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computer chair bureaucrat ch-201nx for children, upholstery: textile, color: hearts-pk logo

With its pros: Comfortable in height, bought for children 5 years old and 3 years old, quickly assembled the children liked everything)) good value for money) Got cons: Print we thought there were butterflies but it turned out to be slatesSee full review

caliper ada mechanic 150 pro [а00380] logo

Great caliper, very easy to use. Turns on by itself as soon as you pick it up. It turns off by the button, or after some time of inactivity. The measurement accuracy is very high.See full review

table trek planet dinner 110 gray logo

Disgusting, dissatisfied with the purchase.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

In general, the purchase is extremely satisfied! I did not expect that in such a solid organization there would be "hemorrhoids" with the return of marriage, depending on reasons not known to the buyer!See full review

computer chair everprof lotus s16 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: blue logo

Low quality, I will not buy this anymore.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Has pros: Once I accidentally spilled half a mug of sweet tea on an armchair. Rubbed, dried with a hair dryer, after which there was no trace left. Its cons: Eco leather cracked after only six months of use. After some time, an unpleasant free play back and forth of 3-4 cm appeared at the back of the chair, and there are no bolts that allow this to be adjusted. the slope is determined by the stiffness of the spring, which is likely to have weakened during use.See full review

📱 samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g 12/256 gb smartphone: dual sim (nano sim and esim) in bronze logo

Switched to Note 20 ultra Exynos 5G after Note 9 Exynos. The difference is certainly felt. Autonomy is a little better - the sound cannot be compared at all, louder, more voluminous, more b, it has become much better -the difference in the screens and these 120Hz, I did not catch the difference at all. -The display is always bright, 30-40% brightness for me. -photos have become much more interesting. on note 9 they are pepksvecheny and always darkened a little before shooting. Now it immediatelySee full review

vacuum cleaner bosch bgs05gr2, gray logo

Some pros: kapets it is powerful! the carpet lifts without difficulty! it’s already hard to vacuum, it even in micro dust, it’s compact, the materials are good Cons: I didn’t find it, if only at maximum speed, then it’s hard to vacuum the carpetSee full review

dry food for kittens pro plan original with chicken 3 kg logo

We order food not for the first time, everything was fine. Except the last time. And in principle, the fault is not the manufacturer, but rather a question of delivery. The box and the food packaging itself were with holes (so we think that the mouse gnawed through). We saw, unfortunately, only after we took the goodsSee full review

cranks shimano tourney fc-ty501 24/34/42т 170 mm black/580232 logo

Excellent aluminum cranks with protection Came what I ordered and even better. Protection was included. I thought it would not be. It was a good birthday present)See full review

crib happy baby mommy lux (transformer), transformer, longitudinal pendulum, white logo

There are no delivery concerns because the coating was removed during assembly, and the boxes arrived in tact with only minor scratches. Some benefits The bed is simple to put together because each piece is packaged in its own box or film. The ability to use for a long time and excellent functioning Pros below: If this were not the most significant board on which a youngster could be injured, everything would be OK. However, this detail came with a marriage. Top rail cover removedSee full review

camera canon eos 1000d body, black logo

A good device for a beginner. Shoot only in RAW with subsequent revision of the files. With good lighting at low ISOs, it turns out well ? page=1 ? page=1 . After repeated violation of the temperature regime of shooting (minus 20 and immediately +10), the camera began to fail, no onecomuld repair it.See full review

kitchen machine kenwood cooking chef xl kcl95.004si logo

I purchased a Kenwood Cooking Chef XL KCL95 kitchen machine on the official website kenwood. Ru Used promo code thechefru to get 3 tips as a gift. As well as a bunch of gifts from thechef. Ru The car is great. Comes with different attachments for mixing and whipping. Double boiler. Built-in scales and induction heating. It is very convenient that you can rent a car in installments. Big bowl. But for some reason, the sensor of the correct installation for heating does not always work. You have toSee full review

city scooter razor a5 air, black logo

The scooter is cool. Especially if you master stepping onto the curb on the go and jumping off the curb, crossing obstacles with the front wheel raised. If I were to buy it now, I would take the Razor or a competitor with 250 diameter hard wheels and a more reliable version of the folding mechanism. And yes - dirt is more visible on black than on silver. I have black. : Razor did not like my review and they complained to the aliexpress moderator. And the review was even blocked. After sending pSee full review

camping tea set in a bag, chinese logo

I don’t use it for a long time, but actively, I like to drink tea properly in the evening ((: I like everything. I wrote the floor for the tray above, but, honestly, not criticism at allSee full review

gift box give happiness gift box, 27x9x21 cm, red logo

Has pros: the material is flexible, easy to assemble, the colors are bright and rich, the prints are clear, readable Its cons: there is no assembly instructions, if not assembled, it may hangSee full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

Pros below: Great lenses. Thin, not felt on the eyes, easy to put on and take off Got cons: Expensive, because I need different diopters, it turns out I need to buy two packs at once.See full review

city scooter micro scooter white, white logo

I got it last year, and we rode Poklonka at night while running the entire VDNKh, the BotSad, and half of the old portion of the city. I haven't seen anything better, and Xootr looks a bit pricey, but it's unclear what is superior. Rolling smoothly with a single push is possible thanks to excellent bearings and wheels. On the tile, the rolling is tolerably smooth. Yes, it's hefty, but look at how easily it rolls! I ride at any time of day and position the lamp forward and in the same location onSee full review

laser rangefinder xiaomi atuman duka ls-p laser range finder 40 m gray logo

the accuracy of readings on small objects is 4+, if you do what they can do, then it’s better to vouch for the work of an industrial rangefinderSee full review

double trekking tent jungle camp lite dome 2, blue/grey logo

I got better, everything is neat and comfortable. A simple option for the simplicity of the soul)) I can’t say about the ventilation, I haven’t tried it yet) I took it for a promotion, which I’m very pleased with! It weighs one and a half kilos, very comfortable for both walking and long trips, if it’s clean for two to sleep)See full review

stroller valco baby snap 4, cool gray logo

Very ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, a wonderful stroller: a large berth (a child at 1.5 years old sleeps fully in it for three hours), light and compact - if you disassemble the wheels, it will fit into the most filled trunk. And, on the other hand, there is a colossal minus - this is the quality ! The stroller we bought is unrealistically beautiful, sky blue - it already glows ! BUT! after two months of living at sea . there was nothing left of the "unrealistically beautiful" (((it burneSee full review

chair stool group style dsw, metal, color: black logo

Chairs that rock. Relaxing, and not prone to shaking. The directions for the assembly are not very clear, but according to the video on YouTube, they assembled two chairs in thirty minutes. Despite this, the instructions are not very clear.See full review

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