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Rippex is an exchange platform available on both mobile phones and desktop for crypto traders but unfortunately it stopped working April 2 Rippex had a great potential of thriving into the market as it does not only allows you to access your public and private keys through the desktop but also made it possible to make deposits and request for withdrawals using ripple account This was a product of ripple and as such the creation team worked tirelessly in Making sure funds are secure, also made sure to provide a credible service to users with a pretty fast transactions system which was really amazing to witness but unfortunately on the 2nd of April, 2018 the service was shutdown completely as it can't be accessed anymoreTam incelemeye bakın

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AltMarket is a centralized crypto trading exchange platform founded in the year 2008 in the UNITED KINGDOM. This platform platforms main aim is to create an avenue for in which cryptocurrencies can be added to users assest in a secure and smartest way possible Example of the pairs allowed on Altmarket are BTC, ETH, DOGE etc by using just a Crypto to Crypto means of transactions,so far they have no withdrawal fee attached on this platform as it is free except for gas fee which is made on each transactions. Altmarket also found a way of protecting users investment using a cold storage system. Challenges faced on this platform is that despite it's security put in place and a low trading fee it still battle with low trading volume which signifies alot of improvement has to be done on the part of it's developers in other to make it a global trading platformTam incelemeye bakın

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cryptobull is one of those crypto exchanges that failed to meet users expectations coupled with lots of flaws such as little information,has little or no recognition from traders. According to my research i noticed that access to the main page has been restricted from users as it is practically impossible to have an access into i far it's developers haven't done enough in supporting the site so it can gain the trust of potential users, this has led to just a very few number of users making use of the platform I will like to advise anyone planning to use this platform not to take the risk, it is not worth it as users risk losing all of their investment at a go. The developer needs to update on what is going on if it's going to recover or not but as of this moment funds placed are at risk therefore investment shouldn't beTam incelemeye bakın

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PaySimple is an online payment service provider, which makes payment of bills possible and other related services Founded in the year 2005 in the United States, PaySimple has their services available on mobile app for smart phone users while making it possible for their system to be reached on the web through the use of desktop depending on the mode Going through this platform i find it's navigation quite simple,it also has an integrated system which saves users alot of stress from repetition while making payments this can be done using either conventional bank account or through the use of credit PaySimple is the right platform to use if you are going to receive funds from your customers or make payments without stress. It's indeed a simple way for Making payments.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Review on OSTABLE

Ostable is a new exchange platform in the Crypto market with lot's of great expectations. So far it has been doing well with it's security of transactions made, it's support of quite a lot of cryptocurrencies tradings and even makes it possible to trade with fiat which is really good for the new breathtaking platform. It has an excellent user interface and so far the site speed has been good with no lags noticed, this is a platform I find very easy to operate for even new traders and also they seem really trustworthy and looks like a platform that's here to stay. They don't look scam and I would say it's worth trying because they do have so much to offer into the marketTam incelemeye bakın

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I will be talking about GDAC which is a Korean based crypto-currency exchange platform which definitely is popular Koreans but not so for non Koreans as this platform do no support many languages which is of great disadvantage to most foreign GDAC would have been a really good project if not for the language barriers as it is used by miners and traders mostly. I had a really poor experience as i couldn't grasp much on it. It has a tightly controlled security and the wallet provided is being managed by Bitgo phase which is well experienced in Crypto source insurance I would love if the exchange platform could work more on service delivery in terms of addressing the language issues and also working more on making it more open so newbies wouldn't find it difficult to operate and also get partnership with larger brands in other to remain active and relevant Tam incelemeye bakın

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This platform was a centralized crypto project made in Singapore,this was splitted into two parts of which the first is for those who wish to just invest while the other is those willing buy and sell This is a platform never to consider as an option to trade or invest in no matter the situation due to the fact that over the years they have proven to be scam as many users have gotten duped from part of their withdrawn funds. Their social media platform has remained dormant despite complaints pouring into the platform from unsatisfied users,no one has been able to reply,due to alot of fraudulent activities and very poor customers care many left. I would advise that the platform is avoided at all cost as users are not guaranteed of safety if investment is made and this platform doesn't support fiat exchange which is of high demand in Crypto marketTam incelemeye bakın

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CashPayz Exchange

CashPayz Exchange

CashPayz Exchange seems to be one of those promising sight where people hope to trade with great expectations of quality services but turns out to be a scam as it shuts down unexpectedly without warning of any sort taking away people's hard earn money without refunding or plans to do so CashPayz Exchange is an Indian exchange and over the years personally i do not seem to believe any platform from that region because most are scam which this turned out to be one,it was launched around 2018 with initial aim of helping traders to find potential merchants all over before it ended up shutting down. All means to reaching them on social media and through their customers service proved abortive as it isn't funtional anymore,therefore i am urging everyone to be weary and not fall for this as it is a scam Tam incelemeye bakın

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