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Terra Battat Large Dinosaurs Dinosaur Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Terra Battat Large Dinosaurs Dinosaur

2 large toy dinosaurs, with natural poses, accurate size, and impeccably detailed paint. Includes: Tyrannosaurus Rex and Acrocanthosaurus Atokensis toy dinos. T-Rex toy 12 (L) X 3.4 (W) X 4.0 (H) inches; Acrocanthosaurus 10.25 (L) X 1.75 (W) X 3.25 (H) inches approximately. Museum quality: classic toy dinosaurs designed by paleo-artist Dan LoRusso. Educational toy: dinosaur toys for kids spark curiosity about paleontology, science, and natural history. No batteries required, just imagination!. Earth-friendly recyclable packaging. Age: suggested for ages 3+. Collect them all! Discover the entire Terra by Battat family of animal toy figurines and dinosaur playsets!.


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Revainrating 2 out of 5

You don't get up.

I usually like this company, but these two dinosaurs, although they look good, can't stand it. They fall off due to the position in which they are formed. Not only do their tails curve downwards, making it difficult for them to stand, but the legs of the smaller ones are too close together, giving them insufficient leg support to stand on. Unfortunately, optics, details and color samples are very good. All in all I am very disappointed in these two dinosaurs and will definitely consider buying…

  • Eco-friendly recyclable packaging
  • Damaged

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Perfect for all dinosaur lovers

I am very impressed with these dinosaurs. They are very well made out of harder plastic. Detailed and colorful, they are presented exactly as you imagine them to be when you think of dinosaurs. What I particularly enjoyed are the little squares on the side of the box that convey some facts about dinosaurs. It's just a little extra that all budding paleontologists love. I actually bought them for my husband to put on his video game shelf, but my son decided they should be his. I will buy more to

  • Museum Quality: Classic dinosaur toy designed by paleoartist Dan LoRusso.
  • Band

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good unexpected favorite

My son loves these, especially the T-Rex. The T-Rex has a pointed tail that curls inward. That gave us a little pause if it caught his eye, but so far so good. My son, of course, loves animals, but mostly dogs or cows, harmless funny ones. They look very aggressive, camouflage in color and he just loves to play with them. He thinks they must be able to fly. The design and construction are amazing. They look exactly as I remember seeing them in a tutorial. This is perhaps the closest we've ever…

  • Age: Recommended for ages 3+
  • Not as thick as others

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great Set of Dinosaurs, wish it had more Dinosaurs

My son is in love with dinosaurs. . . What little boy isn't like that? We bought a medium set that includes 4 different dinosaurs. He liked it so much that we bought two more sets. This set is larger than the original, but that doesn't seem to bother him. Contains 2 dinosaurs. They don't have any fancy lights or moving parts, but these are the sets he comes for the most. It's the perfect size for him to play at home or carry around. They are made of durable plastic and have a pleasant weight…

  • T-Rex Toy 12(L) x 3.4(W) x 4.0(H) inches; Acrocanthosaurus 10.25(L) x 1.75(W) x 3.25(H) inches approx.
  • Not all will fit

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Fantastic pair of little dinosaurs!

I got them as a gift for my little friends and he LOVES them! Once he has received them, he will not deliver them. He was madly in love with her and now they are his new best friends! Well made of plastic and rubber, they look as real as you can get in a small plastic replica. I didn't find any sharp edges that I would worry about him injuring himself. Yes, dinosaurs have teeth, but they're not sharp enough to bother me, and neither does his mother. The color looks pretty cool, and I love the…

  • No batteries required, just imagination!
  • Almost everything is fine

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Cute but wobbly figures and playsets

This is a very nice collection of dinosaur toys. They are made of a hard rubber-like material. They are brightly but accurately painted, carefully sculpted and detailed. I'm no paleontologist, but I think they're pretty accurate. According to the ad text, they were created by a paleo artist. We have several sets of Battat dinosaurs and the only complaint with all of them is that some of the two-legged and even some of the four-legged ones struggle. get up on their own. I think they are a little

  • 2 large dinosaur toys in natural poses, true to scale and with perfectly detailed colors
  • So So

Revainrating 5 out of 5


$15 for two highly detailed and anatomically accurate 12" dinosaurs - great deal! You will receive T-Rex and Acrocanthosaurus packaged together. I'm really excited about the Tyrannosaurus Rex as I don't have it in my collection yet! His pose shows him exactly as the carnosaur scavenger that he was. This Acrocanthosaurus is a scaled down version of the giant Acrocanthosaurus, packed with a large playset and articulations and lights/sounds. This 12" is the same hue/coloration as its older twin…

  • Educational Toys: Dinosaur toys for kids to encourage interest in paleontology, science and life sciences
  • Requires pedestal

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Dinosaur! Other White Meat

I love dinosaurs! Who does not know it? I love that these dinosaurs are drawn in a realistic [?] way. All the weirdly colored dinosaurs others are selling just don't make me happy. Dinosaurs should at least try to be realistic. These dinosaurs come in a recyclable box with some plastic, which is always a good thing. There is a small paragraph on the back of the box that talks about the dinosaurs themselves. I love that the Acrocanthosaurus stands alone and looks ferocious enough, too bad…

  • Collect Them All! Discover the full range of Terra by Battat animal figures and dinosaur sets!
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