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Very good

Revainrating 5 out of 5  
Security, Cloud Security

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Description of JupiterOne

Modern security and cloud governance is a data and visibility problem that needs an engineering solution. JupiterOne is a knowledge base for all your cyber assets and relationships, a platform for security engineering and automation, a virtual assistant to the security operations team, and a lightweight system to achieve compliance and complete cyber governance. Know More, Fear Less with JupiterOne. Get started free at https://jupiterone.com. No credit card required.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great support from staff and good product

A great dashboard user interface, very easy to navigate through for customers who are not tech savvy at all! Very flexible system which allows you have control over almost everything in your environment while still being able keep up with modern technologies like AI/ML services etc.. I wish there were more ways of customising dashboards as well - we want them tailored exactly how our customer wants it but sometimes this isn't possible or something they don’t think about when creating their…

  • This makes keeping track easier than ever before without worrying about missing important alerts / notifications from other companies software used by users across business functions

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Very powerful but can be slow at times

The best part of JupiterOne is its ability to integrate with other apps, which makes it very easy to manage. It's also very user friendly. I dislike how slow the UI can be at times. This might just be me but it takes forever for the application to load even after clearing all caches. Integration with other applications is what really sets this software apart from the competition. I highly recommend this software. We have been able to monitor our network with ease and keep track of our users…

  • The ability to integrate with other applications and the ability to manage a network of users
  • The UI can be slow and the application can take a long time to load

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Simply put best CMS out there and will stay that way too

It's easy to use, it has all of our necessary functionality in one place! The only thing I dislike about JUstino One more than anything else would be if they made some changes with regards to pricing or maybe adding new features as well which are not included at this time but could easily change over time given their growth rate (which seems very fast). We have been using JustIno for years now without any problems so far - we love how simple yet powerful everything works together seamlessly…

  • Easy navigation
  • Easily accessible documents/files.
  • Great overall experience; great interface design along side fantastic customer support service from both team members that work here during regular business hours AND via email communication through night shifts & weekend services too..they're responsive when needed :)
  • Almost never

Great responsive website! Great value for money. Have used them before and was happy with them. A: I would say that each of these three companies have different approaches to their products. For instance, Google Analytics is not so much about keeping track of a specific company (unless they're a large enterprise), but rather making sure that the whole internet can see how well they're doing. InsightVM appears to be geared towards helping companies understand what their customers want, and…

  • You don't even need to know programming
  • Automated monitoring
  • May be too limited for larger businesses
  • Need to be careful with legal issues, especially if you're selling your services to competitors
  • May only support certain languages/databases