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thick velvet loveseat cover - non-slip furniture protector for dogs | h.versailtex | fits up to 54" sitting width | washable | burgundy 标志

As someone with dogs and kids, this couch cover is some of the best money I've ever spent. It is SO SOFT and LUXURIOUS all while protecting my fancy couch and being machine washable. I've had other couch covers before but they always slid around and fell off. And since kids and dogs aren't generally the best at putting stuff back where it goes, the other couch covers didn't end up doing much covering when it mattered, and I have the cleaning bills to prove it.Not this one! It has a rubber backing and two elastic straps which hold it in place beautifully. Not to mention the pocket on the arm that can hold all your remotes (and maybe even a book or two!).I have washed it several times and it's still just as soft and velvety as the day I got it in the mail.I HIGHLY recommend it. If ever comes a day where something catastrophic happens (or if I even just want to change the whole look of my couch without forking over the money for a whole new couch) and I'm forced to buy a new cover, I full查看所有评论

get a vibrant look with enilecor short bob hair wigs - perfect for cosplay and parties! 标志

It was exactly what was advertised and what I expected. I had to trim the bangs and the wig itself for my purposes. The tips in the front were a bit scratchy under my chin, because of the way it was styled for them to curve inward. But it served my purposes beautifully and arrived a day earlier than stated, which was wonderful. And the price was perfect. Lots of fun for any kind of costume dressing. 查看所有评论

urban jungle musical mobile featuring disney's lion king 标志

I was originally so excited to get this for my first grandchild. As I assembled this for his crib I noticed the mobile did not work. Unfortunately, I missed the return/exchange date BY 2 DAYS. I love the look of the mobile but the mobile portion was poorly made. I am still willing to exchange for another if seller is willing 查看所有评论

transform your space with coavas privacy window film - non-adhesive, anti-uv, and removable for versatile use in home, office, and rental spaces! 标志

This was exactly what I was needing & wanting for the glass on my front door. I do not like glass on front doors & people on the outside being able to see in. Not going to lie, it did take me quite awhile to get it cut perfectly but that's because of the shape of the glass on my front door. But after getting it cut, it was super easy. I used a spray bottle with soap & water mixed in it and a squeegee. I love that it's a cling on so if I ever do want it off, there's no adhesive. It has stayed on great & isn't trying to peel up at all. 查看所有评论

annaklin collapsible food storage containers with lid & air vent, transparent stacking silicone collapsible meal prep container set, microwave freezer dishwasher safe, square, set of 4, mint green 标志

Will melt in dish washer if on the lowest rack. These are fine on the top rack but we had to get rid of one for melting when it came too close to whatever heats up the dishwasher. We were surprised. Otherwise, they are leak proof and have even been tested with food in them while biking between home and work.查看所有评论

fukumaru scratcher reversible corrugated scratching 标志

I love how easy it was to set up and how my cat liked it straight away. I prefer that to the big playground scratching post that takes up the whole area.查看所有评论

uniqueone halloween sanderson sister graphic apparel & accessories baby girls best for clothing 标志

Nice shirt! I bought one for my 10 month old. The material is a little elastic, something like "drift", maybe a little thicker. But it fits well and helps in the washing machine.查看所有评论

bwwnby removable indoor washable kitten 标志

The first thing my cat did when I opened it was jump in the tent and demand it from other cats, she knows it's her bed, her loves it more than the other a cat bed i bought so its very easy to fold and my cat loves it查看所有评论

bins things organizer compatible shopkins 标志

From what I understand it works great. I bought 2 of these 1 for a boy 1 for a girl. They arrived on time and neatly packaged.查看所有评论

little tikes critters unicorn developmental baby & toddler toys -- early development & activity toys 标志

Looks great and very cute. It was possible to remove only the top two rings, it seems that something is wrong with the third ring and it is not removed. The wood is very soft. So if your child likes to drop or throw things, expect footprints.查看所有评论

precision pet indoor outdoor crates dogs -- crates, houses & pens 标志

I bought this brown blanket 2 years ago for our kennel in our family room. It is neutral and goes well with our decor. We recently had a puppy and I bought another suitcase so we can put them next to each other. I HATE kennels with black wires but they make them look like furniture. Love the small windows and the front door lid that can be raised/lowered with velcro. When our kids are sick and time is up, we lower the front valve. It fits our 42x28x30 kennels.查看所有评论

kurgo blaze dog socks outdoors 标志

Boots are sturdy, fit well and are easy to put on and take off. My dog drags his toes until they bleed. Other brands wear out quickly, but these hold up well.查看所有评论

blueberry pet patterns christmas holiday dogs 标志

Ares (our five month old Doberman pinscher puppy) is delighted with his new Christmas jumper! He's a bit big now, but he'll grow into him in no time! It's well done. It measured 21 inches at the back, so I ordered 20 inches. Like I said, it's a bit big now, but it'll grow into it. I would say this product is good for puppies if they weren't as big in chest as an adult dog. If ordering this for an adult dog I would order a size up just to make sure it would fit unless it is a small breed.查看所有评论

scratching replacement feathers scratcher climbing 标志

The movers broke 2 posts on my Kitty Mansions scratching post 4 years ago and I have been looking for a replacement ever since. (Kitty Mansions don't offer replacement parts.) I stumbled across these and while they don't match, they work perfectly! I gave this product a 4 because 1) it has a strong smell (hope it will dissipate) and 2) the cord is not glued to the post so cats will eventually rip it off. I'll try to glue it myself as soon as I find a non-toxic glue.查看所有评论

gerber toddler zipper hoodie swimsuit apparel & accessories baby boys 标志

I ordered a size larger than I needed because I wanted it to be longer than my LO. Adjusts to desired length; liked the zipper; and was warm without being heavy. She looked so adorable in it. Pool parties, let's go查看所有评论

clothes valentines sweaters chihuahua dachshunds 标志

I love these sweaters! My little Yorkshire, Tyson, weighs about five and a half pounds. Medium sized sweaters fit perfectly. You'll be amazed at how ultra-soft the sweaters will be. One of the sweaters was a size smaller than average and the other 5 fitted perfectly. I washed and dried one of the sweaters, it didn't shrink and it was just as soft. Your dog needs that. I bought fancy designs. They look like baby clothes.查看所有评论

good papa electric scrubber cleaning 标志

wall cleaning. It's tiring. That's why I wanted this product. I needed it, no It's like an electric toothbrush... do you need it? no But it's fun and you get a better clean. Plus it's half the price of my electric toothbrush! ;) I love that it has multiple heads, but dish sponges would be my number one choice. And that with many substitutions! They are just velcro. And they stop. I was surprised when I realized they were there. This thing works great on shower doors, bathtubs, and walls. I will say that it is not very good in corners. But my hands get tired a lot less, so I still love this product! It has two buttons... Both power buttons, whichever is easier for you. lay it Now I have it on the counter, but I really like it when there's nothing on the counter. But he's making a connection, so for now he's here. I put everything under the tap to clean it. The head is detachable (of course different heads are put on this way) but I like that it makes it easy to clean. The heads are held查看所有评论

herm sprenger 3 2mm luvmydog collar 标志

DON'T TAKE TIME TO LEARN HOW TO USE IT CORRECTLY AND THIS WILL BECOME THE MOST POWERFUL TRAINING EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR DOG! If you use it properly for super fast and light clicks and make sure it's only snug when idle, it will be one of the best workout correction tools. My Siberian gets excited when he hears me grab him because he knows it's time for mental and physical exercise. This is a great example of not judging a book by its cover. I put it around my neck and put it on and to my surprise it doesn't hurt, sting, sting, irritate or leave no trace. All he did was get my attention without making me uncomfortable.查看所有评论

oiibo reptile function adjustable terrariums 标志

This is amazing. I have had reptiles for years and am always looking for the next best thing. I like it when there is nothing on the case. Finally something that can give me the right distance and warmth while still looking smooth, sharp and at the perfect angle. Please remember to use a lower wattage when you put it in your suitcase. We went from 150 watts to 50 watts. The 75W max output won't put you off buying one that's hot enough if not too hot. We tried 75 watts and had to drop down to 50 watts and our bearded dragon has the perfect spot to bask in the heat of the day at 110 watts. You will not regret this purchase. I am not affiliated with this company and have not received anything from this review. I was a little afraid to buy, there are no reviews, but you will not regret it! The screws were a bit too big for our particular size of hole in the mesh, but I put a hex wrench in the hole and stretched the metal just enough to fit perfectly. Another issue was that the screen was t查看所有评论

j star aquarium platform tortoise floating 标志

My red ear slider didn't get warm because it outgrew its swim platform. I found this wonderful product and decided to give it a try. My turtle Donatello loves to relax on her new swim platform. The suction cups are very strong and the platform can be adjusted up or down depending on the size of your aquarium.查看所有评论

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