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.free ton is a new generation blockchain built on top of the popular PBFT consensus a proof of stake chain it is good that it allows several thousand number transaction per second and an average block time of list which is 9100 times faster than ethereum and it much more cheaper it infinite block chain allows the blockchain to scale practically indefinitely, blockchain is fully governed and control by user stacking their tokens to validators creating new blocks and earning on like in other modeSee full review

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Octaex exchange platform that was once established,which is viewed to be rated poorly due to the fact of it inability to final in the crypto currency exchange market for a long time. octaex change lack ability facility that can make a crypto currency exchange platform successful,it safety system is really poor and it has really spoil the reputation about the platform this can discourage traders and person to trade. no social media structures to permit customers and novices to engage and get inSee full review

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korbit is a South Korea company which is heavily vested in the cryptocurrencies market.the brand is owned and operated by korbit inc, a company located in hang name Gil seoul, south Korea the brand commenced huge financing from several ventures capitalist.i would say it really a nice platform for cryptocurrency exchange. in terms of the service offer by this exchanges cryptocurrency trading for local south Korea market also. korbit dose not have high fees it usually do have two method of buyinSee full review

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bit-card is a prepaid card rechargeable with cryptocurrencies, it was manufactured in Germany it is really cool for users to make payment physical or online transaction and even to withdraw money from ATM. bit-card is very secure and it hologram is very secure with high quality and it has water resistant to prevent it from being easily damage.thus card is purchase through the website and it is sent to the address entered by the receipt. bit-card allows users to seamlessly make purchases of crySee full review

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coinspot is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange it really provide a safe and secure way to obtain your bitcoin. coinspot is actually regulated by an Australian highly governed financial sector that insure action taken to insure money you put it, this general mean whether you are actually entitled to trade over 260 different cryptocurrency and sesame time you can use multiple method of payment poli, boat and free bank transfer. coinspot platform is really simple when it comes to new investorsSee full review

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Naga is a trading platform that was lunched back in 2015 as a fintech company that provides access to the market through decentralized technology along with necessary support so that global investors may gain publicity. the naga company is established under laws also complied according to European legislation allowing access to trade financial marketing, cryptocurrency, stock and virtual goods supporting all major global market social trading. Naga offer several ways of financial investment See full review

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.StakeCube can be used to reduce fees of the platform, the concept about this platform is that people depositing their proof of stake coins in to a one pool which basically allows people to farm out the coin faster and a higher amount as well and the service take a small fee in the process it allows you to have all of your coin in one location which is very nice. StakeCube also have their coin which is KYP a verfied and basically and has a max supply of 18 million can be to adopt of crex24 andSee full review

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.crex24 this exchange was started back in 2017 it originated in Astoria which which is the northern path of Europe. the features of this exchange is that you have instant registration and also have some guide lines to help get start on not in crypto or trading all coin. crex24 platform offer a customer path that is optional from the start also have some basic trading functionality, also you are able to export the crex file around users, the fees are of standard but there are reduceable, dependSee full review

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.vindax a crypto trading platform index was launched in March 2019. vindax is a digitalaccess exchange platform and decentralized exchange base in vretnamit also introduced a functional coin designed to facilitate simple successful traders using a user-friendly tools, the vindax platform was built to offer features such as trading and data analytics, trading not functionality and integrated trade signalling for entries and exits. vindax offers trading in quit a large number of cryptocurrency, See full review

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.local coin swap this platformgives you the ability to directly trade any cryptocurrency using simple form of payment in any geographical location. local coin swap is a local Bitcoin. where buyers and seller can trade on and off the platform. the difference of the local Co-Op is that they are offering multi cryptocurrency. it is a exchange that distributes 100% of profits to tokens holders. so if you want to join this ICO now you acquire a token you get them stock up and hold them on till eveSee full review

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.oduwa coin are for some of the African countries, oduwa coin is the next generation alternative to bitcoin,it is a cryptocurrency network that allows anyone to transfer digital currency to family friends and vendors from anywhere to everywhere around the world with no fees, Oduwa has a very good features which are feeless transaction to anyone around you. all the work is highly promising because of its local business structure method or where by you can do your transaction with families frieSee full review

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.Doge coin is considerore of meme than a serious crypto currency, Doge was created in 2013 an named after the popular meme of Shiba inu. thanks creator of the cryptocurrencies used lite coin technology to power doge coin. Doge coin was created as a sacartic joke by Jackson. however Doge is an inflationary coin meaning there is no finite number of Doge To be mine, instead the number is unlimited, which the creater believe created the more versatile newcomer friendly community. it also means theSee full review

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.cardano is a new crypto currency platform that was launched in September 2027 after more than 2years of development. it is rather different than other crypto currency project because it is build round pre review paper and implementing it straight to code the cardano make sure the expert from around the world read their papers improve them then agree with the out come. cardano is the 3rd generation of crypto currencies the first generation was bitcoin and the 2nd generation was ethereum the See full review

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.Bitfinex is one of the top 5 crypto exchangers worldwide and it is most used by professional traders by institutions. the reason is that the platform from it is real performance and so you can execute trade at basic time and even as you can use bitfinex because the technicality of the platform is very well done than other exchange. you have a lot of liquidity in bitfinex it is actually the most a encypted platform. if you want to buy or sell huge amount of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencySee full review

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kucoin is an exchange that was launched in 2017, and they were originally based in China but move offshore to Hong Kong in the crackdown encrypto in the country in terms of security they have not suffered any hack and have a wide array of security protocols in place. this includes things such as cold storage and advanced firewall technology on the backend. the  like most of other exchanges kucoinoperate a make taker film model which means that they will reward those who make l liquidity on tSee full review

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h Litecoin is an open source digital currency that offers global payment without the use of a centralized authority. This project began in 2011, launched by former Google employee Charlie Lee. The project is a fork of Bitcoin core client with a few slightly altered attribute. Litecoin is a proof of litecoin. However litecoin differs from bitcoin accestor in a few way. Litecoin offer faster result with short block time which take roughly 2.5 half minutes compare to Bitcoin. As a result, litecoiSee full review

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tethereum is a digital platform that allows people to build a range of decentralized application.these application can include security software, voting system and payment methods.Ethereum operates outside the mandate of central government such as banks and government. the idea of ethereum belongs to Vitalik Buterun. her network went live in July 2015, about a year after the token sale. when the hype around ETH began to cool off a bit. the coin price was mostly $1 or so. in 2016 the first signiSee full review

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trobproductrobprTron crypto currency which is the world faster public growing blockchain, the Tron project was founded by Justin sun, the main concept of Tron is to create a decentralized data distribution platform for digital entertainment . Tron is considered a fast secure and cencorship free alternative to current digital platform such as YouTube or iTunes which may have too much control over the content creators and developer who work for it. Tron is used to power the network and encourageSee full review

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digibyte is a crypto currency that boost alot of features and plenty of capability that simply does receive the consideration of other coin such as ethereum and Bitcoin. this project has an active developers platform and claim to be one of the most adaptable block chain in existence. it is also pretty well decentralized and since 2017 it has over 28000 active full node running on the network digibyte want to give user the ability to create digital asset on the blockchain away for them to storSee full review

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Exodus wallet was launched back in 2015 has a great designed support over 100 crypto currencies and is available on the desktop and Mobile device so that you can exchange or control your asset. this wallet is really good and very simple to use with complex functionality that you might not find in other wallet and the wallet it self is private and safe you can also manage your crypto In Exodus securely from a hardware device and access app they wallet itself is private and save transaction daSee full review

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