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It is an advance platform for listing, exchanging, launching and storing currency created on Stellar Blockchain because Stellar has the capability to be the founder of a new globally financial system. Scopuly Sky provide an e-cient crypto-fiat exchange tool and a space for launching IEOs which stellar ecosystem can not provide for the users on the platform It is also known as a multi digital assets wallet with a built P2P decentralized trading platform which enables to emitnew token based on Stellar Blockchain protocol. A good aspect of this platform is that it is the first to implement a total digital Fiat frame solution completed with the wallet trading interface and IEO platformTam incelemeye bakın

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it was launched in November 2018 with the aim of giving customers a private focused and ad-free social expeciences starting in a limited way and leading to forming a program secured for all users. All their customers are giving Crypto daily as a gift through a new activity based ecosystem. It does not store any user data or track customer. It determined to let Billions of people globally know how and where to get crypto coin Customers data are not hoarded on Toqqn platform in other not to missuse their private data. It aim to focus on user privacy and security. It also determined to be transverse platform suitable and mobile serviceableTam incelemeye bakın

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It is a safe digital assests made in Italy that customers can start to generate their financial freedom through mining. It is also an anonymous and decentralized digital assests and a whole Ecosystem and ideology with no third party arrangements. It is not controlled by any organization, bank or government. It is therefore known as a public transparency system Join DCY made a user to have access to his own personal e-shop that is totally free and geo-localized to sell good and receive payment in Dinastycoin quickly and safely with the geatest privacy of the customers. DCY is different from other cryptocurrencies because it's community is made up of all its customersTam incelemeye bakın

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This is a token that comprises of loyalty points, community and online market. It is built on Stellar Blockchain and become part of the Stellar ecosystem. Some benefit attached to selecting Stellar Blockchain for Diruna(DRA) token includes low transaction fee, firm original procedure, high speed in processing transaction and it being managed by Non- profit organization It is a platform that can be recommended for customers because of it's transaction transparency methodTam incelemeye bakın

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VNT Chain


It was originated by UNET foundation and supported by the globally leading blockchain service provider_ Yunphants, it was built with unchangeable and firm distributed ledger technology that provides suitable data access protocol to organization that is partaking on several blockchain and form a multi-dimension data network for all customers and business It also provide efficient, convenient and low-cost value transfer infrastructure for various customers without involving a centralized when talking about suitable currency management and a high accomplishment circulating system, therefore lowering cost and increasing circulation efficiency I would recommend VNTchain for participant as it aim to gain widespread use in various vertical industries like healthcare, gaming and Tam incelemeye bakın

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it is an inherent exchange currency of the Ability exchange. It was launched in August 2. It is known being among the highest in rank energy expensive active operative blockchain globally. Qredit has contanance such as Fiat conversation, unique KYC features, NFC payment, smart contract and the capacity to visibilise many information on it's website with the aim of allowing Marchant to easily implement qredit in the store with the use of qredit wallet without wasting money on unused This exchange helps machant to get digital assets compensation with the option to change the digital assests capital directly to Fiat Tam incelemeye bakın

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Binance JEX


ance Jex is a world most popular Bitcoin that focuses on future trading. Jex is the derivative exchange that has it own token known as Jex and is still controlled by its established Binance. Binance jex is available on desktop and mobile. It has an exciting community team with proven experience in digital assets product development Trading with Binance jex helps to receive a higher exposure towards some particular digital assets price upwards or downward without having the currency indispensable. It is therefore known as the pioneer blockchain currency transaction platform that introduced Bitcoin options trading and other options trading  Tam incelemeye bakın

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Netrum an india frontier internet service provider that developed a complex accessible network infrastructure for their users and always have the needs of their traders in mind by constantly developing their facilities. This platform renders their users perfectly consistent internet usage. Their quick answers to their users request gives them more pertinent in communication network like data and video providers Netrum has a supporting team that serve customers and it offers wired and wireless services and also have good competitive priceTam incelemeye bakın

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Bitonic is a digital assets established in May 2012. It is the pioneer in Bitcoin industry, limiting itself to buying and selling of Bitcoin fast and in a trustworthy way using IDEAL and SEPA makes it different from other exchange. It is available in all European countries and it is the largest and oldest Bitcoin in the Netherlands. It provides a machant solution which allows Non-for-profit organization to accept Bitcoin donation for Bitonic uses its practical wisdom to instruct and educate private and public industries in the world of Bitcoin through the use of Bitonic Acedemy. Despite limiting itself to Bitcoin trading, I will recommend Bitonic as a good option for those who make tradeTam incelemeye bakın

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Artfinity is a token based on Ethereum blockchain also an art marking and safety monitoring system based blockchain industrial science. This platform claims to be the only legally compliant electronic trading platform for non-legacy industries. This can be done recording all process of art creation from artists to the circulation of consecutive holders on the blockchain, Artfinity can gain more recognition from new users globally because it determines to eliminate the issue of fraud in the art Tam incelemeye bakın

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