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Sceptre C248W 1920R Monitor DisplayPort Speakers Curved Screen, Built-In Speakers, Wall Mountable, Flicker-Free, ‎C248W-1920R

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img 5 attached to Sceptre C248W 1920R Monitor DisplayPort Speakers Curved Screen, Built-In Speakers, Wall Mountable, Flicker-Free, ‎C248W-1920R
img 6 attached to Sceptre C248W 1920R Monitor DisplayPort Speakers Curved Screen, Built-In Speakers, Wall Mountable, Flicker-Free, ‎C248W-1920R
img 7 attached to Sceptre C248W 1920R Monitor DisplayPort Speakers Curved Screen, Built-In Speakers, Wall Mountable, Flicker-Free, ‎C248W-1920R
img 8 attached to Sceptre C248W 1920R Monitor DisplayPort Speakers Curved Screen, Built-In Speakers, Wall Mountable, Flicker-Free, ‎C248W-1920R
Screen Size24 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum1920 x 1080 Pixels
Special FeatureCurved Screen, Blue Light Filter, Wall Mountable, Frameless, Tilt Adjustment, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers
Refresh Rate75 Hz

About Sceptre C248W 1920R Monitor DisplayPort Speakers Curved Screen, Built-In Speakers, Wall Mountable, Flicker-Free, ‎C248W-1920R

24" Diagonal viewable curved screen 1800R immersive curvature. Displayport, HDMI, VGA & PC audio in ports. Build-in speakers. Up to 75Hz refresh rate; response time: 5 ms. Dimensions with stand (inches) 21.43" X 7.30" X 15.64" Without stand (inch) 21.43" X 2.24" X 12.69" Packaging Dimension (inches) 23.2" X 4.4" X 15.5". Weight with stand 6.37 IB without stand 5.73 IB gross weight 9.70 IB. Maximum power consumption is 30W. Mounting Type: VESA wall mount hole pattern (mm): 100mm (w) x 100mm (H)

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Budget monitor - great price, mediocre features

Bought two, sent one back. The monitors I received DO NOT HAVE A DISPLAYPORT. Description and picture do not match. A customer showed a photo with him, but the one I received didn't. I was about to return them both but for a sub $100 monitor it…

Okay, with caveats in my review

I bought two of these to replace a couple of older displays, one of which was struggling after almost 5 years of heavy use. I didn't originally want curved monitors, but I went with them because the price was reasonable for the monitor's size…

Great price, good display and connectivity

This monitor has a variety of connectivity options. It supports DP, HDMI and VGA. I have various systems that I need to connect and test often, so this is a good feature for me. The monitor is very light and photos and videos are displayed sharply and clearly. I didn't see any lag in the videos I watched, but I didn't test the games and I didn't buy it for that. Delivered quickly and nicely packaged. The package includes a power adapter, VGA and HDMI cables. You need to attach the stand and pole to the monitor. 1 screw for the stand and 2 for the feet on the back of the monitor. The only oddity I found with this monitor is that the power/menu buttons are on the back of the monitor and not on the side or bottom. The menu position can be an issue if you mount it on the wall or something. Also, the power cord is a bit short (3ft) which might be an issue for some people, but it works fine for me!

Pros & cons

  • 6.37 pounds
  • Limited viewing angles

Zepter, I love your products but don't ship them untested.

Every large TV and mid-sized gaming monitor I've had in the last decade has featured the Scepter. It's not Samsung, but their products tend to be really good, especially in their price range. This monitor is no exception. I like it and it works very well for gaming, media or workstation. But it comes with two green stuck pixels which no amount of stuck pixel solutions can fix. I understand that at this price point quality control is no guarantee and rightly so. But it's just a little annoying. If they turned it on where they did and sorted out the stuck pixels, it would be one of my favorite purchases in recent history, and I buy junk computers all the time. I'm not writing this to downplay Scepter or anything, but they could be a lot better if some effort was put into this type of quality control. Hell, I was even happy with the monitor's speakers. They're not very good, but no other company would include speakers at all. Scepter has a lot of potential and their product is excellent…

Great monitor for the price

I've had this monitor for a few months now and am very happy with it. The resolution is excellent, as is the brightness. Even though my office has windows, I don't notice any glare on the screen at all. There are presets for movies, games and business, as well as a power saving mode. As other comments point out, the speakers aren't great, but the fact that they come with speakers at all is a plus in my opinion. The sound is clear but they are not very loud. They suit my purposes. My main purpose was work: programming and writing spreadsheets, and for that it works great. I haven't tried it with games or movies yet. The included stand allows for minimal adjustments, but I didn't find I had to adjust it much. Basically I am very satisfied with the monitor.

Pros & cons

  • Mounting Type: VESA Wall Mount Hole Pattern (mm): 100mm (W) x 100mm (H)
  • 0

Very impressed with the price

I actually accidentally ordered this monitor without knowing it (thanks for the 1 click purchase) and decided to try it out when it showed up at my door. The first thing that struck me was the feeling of solidity after attaching it to the included base. With the monitor on, the overall picture was worse than we would like. However, after playing around with the picture settings for a few minutes, I got VERY IMPRESSIVE picture quality. The richness of color and the extremely deep black are perhaps the most astonishing things about this monitor. The only downside to the image is that while the overall image appears quite sharp, the text appears slightly blurry. I'm not sure if there's a setting for this or if it's something I miss, but it's pretty weird. The control buttons are on the back of the monitor and while that's an odd position for them, they're not. it doesn't bother me much. The built-in speakers are about as good as you'd expect from the $130, but that's not a problem since…

Excellent screen in my review

Setting up this monitor is very easy. Using the included screwdriver to attach the base couldn't be easier. In addition, the Zepter screwdriver is now almost legendary and will definitely find a place in your tool box. The stand looks good and has decent vertical tilt. No pan or height adjustment, but that's to be expected at this price point. An HDMI cable is also included. The screen uses VA technology for superior color reproduction and even better contrast. For everyday tasks like working and multimedia consumption, it is very pleasing. The 75Hz refresh rate is also a nice improvement over the standard 60Hz. Mousing around the screen and scrolling through long webpages and newsfeeds is noticeably smoother. The curved screen is nice and wide and the 1080p resolution is a good resolution for a 24-inch screen. The larger the size, the less clear the text will be. My criticism of the monitor also extends to the marketing. Scepter advertises it as a gaming monitor, which I think is a…

Great monitors for the price

If I could I would give these monitors 4.5 stars. Their quality and packaging was better than the Samsung 27 inch monitors I received. The first thing that struck me was that it was one of the few 24-inch curved monitors that also featured DisplayPort. I connected one to my HP laptop via HDMI and the other via DisplayPort. The only downside was what the previous person mentioned - terrible brick style power supplies. If they could find a way to make them smaller or use a regular plug and put a brick in the middle of the connection (like Samsung) then that would be 5 stars.

Pros & cons

  • ‎Scepter Inc.
  • Poor image quality and resolution.

Limited viewing angles, but otherwise a good picture

In short, if you like the price, take it. I'm tall and my girlfriend is short and she connects her laptop to a second monitor so we can play Minecraft together. a second monitor for work and I decided to try a lesser known brand and see if I'm interested in curved monitors. Oddly, I don't really notice it's curved when I look straight at it and position it in the center. Unless I switch between my apartment and this one. Maybe it plays a role in my brain, I don't know.

Pros & cons

  • ‎1920x1080 pixels
  • Protection

Great Gaming Monitor (MUST BUY WITH SPEAKER)

(I've used this monitor to play games on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, and oh my, it's great to play on those systems.) The monitor came quickly in the mail (less than a week actually) and it was fast and easy. to build. The instructions that came with it were very clear and easy to set up. The image quality on the monitor is clear and high. However, the sound is just miserable, which is probably due to the fact that the built-in speakers are on the back. If you buy this monitor you MUST buy third party speakers or the lack of sound will definitely ruin the experience. The monitor does not have a USB port to connect this third-party speaker. So make sure you have an optional USB box to plug into, so you can also plug the speaker into the wall. Otherwise it's just a normal monitor. It's not really out of the box, other than a cool curved shape. You get what you expect from this product and what you get is a high quality gaming monitor that offers you a LONG lifespan with its…

Looks good, both the monitor and the picture in it.

I bought this monitor to replace an old one that used a VGA cable; I've tried switching to something that increases the framerate and have heard that DP is the way to go. It was the most economical option for its size and just right for a curved monitor. Of course, you don't get any functionality with the supplied stand, but it still looks good. By the way, if you want to use the wall mount, you'll need to find a compatible stand for it (because it's not included).

Pros & cons

  • ‎1920x1080 pixels
  • Lower refresh rate

Excellent for a while in my review.

I bought this monitor in 2018 after reading good reviews about it. The last 2.5 years have been great. However, about a month ago a horizontal line appeared on the bottom third of the screen and I decided to stay. I called the customer at Scepter and they responded quickly. The gentleman who helped was very nice. He mentioned that this line was due to a bunch of pixels going bad (e.g. old e-broccoli) and that the one-year warranty had expired. I understand the coverage is limited and I'm not disappointed that they don't cover it. I've never had a monitor fail (I've had many monitors since 1993) so I was surprised and disappointed. To sum up, it was a good monitor until it went bad. I think 2.5 years of normal operation is too short.

Pros & cons

  • electronics
  • The monitor makes an annoying beeping sound when switched off.

Perfect for gaming, but a few ports are questionable

So far I am enjoying the monitor, good response time and refresh rate. mainly used for my live broadcasts and pc dual screens. However, there is an issue with the placement of more than one port on the back, DP, HDMI and VGA. I noticed that it was difficult for me to switch from one port to another when connecting Display Port and HDMI. It always stayed on DP and never switched to the HDMI port or just said no source found. I got around this by adding my HDMI port to VGA instead. It kind of reduced the value of my PS4 games, but nothing really noticeable. Otherwise it's a solid monitor, perfect for PC and console gaming, great price and I'm saving to buy a second monitor soon.

Pros & cons

  • ‎1920x1080
  • Not everything is as good as written

Excellent for the price

I bought 2 of these for home setup, they are great for business uses. Had to be replaced due to a small dark spot in the center of the screen which is evident when viewing a white background like MS Word. Revain gave me no problems and immediately sent a replacement. I see a slight fuzzy glow in the center at the top of both screens when looking at a black screen in a dark room, don't see them when the screens are in use, so this isn't an issue for me. The speakers are worse than terrible. I don't usually notice bad audio, but they set a new low bar that's easy to fix with a cheap external kit, but I'd rather save $2 per screen and remove that option as they're useless. The name has the word "metal" and of course not where the metal, bezel and all tangible parts are plastic. The bracket that attaches the display to the base is metal, maybe that's why. Interestingly I tried to buy a cheaper version of this display that didn't have all the input options and found that it couldn't be…

Bent friendliness / Not good speakers / 60Hz-75Hz

Curve is good and all, but color quality/true black/sharpness leaves something to be desired. If you have used/currently use an IPS display just stick with it, if not it's still a very good monitor for the price. Pros: - It looks natural when it has a curve and the response/refresh rate is suitable for gaming. (BF1/CS:GO) - It has speakers that excite, most monitors I throw away completely lean over as an option. OverDrive is a pretty cool feature. Cons: - Again, the color quality/sharpness leaves a lot to be desired compared to other monitors, and there's really only so much you can do with that perfect combination of backlight and brightness. - The speakers are on the back of the monitor, facing up, so honestly you should never rely on them, but it's nice to have them as a backup when you're desperate for some audio. Tip for Nvidia GPU owners: Right click on Desktop -> NVIDIA Control Panel -> Di 'splay' drop down menu -> 'Adjust Desktop Color Settings' -> 'Digital…

Honestly impressive 🤔

When I bought the first one I wasn't expecting much, I just needed something decent to make ends meet for a while. Realizing it was more than decent I bought 2 more out of 3. 2 of them reach 144Hz with the right DisplayPort cable. So, in summary, I was able to achieve a triple curve setup without going broke. Enjoy

Pros & cons

  • With a high refresh rate, movies and games look smooth.
  • Quality

Good quality monitor. But he needs help.

Let's start with the positive. Price and picture quality are very good. Yes, you'll have to tweak things to suit your needs, but I believe that's the case with most monitors in this class. In general, the quality of the monitor is excellent. The base and most of the body are metal, and the plastic feels really nice. Now for the bad and the reason for only 3 stars. The power supply is terrible. This is an old AC wall brick with a 3 foot cord! What were they thinking? Running cables and finding suitable outlets large enough to connect multiple monitors is a hassle. While the base is well made, it doesn't have any height adjustment, making this high-quality screen difficult to see for someone like me at 6ft 3in. I will purchase monitor mounts for an additional fee. The monitor comes with a VGA cable (useless), an HDMI cable that is too short (less than 3 feet), and a display cable. Why? Last words. I have to pay an additional $20 to have these monitors work for me. Then go for this. The…

10/10 recommend for casual gaming

I just bought it and have been using it for about a week. The first one was cracked but that's not the manufacturer's fault, their packaging wasn't damaged but the Revain was. Return and exchange without problems. The second came in 2 days and I am very happy with it. I'm a casual gamer who went from a decent laptop to a desktop with this monitor. Picture is great, assembly is easy. I have to fiddle around with the settings a bit to tweak everything, but right out of the box it's awesome. The curve is very beautiful, I have never used a curved monitor and I tell you I will never go back. It's the perfect natural curve. Only criticism is the stand is a little low for my seating arrangement. But it has mounting holes for wall mounting and this is my personal setup not affiliated with the manufacturer. I recommend 10/10.

Pros & cons

  • Absolute legend
  • Limited refresh rate options

Works great for me

I bought this monitor to replace an old one that died. I am very happy with the results after a few months of use. While the screen is definitely fragile, I always just throw my phone on the table when I walk by with my old monitor and it hits it every now and then and does nothing. I did the same with my phone and a new monitor and now it has a small dent, silly but nothing to worry about. I also use it for productivity and video production. I really like how the timeline in my software looks with the curve of the screen. In games it's especially nice to have a little curvature and the colors are nice and vibrant and the graphics look amazing.

Pros & cons

  • Perfect for me
  • A little torn

Very high quality monitor with excellent picture

This monitor is part of my main setup on my desk. The build quality is excellent and the built-in speakers are very comfortable, the screen is a bit darker than average but barely noticeable, a great device to launch the game, I plan to keep it as my main display and recommend it. to everyone who is looking for a gaming monitor!

Pros & cons

  • Built-in speakers provide high-quality sound without the need for external speakers.
  • Unreliable build quality.