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Description of Sohnrey Family Foods

Sohnrey Family Foods is a food manufacturing company owned and operated by fourth and fifth generation family farmers from Durham, California. We take pride in producing top-quality almonds, rice, prunes, and walnuts. We manufacture snack almonds, almond.


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Type of review

Sohnrey Family Food sources is a food fabricating organization as can be suggested from the name of the organization, it is possessed and worked by fourth and fifth era group of ranchers explicitly from Durham, California. This organization values the creation of value family food sources. Their food produce are significantly almonds, rice, prunes, pecans, just as tidbits created from almonds. The authority stage is alluring and they've gotten more than 14,000 online orders since setting u

  • This food organization produces top quality family food sources and this is obvious in how the quantity of their clients and got orders have developed throughout the long term.
  • They offer infrequent promotions and motivating forces to set clients interest in their items.
  • Their clients administration is likewise top quality as they are at any point prepared to take care of clients issues.
  • The lone issue is see here is that of low fame, in spite of the fact that I trust it will undoubtedly increment in the coming years.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Natural food production and supllies

Hello I am writing about Sohnry Family Foods, is food production and manufacturing company that is owned and controlled by by fourth to fifth generation of family farmers from California in Durham precisely. They produce and manufacture high quality and natural food items like Almonds, prunes, rice, and walnuts. My first time of visiting the website it shows a Pope message to click if I am 21 years and above or 21 years below so to know how they will serve their clients and customers very…

  • Foods production that is controlled by family
  • Supply good foods
  • They only few processed food

Sohnrey Family Foods is a food manufacturing company as can be implied from the name of the company, it is owned and operated by fourth and fifth generation family of farmers specifically from Durham, California. This company prides itself in the production of quality family foods. Their food produce are majorly almonds, rice, prunes, walnuts, as well as snacks produced from almonds. The official platform is attractive and they've received over 14,000 online orders since establishing in 2015…

  • This food company produces top quality family foods and this is evident in how the number of their customers and received orders have grown over the years.
  • They offer occasional promos and incentives to solidify customers interest in their products.
  • Their customers service is also top quality as they are ever ready to attend to customers issues.
  • The only issue is see here is that of low popularity, although I believe it is bound to increase in the coming years.