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Newthinking Exfoliating Double Sided Cleaning Circulation Review




Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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Description of Newthinking Exfoliating Double Sided Cleaning Circulation

Value Exfoliating Bathing Glove Set: Newthinking glove set includes 12 pairs of exfoliating gloves with 6 different colors, orange, blue, yellow, pink, green, and purple, 2 pairs for each color. Different colors of exfoliating scrubbers can be easily distinguished to a practical gift for sharing it with family and friends. Ideal for Body Exfoliation Cleaning: The surface of the glove is rough, which can increase friction and effectively remove dead skin without scratching the skin. Suitable for arms, legs, chest, back, and feet(except sensitive areas). High-Quality Elastic Matte Gloves: The bath gloves are stretchable due to the feature of high flexible nylon material and weaving craft. One size can stretch to fit most hand types, and the elastic wrist ensures that the exfoliating scrub stays in place. Universal Size: The initial size of the bathroom glove is 7in*3.5in, and the maximum usable stretch size is: 9.5in*4in, which is suitable for the palms of most people over 13 years old. If there is a thread in the glove, you can cut it off with scissors and it will not affect the use. Suitable for Improving All Kinds of Skin: Suitable for all types of skin (especially for dry, oily, or rough skin), can help you fight acne, rash, eczema, etc. Effectively improve skin texture, repeated use can soften rough and dry skin and make skin smooth.


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Revainrating 3 out of 5

Disappointing Exfoliating Tool for Beauty Routine

As a result of using this product, I found that it did little to improve the texture of my skin. The double sided design was initially appealing, but the quality of the materials felt cheap and did not hold up over time. On the plus side, it was easy to hold and use in the shower. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this tool for those looking for a quality exfoliating experience.

  • Deeply exfoliates and cleanses the skin with double-sided bristles.
  • May cause irritation if used too vigorously.

Perfect for exfoliating skin, just the right amount of roughness. They feel relatively solid for the price, but are definitely not built to last for many years (which is why I think there are multiple pairs). They are easy to put on and take off and fit very well. My downside is that they take up less space than a washcloth, stool, or washcloth. But my biggest complaint is that they don't produce much lather at all. However, now there are more pluses than minuses. I think I'll use them until…

  • Bath Accessory
  • Large and voluminous

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Perfect for me but not my partner with large hands

These scrubs work wonders but they don't seem to fit my boys extra large hands. Whenever he wanted to use them, he basically punched holes in them to put them on.

  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • I don't remember but there was something