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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Stroller Elodie Mondo Stroller, caramel brown

Impeccably Designed Stroller for Ultimate Comfort

The Stroller Elodie Mondo Stroller in caramel brown from the Baby category is a beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed stroller that ensures a comfortable ride for both you and your baby. It combines exceptional features, a unique design, and ample storage space to make every outing with your little one a true pleasure.

Unmatched Comfort and Easy Handling

The Elodie Mondo Stroller prioritizes exceptional comfort for your baby and effortless handling for parents. With its agile and lightweight construction, this stroller guarantees a smooth ride for your little one, while providing you with easy maneuverability. Weighing only 6.7 kg, it is remarkably lightweight, and its compact fold size of 54x42x18 cm makes it convenient to store, even in small apartments.

Smart Storage Solutions for On-the-Go Convenience

One standout feature of the Elodie Mondo Stroller is the Smart Luggage Basket. The Stow & Go backpack fits perfectly into the under-seat basket, creating a closed storage compartment for your outings. This means your belongings stay clean and organized. When you need to fold the stroller to a travel-friendly size or keep your items within reach, simply zip up the storage basket, transforming it into a backpack in seconds. You can even attach the backpack to your hand luggage, making it ideal for hassle-free travel. The basket has dimensions of 37x33x12 cm and can hold up to 2 kg, while the backpack is designed to carry up to 3 kg.

Sustainable Materials and Versatile Functionality

The Elodie Mondo Stroller is not only stylish and functional but also environmentally conscious. Its fabric components are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, ensuring a sustainable choice for eco-minded parents. Additionally, the stroller offers the convenience of a fully adjustable backrest and footrest, allowing you to create a perfectly flat sleeping surface for your baby. The visor is made from paparazzi material, providing UPF 50+ sun protection while your little one rests. Moreover, this stroller offers the versatility of installing a car seat, expanding its functionality beyond a comfortable place to sleep.

Various Applications for Everyday Use

1. Traveling: The Elodie Mondo Stroller is perfect for family trips and vacations, thanks to its lightweight design and compact fold size. Whether you're exploring new cities or enjoying the beach, this stroller ensures your baby's comfort and your convenience.

2. Outdoor Adventures: Take your little one on walks through parks, nature trails, or even on hiking excursions. The Elodie Mondo Stroller's agility and durable construction make it a reliable companion for outdoor adventures.

3. Shopping and Errands: With its generous storage capacity and easy maneuverability, this stroller is ideal for running errands or going shopping. You can effortlessly carry your baby's essentials and any items you pick up along the way.

4. Everyday Strolling: Whether you're taking a leisurely walk around the neighborhood or going for a quick coffee run, the Elodie Mondo Stroller provides the comfort, convenience, and style you need for everyday strolling with your little one.

MONDO Stroller is an impeccably designed stroller that has all the features you need for a comfortable ride with your baby. The unique design of the stroller, exceptional comfort for baby and parents, plenty of storage space and other "smart" features of the stroller will make every trip out of the house a real pleasure. Exceptional comfort Elodie MONDO''s agility and light, smooth ride ensure a comfortable ride for the baby and easy handling for the parent. Lightweight but durable. The stroller weighs only 6.7 kg, and it folds almost instantly to a very compact size (54x42x18 cm). Therefore, the Elodie MONDO stroller is very convenient, for example, to store it in a small apartment in the hallway. Despite the light weight and small dimensions, the MONDO stroller impresses with its strength - it can withstand a load of up to 22 kg. Smart luggage basket. The Stow & Go backpack fits perfectly in the under-seat basket, creating a closed storage basket for your outings. Your things will not get dirty. When it''s time to fold the stroller to travel size or when you want to keep your stowed items close at hand, just zip up the storage basket and it turns into a backpack in seconds. The backpack can be attached to your hand luggage. This feature is very handy when entering the cabin, as the accessory basket must be emptied in order to fold the stroller. The size of the basket is 37x33x12 cm. The backpack is designed for weight up to 3 kg. The stroller shopping basket holds 2 kg. 100% recycled and recyclable materials. The fabric components of the stroller are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Sleep while walking? Easily! The backrest and footrest in the Elodie MONDO stroller can be turned into a perfectly flat place for your baby to sleep. And the paparazzi material of the visor provides UPF 50+ sun protection while you sleep. Possibility of installing a car seat. The seat of the Elodie MONDO stroller can be turned into more than just a comfortable place to sleep. Now you can use the car seat with the MONDO stroller. All you need is special adapters that can be purchased separately.Thus, the Elodie MONDO stroller can be used even for newborns. Adapters are compatible with car seats: Maxi-Cosi - Pebble Plus and Cabrio, Be Safe - iZi Go, Cybex - Aton.



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Revainrating 5 out of 5

A wonderful product, its nice to use.

I liked that the stroller has a large hood! Perfect! Still the fabric does not get wet, everything is super! The child can sleep peacefully, there is where to put the legs. I liked that the basket is large and it is convenient to fold the stroller into the car. Rides cool, as if on inflatable wheels

  • Rides great, lots of nice accessories
  • Did not find

My rating is rather not 4, but 4.6😄 Stylish bright stroller. High quality and reliable. Definitely worth your money👍🏻

  • Looks expensive. Spacious sleeping area. Step. Deep hood. Sturdy spacious basket. Smooth move.
  • It is not convenient to carry when folded, there is not enough shoulder strap, like on yoyo. There is a ledge on the handle for attaching a cup holder, I constantly cling to it with my pockets (The brake sometimes sticks and stains the toe of the shoe.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I expected more from the purchase, but not the worst option.

Wouldn't recommend buying, definitely. I was looking for a nice travel version of the stroller, according to reviews I chose this one. Every time I go out somewhere with her, the day becomes unsuccessful, because it is incredibly uncomfortable, infuriating, and I also periodically break my nails while catching a seemingly folded stroller with a child in my arms. Disgusting. Considering the high cost, this should not be the case.

  • I do not even know where to start . The bag below - it seemed to me absolutely uncomfortable and unaesthetic, so it collects dust in the back drawer The foot brake is disgusting, you constantly touch it while walking, I don’t think that this will have a good effect on the durability of this expensive stroller Bought an extra bumper. There are no words to describe how ill-conceived it is attached. It's elementary when you try to transfer an empty folded stroller over this bumper, it falls off. Here is an accessory for an additional 4000. When folding the stroller, it is fixed in the correct position as desired. It may fix, or it may begin to unfold. If we get lucky

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I like it, thank you for the quality product.

I took black on a black frame, quickly disappointed the color and fabric, in strollers with a gilded frame, the fabric differs from strollers with a black frame, we have it harder, because of this, ugly creases form on the hood that cannot be smoothed out, look around untidy (((Also, on dark fabric shows all the dirt, drops, motes, stains from water, etc., you have to wash the stroller twice a week. We bought a bumper, a mattress, a cup holder, an envelope, a carrying bag, a mosquito net, a…

  • Light, compact, manoeuvrable, the hood drops low, which you rarely see on walks.
  • Color, material quality, minimal equipment, lack of adequate fastening between the baby's legs.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

It functions perfectly, nothing unusual.

The stroller is beautiful, stylish, light. The fabric in brown is terribly easily soiled - any drop of water leaves a stain, and it takes a lot of effort to remove and wash often. A basket-shaped backpack is a super plus.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I'm not particularly happy, but basically everything is fine.

Since the stroller came with a marriage, I decided to look at more options for travel strollers, I stumbled upon the inglesina quad 2, I decided to order it (it hasn’t arrived yet, I’ll write a review on it later) Its pros: The stroller is really light and maneuverable, but we never took a walk on the street, the fabric is pleasant to the touch, all seams are made with high quality, not a single thread sticks out With its cons: The stroller came with a marriage, the rear wheel was not fixed…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A really necessary purchase, glad I found this product.

I liked the stroller visually, they didn’t buy it in the winter, they read all the reviews, looked at the reviews, thought they might find a budget option, but it’s not that) As a result, we bought a stroller, bought a bumper and never regretted it. It rides very smoothly, it is easy to manage, it folds quickly, it looks beautiful! The child is also delighted, loves to sit in it!

  • It rides very softly, beautiful and comfortable, there is a footrest
  • Accessories to be purchased separately

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing Ive ever used, a great item for everyone!

In general, the purchase is satisfied! It took a very long time to choose. I bribed, as I wrote earlier, a hood and a horizontal position. Like it or not, sleeping in a horizontal plane is much more convenient and useful than half-sitting. How they do without a hood, I can hardly imagine the same, nevertheless, the stroller is a stroller, summer . For such a lightweight stroller, the ride is pretty smooth. Easily overcomes obstacles. Very manoeuvrable. Nice quality fabric. The fabric does not…

  • 1. Huge hood. This is a very big rarity in such compact models. 2. It unfolds almost horizontally. What also wins over eminent analogues in the same price category and above. 3. Wheels are solid (dirt does not clog) and removable (easy to clean). 4. Really comfortable backpack-basket.
  • Doesn't stand without support. Bumper, bag, cup holder sold separately.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

An ideal product for any type of consumer.

The stroller is incredibly light and manageable, it does not skid even on rough roads, it easily drives onto the curb, drives off the curb, rides softly, silently, it’s even possible to carry it with one hand. Even despite its lightness, it is very passable, does not shake on tiles, pits. Suitable for both tall and short parents (even a meter with a cap, like me). Incredibly huge hood, which saves a lot if you take the stroller with you on vacation. It is a pity that there is no window if the…

  • quality of materials, coloring, convenience, compactness, lightness
  • no strap/handle to conveniently fold the stroller and take/carry it without putting it in a backpack, no viewing window

I'm very satisfied with the stroller. Easy to assemble/disassemble. Very strong, which is surprising considering the light weight. The wheels dampen small bumps on the road quite well, the hood is large and completely covers the baby from rain and sun. I will also buy a bumper and mattress.

  • Light, comfortable, beautiful, strong
  • No window in the hood

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great value for money, one of the best offers.

I really liked the stroller It has a high comfortable handle, 103 cm high, it will suit tall people well, as there is no perkcladine below. A huge sleeping place 85x31, plus a well-placed hood, even my son, 100cm tall, can sit and sleep comfortably there. Awesome shopping cart idea! The inner part comes out! The manufacturer thought about this important aspect of life - it is easy to take out everything that you took with you from the stroller! The stroller rides great, copes well with…

  • The quality of materials, appearance, functionality, a huge hood, a large bed, a great basket
  • Retraction of the viewing window in the hood, retraction of the shoulder strap for carrying