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trendnet 10ft 2-in-1 usb vga kvm cable tk-cu10 for connecting computers with vga and usb ports – high-quality usb keyboard/mouse cable & monitor cable in black logo

TRENDnet 10ft 2-in-1 USB VGA KVM Cable TK-CU10 for Connecting Computers with VGA and USB Ports – High-Quality USB Keyboard/Mouse Cable & Monitor Cable in Black Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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img 1 attached to TRENDnet 10ft 2-in-1 USB VGA KVM Cable TK-CU10 for Connecting Computers with VGA and USB Ports – High-Quality USB Keyboard/Mouse Cable & Monitor Cable in Black


Connector TypeVGA
Cable TypeUSB, VGA
Compatible DevicesMonitor, Personal Computer

Description of TRENDnet 10ft 2-in-1 USB VGA KVM Cable TK-CU10 for Connecting Computers with VGA and USB Ports – High-Quality USB Keyboard/Mouse Cable & Monitor Cable in Black

2-IN-1 USB/VGA KVM CABLE: Consist of a USB keyboard/mouse cable and monitor cable bonded into a single device. MONITOR: VGA/SVGA HDB 15-pin Male to Male. KEYBOARD/MOUSE: USB 1.1 Type A. CONNECT COMPUTERS: This cable is designed to connect computers with VGA and USB ports to a TRENDnet TK-207K, TK-209K, TK-407K, TK-409K, TK-423K, TK-803R, TK-804R, TK-1603R or TK-1604R KVM Switch. LENGTH: This KVM cable is 10 feet (3.1 m).


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good Quality USB KVM Cable

I am using this KVM cable with a matching TRENDnet TK-804R USB PS/2 OSD KVM Switch Combo Port. The length is good, the quality is excellent, the cable fits all connectors and screws, connects without problems. The KVM switch immediately recognized every computer when I turned it on and every computer connected. I used a standard 19" VGA CTX CRT monitor for setup and testing. The OSD shows the computer number and device number (stacked KVM switch number) with the monitor on and machines off…

  • Good workmanship
  • Expensive insurance

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good replacement for KVM cable

One of my trendnet cables had some of the pins bent so the screen didn't show red but was quite green. The replacement cable was a great price and just what was needed. I have a 23" monitor for two Dell laptops and two Dell PCs (one is a Pentium 4 running Linux Lite) and have had no setup or cabling issues other than user error.

  • Regular price
  • Small change

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Great cable, good price. ONLY for KVM TrendNET! Make sure it fits!

Holds up very well. I wish KVM and cables also supported HDMI, but how many server-class computers use HDMI, right? I am using it in a home/learning/development environment with a TK803R 8-port KVM and need to use an HDMI to VGA adapter to connect my laptop. However, the servers connect to it and work fine. There are different models. Check the TrendNet website to make sure you're getting the right cable for your KVM!

  • Price
  • Approximately

Revainrating 5 out of 5

They don't work with computers and accessories

It's my fault I missed the shipping window but that's bullshit. You are not working. Simple and clear. I say the mouse and keyboard light up but there is no display. I know the cable is to blame because when I replaced those six everything was fine. I should just calculate it now when I think about why pay for Chinese junk that doesn't work. I hope you don't make the same mistake as me

  • Best in their niche
  • Many things

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good cable - external components

It's pretty hard to see a cable (what can you really say about a cable other than it behaves like a cable?), but it's like cables are great to run. I bought this to replace a lost cable for my TK-407 KVM switch. It worked great as expected. It seems to be an exact replacement for the one I lost, except it's a bit longer (I have the 10" version to give me extra flexibility in placing one of the computers). If you need a multi-connector replacement cable for the TK-407 or perhaps other TrendNet…

  • Manufactured by
  • No insurance

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Exact replacement for external components

This was an exact replacement for a cable that was intermittently failing on my TK-409K 4 VGA unit. At first they tried to fix the broken wires on the existing cable, but this proved impossible. So the next best thing, and a lot easier, was to just swap out the cable. The only difference between my original cable and the new one is the color of the connector's plastic housing. New blue, not white. Don't let that hold you back. It works exactly the same.

  • Fingers crossed
  • No

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I just hate that they are branded cables

Need a longer rack server cable. The original cables that come with the KVM are only about 6 feet long. This allowed me to reach the server at the bottom of the rack. I just hate that these are proprietary cables, but at least the price isn't bad. I bought two of these for two different setups and they work as they should.

  • Free for educational purposes
  • Some problems

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Works great, but why the heck aren't they included in KVM?

These cables fit my TrendNet KVM perfectly, but I was completely confused when I opened the KVM box and didn't see any cables. Nowhere is this mentioned. TrendNet really needs to put a proper notice on the packaging and online stores that CABLES ARE REQUIRED.

  • New to my collection
  • Security

Revainrating 5 out of 5

They do the job but the cables are too thick

I wish they were made of thinner cables or maybe ribbon cables. Finding a way to run eight bulky cables like this is very difficult. But they work well, which I can't say about KVM TK-803R.

  • Glitter
  • Not sure