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The ELT Wallet is a decentralized Andriod and iOS Wallet and it features a user friendly interface and allow user's to manage their Eitcoins and Erc-20 tokens. The Eitcoins is the token organized by the Elt Wallet. The wallet is supportive when it was first created it's actually allowed uses to secure their tokens without any security problems. But what are the research about this project I backed into a platform that said this wallet is no longer having a good quality as it used to be when it was first established. Many people who don't understand the basics of wallet might just go online to search for this wallet and they will find reviews or internet website that encourages this wallet and for this reasons people go ahead downloading them and using them without knowing the risk they are going into. After all this user will end up regretting why he entered any cryptocurrency platform thinking that most major cryptocurrency Wallet are sa So I would recommend users who don't understand the basics of wallet to make research on the project that they are going into to save their funds and been able to stay away from scam projects. this will be my conclusion I hope you understand that the smallest is no longer supported you can make more research on the internet this time you need to check it cuz Wallets like this are very difficult to understand the way they operate.Tam incelemeye bakın

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chaoex is a hon Kong based cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2017 but the extreme is currently out of service. Its licence was gotten from the exchange development in Hong Kong. Just like all the fake cryptocurrency exchange this exchange has no good liquidity or even a good website for its users to login or gain access to the information. There's not even a secure platform likely telegram which group could join the group and interact with people around the world to gain more information about the exchange. there are so many disabilities that comes up when talking about this exchange Although it has gotten it's licence from one of the greatest sources but this exchange is currently not a secure way to start an investment. Does not support buying and selling or transferring of funds from one user to another. for this reasons many cryptocurrency users has made many reviews that are not positive regarding this exchange. Chaoex is not a guaranteed platform. you can get access to it on the Google play store for download which many people don't check the reviews and we'll just go ahead downloading something that will be toxic or harmful to their investment. I would like to make this review very short by saying that this exchange is currently out of service and does not support any trading processesTam incelemeye bakın

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Giottus is also one of the best cryptocurrency exchange that provides good liquidity and also good transaction qualities but it also has poor rating by people. Maybe because it is not known to be a good Exchange. It was created in India and it was launched in April 2018. It allows the trading of most of the greatest cryptocurrency ever known It one of the safest way to trade all complete transactions. It also has one of the most cheapest trading fees which now allow users to complete their transaction with less fees and also give them a medium of earning more than usual The Problem associated with this exchange is the fact that it is not known among the currency userd. and it's currently not used so it actually not safe but can also be used for transactions. So do your own research and understand the exchange before using it.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Electrum Stratis Wallet

Electrum stratis wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that holds the STRAX tokens and it has been known to be a safe wH to hold the cryptocurrency. Just like Trust wallet it also has it own cryptocurrency and also supports Many other currenency. The project has a ways of bring a good security to users. It has a very strong security and has a fast way of transferring cryptocurrency to other wallet with ease and safety. The wallet is available on the Google play store, which can be downloaded without stress and completion the registration is also Staking helps people strengthen the blockchain network on which your STRAX Tokens are held. The wallet is available on every device, so the wallet is effectively sitting on top of a Stratis Full Node. When the Tokens have been staked, it actively mines thereby contributing to the overall power of the network. Because even small stakes have a chance to mine, staking democratizes the mining process when compared with Proof of Work solutions. To have any chance of earning rewards from mining on a mature Proof of Work blockchain, considerable expenditure on hardware and energy is required. This is currently the best way to earn the token, you mine the token and also stake them for more reward. But is currently complicated to use, most user's don't know if it's currently working or has been hibernated. I will say it has been sleeping because it has no use to the blockchain community recently. And maybe it will be put alive because it is a great project. For now it is not advisable to download. It is available on both Andriod phones, iOS and also on PTam incelemeye bakın

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This project is currently one of the unused exchange. A good exchange should be able to provide a good liquidity, trading volume, good security and also provide a safe transaction with good fees attached. eosBLACK does not have any of these qualities it is just there wasting people's time or it's time on the internet and nobody seems to download it or even patronize the exchange I don't even think if it exchanging any cryptocurrency for now. As of this project with no future can just make investors going into them at the end of the day the investor or regrets why he used an exchange. I have heard stories of people who were scammed from cryptocurrency and they never returned because they believe they're going to be scammed again Which is why I think all review should be written about scam project so that people will understand them and tried to do away with them. All she also promoted to good exchange and cryptocurrencies, to beautify our ecosystem and draw more people into the family. What is for this cryptocurrency it is not a right way to start a legit way to the moon. It is advised for all users to stay clear search for better cryptocurrency and enjoy every profit they make.Tam incelemeye bakın

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United Bull Traders

the united bull traders was said to have the best trading features in one of the Review on it's website but this project is currently an untracked currenency. There is no information about the price regarding this cryptocurrency and it has not been traded on any known Exchange. Manny advance cryptocurrency project like ccoin gecko has categories the cryptocurrency as an unused currenency The main point is that, the currency has never been used for any cryptocurrency activity and for the fact that every cryptocurrency is not associating with the project has classified it to be a useless currenency. The white paper is not even interesting to read and it doesn't have a surportive website or even a social media platform to encourage the users The cryptocurrency has no recorded trading transactions in the last 24 hours, and the developers intension about the currency is not generational base. They are planning to revive the project, which I think is very impossible to do, for now it lacks everything good about a good cryptocurrencyTam incelemeye bakın

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My Review on EGAS.

EGAS is cryptocurrency project that is similar to ethereum but the value of EGAS is some how gotten from ETHEREUMX (ETX). EGAS is a cryptocurrency that is rewarded to people for holding up to a substential amount if ETX. If you own ethereumx it is suggested that you establish a trust line to EGAS as well to receive monthly The project had a very good view and I think most cryptocurrency users might have chosen this cryptocurrency with the mindset that it will be a generational project. But after been traded for a while the project has to be discontinued, and other cryptocurrency have got to it rank while bringing it to the bottom of the cryptocurrency leading As it has one of the best policy and had encourage users to gain the token and has also provided a reward for people. It was such a bad way to end the good deeds of a crypto project. Now we have many cryptocurrency that are changing the world Slowly and everyone in the world is trying to gain access to more cryptocurrency, EGAS had been left out despite the fact that it was once a good For the safety of investors, this project won't be a nice way to start an investment, it has currently lost it's good characteristic, therefore people should be mindful about theTam incelemeye bakın

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Coinrate Exchange.

the United kingdom is one of the best places that have the most unique to currency exchange ever known in the world. Coinrate has actually been one of the unsuccessful exchange that was created. Based on the information gotten on the internet most of its trading facilities or will I see trading advantages has been equivalent to 0. Things didn't take much time to users to understand that this exchange is currently a useless exchange. The exchange is out of business Most Exchange that might have problem was fixed before anything bad could happen more. but this exchange has nothing to do for itself and cannot help anybody but now or in the future. It has already categorised itself as a bad way of investment so the only thing for users to do. Is to try their best and do away with such projects most of them are major scam This coinrate Exchange has put a shame on the United kingdom Exchange community, it's not safe for now until some thing good come out of Tam incelemeye bakın

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Bittop is an exchange that has no information to prove that the Exchange is a good project. It's looks like a Exchange that provides good investment policy, but this features cannot be a safe way to invest, because this Exchange those not support any cryptocurrency and has not been used by any investor before. The exchange is not known to user's, and it has a fake license and very poor white paper This Exchange can never be too good because it has been abandoned because it it lack of success to become one of the greatest Exchange of All time. But as it stands the Exchange has no trading features Bittop Exchange also says in one of it's social media reviews that it empowers user's with the best investment policy. All this is a lie, it doesn't support any good, it will only crash your investment. You can search for the white paper and read about it and also check it's policy and license. There no advantage regarding this Exchange. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Swiftex is an exchange that is base in the United kingdom, it has been used by users to trade successfully and Manny good reviews have been Said about this project, but after been a good project it started lacking Soo many functions and it has been lossing popularity everyday and also using customers. The project has not been in a good face recently and Manny complain has been coming A good project should have the qualities of standing tall and become a next generational platforms, but it's very bad too see good project been abandoned for no reason, I think the problem should be solved instead of leaving it to This Exchange cannot be accessed despite it good features, some users might download the exchange to use, but u cannot even gain access to the account. The website will soon be shut down, Same with the social media accounts. In essence thisTam incelemeye bakın

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