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Like metamask

metamask can only access via desktop browser you can download on chrome store or mozilla add-ons. You can import your wallet you use on smartphone or you can create a new one, its same for another wallet when you create a new wallet you should make a pasword and save the parphrase backup if your browser got an error or your reinstall your pc. This very important if you dont want lose your asset. Metamask have a high security level like another wallet. Another person can't easy to hacking your wallet because only you can access it. If you not found your token while you open metamask you can add manually the token you have by manually input contract address , ticker and decimal and your token will show on your balanceTam incelemeye bakın

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Blockchain Wallet


Blockchain Wallet is the first wallet i use for save my bitcoin asset. Its sIts simple to use you can access via website or aplication, blockchain wallet also another one big wallet for people used it. Many country use this too bcz blockchain wallet support many country around the world. You can deposit cryptocurrency like btc, eth, xlm, paxos, etc. And yeah, blockchain wallet also have 2 airdrop program xlm and stx airdrop program but, its already ended. They give an oppurtunities to us to collect free xlm and stx. That is an awesome. Also you can make a withdrawal its very fast and have a lower fee. I use xlm withdrawal for example because only 1 xlm for fee withdrawal and transaction is faster.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Trust Wallet

Trust wallet review

Trust Wallet is good wallet i used it and many people will think same to me. Many people using trust wallet too. Over 5 millions user use this wallet. Its easy to you. You can create a new wallet or import old wallet, for created new wallet you should back up 12 words or we know as parphrase so, if your phone are gone you can restore your wallet by parphrase you backup before. Recomended wallet to us. Also this wallet support for multi coin, you can safe your fund like BTC, ETH, Doge , etc. Very simple and good wallet just try it if you never before. If you find some error you can ask to them via telegram or twitter , they can help your problem.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Kucoin's review

Kucoin is the most exchange for people using too and another big exchange. I using this exchange too for trading buy and sell. Deposit and Withdrawal have a low minimum required. I love it. Now Kucoin have a bonus candy which can be using for share 2000 usdt in the future. The task is simple, all you need just login everyday to collect a candy. If you login for censencutive 7 days you will get 2x bonus candy and that is awesome. Kucoin also have an partner with Winplay which you can participated on the competetion, the reward is awesome for some competetion.Tam incelemeye bakın

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#1 Binance

As a cryptocurrency player, who dont know about Binance? The number one cryptocurrency exchange in whole world. Binance is one my favourite exchange i use for trading. Lower fee commision for maker, have a future trading too. For those project that will be listing on Binance of course that price will up 2x or 3x . Many investor interesting for project list on binance. Because binance only accepting project with good and awesome purpose for future. And binance team will also review it first before they listing some project. That's make a Binance become a big exchange.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Bittrex is an big exchange on the world. Im bittrex user and i like it and enjoy using this exchange for buy and sell my crypto asset. You can using bittrex point to use as a fee for trading so, your trading not will cut with fee. Its fantastic, and yeah about deposit and withdrawal as a big exchange bittrex have a low minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal. That is an awesome for user who want to trade on this exchange. For safety user asset, bittrex ask to user to complete KYC (Know Your Customer) for asset safety. Until now im still using bittrex for trading.Tam incelemeye bakın

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