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I am a long time user for this coinomi wallet, I have been very comfortable with this wallet because it is very easy to use. in addition, this coinomi wallet can add multiple coins in 1 application. in my opinion this is very good because I don't have to bother if I want to add another coin. I use this wallet already from 2017. with very good security, when I want to send a coin, this coinomi wallet asks for a password before the coin is sent, the coinomi wallet feature is very perfect in my opinion because it is complete with the amount of coins, the amount of assets in the form of currency, its very low fee makes I don't want to use another wallet. I recommend this coinomi wallet for you if you want to save assets cryptocurrencyTam incelemeye bakın

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Blockchain Wallet

I like this wallet, because it's very easy to save my digital money, I use it more often to save bitcoin, this wallet is already equipped with very good security. with the wallet id feature so that I am very comfortable with this wallet. I am very happy with the blockchain wallet. because it is very easy to receive or send bitcoin or other coins. This blockchain wallet already supports several crypto coins including bitcoin, xlm, ethereum, bitcoin cash, USD PAX. This blockchain wallet already supports swap features, where I can exchange my assets. I highly recommend for you who want to store digital assets safely and comfortablyTam incelemeye bakın

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Trust Wallet

I like trustwallet, because I don't have to bother anymore to save my cryptocurrency assets. I like the features that are easy to understand both for beginners or who already understand. very elegant appearance makes me comfortable with trustwallet. This wallet already supports DApps so I can access blockchain-based games with this trustwallet. with this wallet I am very lucky because everything is easy. trustwallet already supports BEP wallets. the feature in this wallet that I like is DEX, where I want to pass a crypto currency exchange on this trustwallet I can already exchange it. this is my recommended wallet for you who want to save digital assets cryptocurrencyTam incelemeye bakın

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best exchange liquid

I like the market on this one, because it looks very good with a fairly good security system. This one market requires its user for KYC (Know Your Customer) to withdraw. When logging in I am asked to verify that the new IP user email is a good security. I am an old user in the market. The fee is very low but the minimum withdrawal is very large The withdrawal process is slow. I would recommend using this platform since you can make your purchases with fiat money .The security system of each user must activate the authenticator 2 factor authentication. This might be the reason I chose a place to buy and sell assets or trade in liquidTam incelemeye bakın

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I really like this one market, because almost all coins or tokens are available here. binance is also available for margin or futures trading. in this market available with leverage x10 up to x125 lev. This market has a very good security system in my opinion. to withdraw it does not require KYC. however, each account is equipped with an authenticator 2-step verification system. for my fee is low according to my opinion is suitable for traders like me with a low budget. This is the reason I chose binance for trading or buying and selling cryptocurrency assetsTam incelemeye bakın

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I like Bittrex because it's easy to trade with an elegant appearance. This market can be very easy to understand because the interface is very good. for the security system, you could say it is good, because it has to be KYC and verif new ip. Bittrex deposits can be via credit cards or other crypto coins. the trade fee is low and the WD fee is quite low compared to the others. The withdrawal process is quite fast in my opinion only requires a few confirmations. this is the reason I chose Bittrex for trading because it is very goodTam incelemeye bakın

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