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Revainrating 1 out of 5  
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Type of review

Etop merchants trade is a Thailand Trade which was established in 2020. Indeed, this trade went on for just some time prior to shutting, not even as long as a year. As of now, in the event that you load the website page you'll see obviously that the trade says " This organization has been sold out". This implies that each exchanging movement and procedure on the trade have been ended, there is no report about this trade any longer nor about tue organization that procured it since it was so

  • There is no certain survey of this trade
  • The exchanging volume of $0
  • No good thing is available in this trade

Revainrating 2 out of 5

A Thailand exchange, with no positive outcome.

eTop- trader is an online crypto currency exchange platform that was established in Thailand 2020,which is seen to be rated poorly because of it inability to last in the crypto currency exchange market for a long time. eTop- exchange lack important facility that can make a crypto currency exchange platform successful,it security system is nothing to write home about,and this can discourage investors and user to trade. no social media platforms to allow users and newbies to interact and get…

  • Nothing
  • They lacy methods of generating funds from the exchange.
  • Lack of funds to keep up with the exchange needs.
  • Poor strategy on how to manage the platform.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

A Thailand exchange that has gone out of business.

e-top traders as it name implies was designed to be good internet trading platform generating to upgrade the cryto market industry by giving less transaction fees to users who want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies giving the the best atmosphere of trading. e-top traders current status is not actually encouraging due to the fact that the platform has been ignored and the developers could not fetch enough funds to develope this project to become one of the best exchange. e-top traders has…

  • Have been a good exchange when it was developed.
  • This Exchange went out of business.
  • The Exchange can not offer any trading activities anymore.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

implies that their capacities have been suspended

marketing experts are a Thai-based business and are not found when they are perceived as a commendable Trade. The exchange endured a year prior to the exchange shut. Presently in the event that you can look through a page, you will see a deal called "This association has been sold". It is hard to set up this exchange since it has not been traded and advanced cash has not been upheld as of late, I figure digital money clients won't be urged to utilize this exchange since it is pointless right n

  • without much of any result.
  • There is no conversion scale
  • awful scene.
  • not utilized for trade.
  • no good thing

Revainrating 1 out of 5

means that their functions have been suspended

publicists are a Thai-based business and are not found as soon as they are recognized as a worthy Exchange. The trade lasted a year before the trade closed. Now if you can scroll through a page, you will see a sale called "This organization has been sold". It is difficult to set up this trade because it has not been exchanged and digital currency has not been supported recently, I think cryptocurrency customers will not be encouraged to use this trade because it is useless at the moment. This…

  • to no avail.
  • There is no exchange rate
  • horrible scene.
  • not used for exchange.
  • nothing good

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Not surportive for traders.

e-top traders is a thailand-based exchange that cannot be traced recently because of it's inability to be called a good Exchange, the exchange cannot be called a next generational Exchange Because it lacks Soo many trading facilities and also has a bad transaction policy. The information provided on the internet concerning this Exchange shows that it's not a safe platform for cryptocurrency users. The qualities of this exchange has been drained bye hackers because it lacks so many abilities…

  • No progress.
  • Very bad platform.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This exchange is not responding.

This project in February 2020. It is a centralised exchange based in Thailand. This exchange is actually inactive based on the information I got from the internet I discovered that this exchange was sold out to another developer which he is still trying to develop this exchange. It is very difficult to classify this exchange because it has not been trading in recent and does not support any cryptocurrency I don't think it will be advisable for cryptocurrency user to use this exchange because…

  • There's no advantage concerning this exchange.
  • It has not been used to trade any cryptocurrency for that reason this exchange is not legit.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Inactive Exchange

Etop traders exchange is a Thailand Exchange which was founded in 2020. Well, this exchange lasted for only a while before closing, not even up to a year. Presently, if you load the webpage you'll see clearly that the exchange says " This company has been sold out". This means that every trading activity and operations on the exchange have been halted, there is no news about this exchange anymore nor about tue company that acquired it since it was sold out. All I'll just advise users to do is…

  • There is no positive review of this exchange
  • The trading volume of $0
  • Nothing good is present in this exchange