and waited for delivery the next day. Five minutes later I put the three poles back in…

  • doping 🔥
  • Not everything fits

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Amazingly strong and durable!

This is a great product that I have used again and again. It really sticks to almost anything and the best part is you can sand it and shape it and then paint it to make it fade so no one will ever know it's a renovation. what about strong This stuff is amazingly strong. I've used it to repair everything from cast iron to plastic and to fill holes in all sorts of things. It's really very strong. Much stronger than regular epoxy or glue. The trick is in preparation. If you clean both surfaces…

  • Great design
  • 0

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I will definitely have it in stock!

Saved me on a dirt bike tour recently. One of my side covers took a thin tear and I thought I'd have to give up the ride, but I pulled this thing out while my bike was still in the truck and quickly fixed it on the spot and everything was spotless. I prepped the spot with grit sandpaper and cleaned the spot very well with contact cleaner before pressing this material firmly against the crack and surrounding area. The patch is still holding so I'll just keep it instead of buying a new cover. I…

  • Easy to use
  • Fine

Revainrating 5 out of 5

All they say is!

mows the lawn and picks kids up from school gets rid of unwanted facial hair gets rid of embarrassing age spots delivers pizza and lengthens and tightens and finds a slipper that's been lying around under a sun lounger for weeks he plays sneaky master of rhythm, he justifies unwanted lipstick on your collar and it's only a dollar step it's only a dollar step because he forges your signature if you're not completely satisfied send the unused portion of the product. refund the purchase price rise

  • Great for me
  • Something else

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Saves the day and can be cast to recreate a broken part.

how do you mix all the darker gray inside out to make it move and then flatten it, you can roll it, shape it, even press it so you stick the puree into cracks and gaps, time needed to dry, depending on how warm or hot it is, in colder temperatures this may not heal or crack the brake immediately as if thin, it's better to make it a little thicker than grind last if looks matter. Just think about it as you leave it as it hardens hard rock to much light gray doesn't work, you want a dark graphite

  • cool product
  • upgradable