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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Computer case AeroCool Cylon black

Aerocool Cylon case black without PSU ATX 1x120mm 2xUSB2.0 1xUSB3.0 audio CR bott PSU


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The price speaks for itself. I decided to save on the case when I was building a new computer. Burned out, take more expensive ones, if you collect a good assembly, do not be a miser, a miser pays twice.

  • Price tag. This is a relatively budget case with backlight. Cheaper, probably, only "office" boxes, costing about 1000.
  • 1. Size. Although it is declared under the ATX form factor, the case is clearly not large enough for this size. It's a midi tower, keep that in mind when you buy it! The card did not fit in the end, I had to "finish" the case with wire cutters to fit all the components. 2. The quality of the materials, a very thin piece of iron, easily bit off a couple of centimeters from the edge of the back wall in order to fit the card. 3. The very structure of the case. The motherboard is located at the bottom, the hard drive bay tightly covers the contacts for connecting the case (power buttons, power LED, HDD, reset buttons) 4. Extremely sad instruction

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A good product, I advise you to try it.

1 only 1 fan for blowing . you need more installed coolers, at least 4. 2 I don’t have tempered glass on the side panel, but ordinary plastic . when I bought it, it wasn’t written anywhere . 3 more space for hard drives + rubber spacers to dampen vibration.

  • inexpensive case with beautiful backlit control buttons on top. the bottom position of the power supply. a window on the side wall of the case (not tempered glass), which is a pity . the metal does not seem to sway like a sheet of paper, well, like that. backlight control many modes and colors choose any.
  • It would be nice to have 4 more coolers installed. 2 on front panel and 2 on shroud or 2 on top. since out of the box there is only 1 cooler for blowing out on the rear panel of the case, and this is not enough . too bright indicators in the dark shine on the ceiling like a spotlight .

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Completely standard product, nothing remarkable.

In general, the case is adequate, very inexpensive and with all the necessary connectors. But it is inconvenient in general and non-functional. But nice and neat.

  • Beautiful iridescent and customizable LED lighting Transparent lid so you can see the insides There are places for additional fans
  • The victory of Chinese design over common sense. The block is practically not blown. If you take a non-hot video card and processor, then everything will be fine. But it is not worth putting something that really requires cooling into this case. In no case.

Honestly, for this money it’s a sin tocomplain, I can only note that the dust is simply unrealistic tocomllect on a transparent wall, it must be treated with antistatic. Thecomoler works generally silently, but it blows mediocrely. So I advise everyone who wants the appearance of the case to be excellent, and wants to spend relatively little money. Here is a link to my channel, where I described thecomponents in detail: ? view_as=subscriber

  • Relatively inexpensive, RGB on the front panel and its adjustment, USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, a bunch of various screws and ties, a cooler on the back panel, an almost hidden power supply (there is a cutout), cheap plastic is not visible from a short distance, there is a hidden gasket cables. you can additionally install 6 pieces of fans (I stuffed an additional 5 pieces).
  • The plastic is of course so-so, the glass is also plastic and dust sticks strongly to it. The filter on the bottom of the power supply has a large mesh, the filter on the top has a finer mesh, there is no filter at all in the front and there are no additional filters if you are going to install additional turntables from below. After a couple of months, the magnets peeled off the top grid.

In general, the case is interesting and for 2500r it would be a good choice if fans were installed in the drain for blowing in, and only one for blowing out.

  • This case has seen a lot of assemblies and mine (one of them) is no exception. Liked the following: - Nice appearance; - Compact size; - Convenience of an arrangement of accessories; - there is a place for cable management on the back wall; - there is a card reader on the front panel; - RGB strip with manual switching.
  • - Quality of materials; - Noise (especially if you "cram" the fans to the eyeballs; - turntables 140 mm will not fit; - Weak blowing; - weak protection against dust (but I already want a lot).

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

Has pros: The case is beautiful, modern, comfortable, compact, lightweight, excellent front panel, which just influenced the choice of this case. Few of these characteristics, so also the price is quite low)))) Different cons: The only negative is the plastic transparent wall. I would like glass, but that's okay too)

Revainrating 4 out of 5

As such, there are no disadvantages, it is convenient to use.

The choice is yours )) Has some pros: Backlight. The lower location of the bp. There is a place for cable management Cooler included. Price. Some cons: Purge. NOT tempered glass (this can be explained by the price) Pretty thin metal (also follows from the price)

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not a bad product, quite normal quality.

in my case, it turned out to be inconveniently located front panel outputs, I have a system unit in a special niche of the table and inserting flash drives from above is not convenient

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good purchase.

Personally from me, a polite young man explained everything, clarified everything, tested it, brought it in, satisfied with everything, below is a photo of my handsome man! Options Palit Geforse RTX 2060 Amd Ryzen 5 3600 motherboard gigabyte B450M top-end gaming assembly that I found to my heart's content! I recommend!

  • I made an order online, they quickly called me back, clarified agreed on Wednesday, chose cash payment, upon arrival after connecting, everything was fine with everyone, I express my deep gratitude! I'll take another laptop from you closer to summer for games!
  • No, and it can't be!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The right product for me, there were no problems.

If the backlight does not work for someone when connected to SATA from the PSU, then try to remove the front part and correct the wiring from the backlight. faced this problem myself. At the moment everything is great! I can generally recommend this case to buy for such a price!

  • The body is very roomy. The kit comes with all the bolts for mounting components. Convenient cable management. Beautiful design. Dust filters are magnetic under the PSU and at the top of the case. Lots of USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 on top.
  • A lot of dust sticks to the side glass, but I think you can cover it with antistatic and it will be fine. In the place where the connectors for the board are slightly raised, so keep in mind if there is a plug. it will be a little crooked next to the PS / 2 connector. I twisted the fee there harder and now it’s more or less.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Nothing special, there are positive and negative sides.

Guys, don’t take it, I don’t recommend it, I took this case together with the component on the matrix, the design looks convenient, I added an additional cooler right away, well, it didn’t save the video card, it warmed up to 80 degrees in games, touched the box, it seemed to be with boiling water, looked at the revolutions of the palit video card coolers nvidia geforse gtx 1660 everything is fine, I tried to lower the graphics the temperature dropped, in general, thank God the mattress did…

  • Small handy compact
  • Air permeability is very weak, everything is heated like in a bath

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The quality is at zero, very sorry for the money spent.

I collected a computer for a friend in this case. I didn’t like the case right away: it’s cramped, the metal is thin, the expansion slots are not removed but bite off. The GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO motherboard didn't fit in it! I ran into a regular fan, I had to remove it and sculpt it on the top wall. Temperatures reach critical, although it only has 1 video card and 1 ssd. And what will happen if you put 2 cards and add a couple more HDDs. everything will burn to hell, there is simply no…

  • Low price Beautiful backlight
  • All the rest

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

In general, the purchase is extremely satisfied! Some pros: Good ventilation standard. Spacious but doesn't take up much space. There is an option to put an additional cooler. Built-in jump with several options for glowing on the muzzle of the body. Although I’m not a fan of such things, and I don’t use it, I turned it on when I assembled it to see. Cool))) The gigantic space allows you to put a good water cooling system. Different cons: 1 side - plastic plexiglass. You can see the "guts"…

I took myself white, it is worth pleasing to the eye. Good, not too bright and not disturbing backlight. Installing up to 2x from below 3x in front, 1st on top and 1st behind 120 screws was very pleased, the height of the legs is also probably cm 5, respectively, the dust pulls a little, not on the floor and already good Its pros: Appearance, a small backlight (almost do not use it). Good purge opportunity, put 2 in front 120 one on top one in the back traction is excellent. The presence of all

I collected a config for i5/16GB/240SSD in this case. The Scyte Ninja tower (mini seems) went in perfectly. There were no difficulties with the assembly (maybe because I collect mainly itx Has pros: The price is an ultra budget option. Design - RGB strip right in color :) Functionality: everything is there to assemble a normal modern PC. Easy to assemble - there are hidden cavities for cables, everything is quite well organized. Dust filters - such a price. Its cons: metal thickness This makes…