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Revainrating 2 out of 5  
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Description of GDAC

GDAC is an exchange based in Korea. GDAC is famous for Trading Mining and Community Mining, and is very popular among token holders and traders in Korea. GDAC takes on the role of an intermediate asset that links community finances to the cryptographic market.In the cycle of use through the platform of publication and ease of use through the platform of mining.


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Type of review

Revainrating 1 out of 5

OTC offers market and cash trade units.

GDAC is a Korean-based exchange. The CIS is known for its exchange and mass minerals and is mainstream among Korean painters and merchants. The GDAC incorporates some portion of a semi-coordinated asset that incorporates public assets into the cryptographic market. It is not difficult to use in the dissemination stage and in the appropriation cycle in the metal mines. The GDAC exchange is a cryptographic money trade gadget that permits modernized trade. Korea upholds different gold coins as

  • The lone assistance here was not as large as the different organizations anticipated.
  • Low client experience.
  • This exchange has been hard for me.
  • No compact programming.
  • It is hard for novices to look.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

cryptocurrency exchanges and notes have been designed.

Executives include a computerized source, digital currency that allows for exchange between various exchange packages, cryptographic currency, and the possibility of cash exchange for KVR for such a situation. I didn’t want to use this trade with any form of fantasy, I kept getting pop messages that required me to step up my website to exchange better experiences, but every time I did that it really showed a spring message. After first placing the page, it was difficult to imagine that it was…

  • supports cryptocurrency.
  • The language type is small.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The south Korea exchange

GDAC is a very famous and well known South Korea cryptocurrency exchange that has made its name known in the south Korea virtual currency market. It offers all south Korea traders a virtual currency exchange with a very high liquidity market to trade cryptocurrency at a very low fee of 0.04% for both liquidity makers and takers altogether and the withdrawal fees is a bit high on the exchange. The exchange is also is cryto to fiat trading exchange supporting only deposits made in KRW. Despite…

  • It has enriched attributes and qualities
  • It has very low trade fees
  • Good liquidity
  • It doesn't support deposit in any currency asides KRW
  • It is not multilingual

Revainrating 1 out of 5


I will be talking about GDAC which is a Korean based crypto-currency exchange platform which definitely is popular Koreans but not so for non Koreans as this platform do no support many languages which is of great disadvantage to most foreign GDAC would have been a really good project if not for the language barriers as it is used by miners and traders mostly. I had a really poor experience as i couldn't grasp much on it. It has a tightly controlled security and the wallet provided is…

  • None
  • The language used is great barrier
  • Poor customer service

Revainrating 3 out of 5

GDAC is solely meant for Koreans.

GDAC is a South Korean centralized cryptocurrency Exchange with very good features. Although the language supported by this Exchange is not in English but I was able to explore its awesome services with the aid of the Google translator. GDAC is a very good idea to trade with cryptocurrencies. It supports a good number of cryptocurrencies with liquidity and this is what all cryptocurrency traders should pursue. Moreover, trading here has been very cheap, it has an attractive interface with…

  • It supports a good number of cryptocurrencies.
  • It is cheaper to trade on.
  • It has liquidity.
  • There is no information about the team behind it.
  • It doesn't support English.

In our world today, many companies, I mean cryptocurrency exchanges and tokens have been designed and have really made many people freed financially. However, many of these projects have been successfully established while some others failed. Moreover, I would like to let you know that not all cryptocurrency exchanges are supported globally. Many do not even support many languages and I term those ones as unfriendly Exchanges. One of these unfriendly Exchanges I would discuss is GDAC. GDAC is

  • I don't have any positive view on GDAC.
  • I could not operate here because of the language used.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

OTC offers market and currency exchange kits.

GDAC is a Korean-based trade. The CIS is known for its trade and mass minerals and is popular among Korean painters and traders. The GDAC includes part of a semi-integrated resource that integrates public funds into the cryptographic market. It is easy to use in the distribution phase and in the distribution cycle in the ore mines. The GDAC trade is a cryptocurrency exchange device that allows computerized exchange. Korea supports various gold coins as trade. In fact, it was very uncomfortable…

  • The only help here was not as big as the various administrations expected.
  • Low customer experience.
  • This trade has been difficult for me.
  • No portable software.
  • It is difficult for amateurs to search.

GDAC exchange is a crypto currency trading medium that allows digital assests to be traded. As a Korean exchange it supports varieties of altcoins. To be sincere I wasn't comfortable when using this exchange, each time I login into the website I continued receiving a message which made me loose focus when ever am trading. At a time I got serious about the message content, then I discovered that once I reload the page I will have a good trading skill. But each time I do that no change…

  • The only service I enjoyed here was just the trading fee all other services were not as good as expected
  • Poor user experience
  • The exchange really stressed me and made me lose concentration when trading here
  • The exchange was very difficult for me to navigate across

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Digital asset market

A digital asset management platform, including cryptocurrencies that allows trading between different trading pairs in cryptocurrencies and in addition to being able to trade with fiat currency, in this case KWR. With a modern design and good commercial activity, the exchange has several cryptoactive services, which stand out between currency custody and staking service, where the custody of currency is only guaranteed for bitcoin with a percentage of 10% per year for said process , in which at

  • Offers an OTC market and fiat currency trading pairs.
  • It has a custody service on bitcoin with a considerable annual percentage of return.
  • It has a staking service with more than 7% annual return.
  • Add various events and reward programs for trading activities on the exchange.
  • Provides a high security wallet service through the Bitgo company.
  • It has several guides on the exchange and management of digital assets.
  • It does not yet have a mobile app.
  • It can be very difficult for beginners in the market.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

This exchange is frustrating

GDAC exchange is a Korean cryptocurrency abd digital assetd trading platform. The exchange supports various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoincash, Ethereum, Bitcoin and other altcoins. I didn't enjoy using this exchange at all, i kept on recieving a pop message that kept insisting that i refreshed the webpage for better trading experience but each time i do that, it still displays the pop-up message ( i have provided a screenshot below). After loading the webpage initially, it was hard to navigate…

  • Different selection of cryptocurrencies are traded on this exchange
  • The exchange support fiats deposit
  • The exchange has a low trading fee
  • The pop-up message became too much
  • The trading volume isn't very high
  • The exchange isn't very liqyid

Revainrating 5 out of 5

GDAC is an South Korean exchange.

GDAC is South Korean exchange based in Seoul. GDAC operates based with two main markets KRW and GT. GT is the native cryptocurrency that belongs to the GDAC Exchange. GT give user on the GDAC Exchange a chance to earn high level of economic incentives and opportunities for various investment alternatives. GT token gives access to GDAC League, participation in IEO, Listing voting and airdrops that are hosted on GDAC Exchange.

  • Cryptocurrency is available for deposit method.
  • Wire transfert is not available for deposit.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

GDAC is South Korean exchange based in Seoul.

GDAC is one of those exchanges that make it very hard for investors even to get a basic idea of the business and the people running it.Based in South Korea, it shares plenty of similarities with other shady and non-regulated Asian exchanges, such as poorly designed website, missing About Us section, no information about the date of establishment, lack of details about the team behind the project and so on.

  • US-investors may trade here.
  • Cryptocurrency and wire transfert is available for deposit method.
  • This platform supports trading in a large number of cryptocurrencies.
  • This liquidity is quite weak though.
  • You can’t deposit via credit card.