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Review on Binance JEX by Bethel Oluwaseun


ance Jex is a world most popular Bitcoin that focuses on future trading. Jex is the derivative exchange that has it own token known as Jex and is still controlled by its established Binance. Binance jex is available on desktop and mobile. It has an exciting community team with proven experience in digital assets product development

Trading with Binance jex helps to receive a higher exposure towards some particular digital assets price upwards or downward without having the currency indispensable. It is therefore known as the pioneer blockchain currency transaction platform that introduced Bitcoin options trading and other options trading 

Pros & cons

  • It has high circulating supply
  • There is only charges for network fee but no charges for withdrawal fee on the platform
  • The team are regarded as most experienced developer
  • No other method of payment than cryptos
Tosin Temitope
July 11, 2020
Binance Jex support mobile device which make it more appealing to me because I love trading to trade anywhere and anytime I feel like. If you are looking for exchange that has a competitive withdrawal fee, you choose Binance Jex.
Yinka Yemi
June 14, 2020
Binance jex is highly secured platform. It has 2 step verification to ensures that users data is secured. It make use of GSLB and distributed servers for maximum security. It also have private key which can be saved offline, only user have access to the key.