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xiaomi mijia m365 pro electric scooter, up to 100 kg, black logo

Everything came safe and sound. The plug is not European, so you need to buy an adapter. The scooter is excellent, new, original, immediately connected to the application.See full review

stanley classic vacuum bottle 1.4l (matte black) - superior insulation for long-lasting hot or cold beverages logo

Pros below: The thermos is beautiful and comfortable, we haven't tried it yet. Cons below: Came with a dent on the lid, it's a shame, because they took it as a gift See full review

13.6" apple macbook air 13 2022 2560x1664, apple m2, ram 8 gb, lpddr5, ssd 256 gb, apple graphics 8-core, macos, mly33zp/a, midnight, english layout logo

Wonderful laptop. It will be very quiet here after 2022, which is just fine by me. I upgraded to this Mac from an older model in no time. Midnight is a stunning color, however the "legs" stand out. On schedule, I received my shipment. Brand new; production start date of October 2022. Typing in 2022. They were coerced into downloading and installing "My Office" by a 2022 firm at the first boot. It will not be unnecessary once it is set up. The "Apple Store" was the seller I used. It's all good, See full review

luckroute waterproof dry bag 20, yellow logo

I liked this airbag. Immediately after the purchase, we decided to try it with the guys, it just rained, and we went fishing. I’ll tell you honestly, yes, it doesn’t get wet, no matter how hard they tried.)) In addition, it is quite roomy and comfortable, a good and high-quality snake, it also does not let water through, everything is done correctly, nothing interferes. I advise with confidence.See full review

compact dishwasher weissgauff tdw 4006, white logo

An excellent machine, you can’t run it every day for one person, even if you cook at home. If you correctly calculate the amount of salt and get confused by the selection of tablets (not all are suitable, I don’t know what it depends on, water quality or volume) and the regimen, then it doesn’t leave any drops, or even the smell of the product (I _very_ strongly feel smells, this is critical, especially for glasses). Cymbals 26cm climb if placed vertically already with some difficulty, but with See full review

dishwasher beko dvs050w01w, white logo

I got used to the dishwasher, so when I moved from my parents to my apartment, the first thing I did was buy it. Considering that I live alone, there are not always a lot of dishes, so I often start with a half load. PMM itself is protected from leaks, there is a delayed start and a sufficient number of programs. The economical one is the most successful in my opinion, at 50 degrees it washes dishes, pots and cutlerySee full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter max g30, up to 100 kg, black logo

Wonderful scooter. After two years of renting Kickscooters from Max, I bought one for myself this year. Although the Xiaomi m365pro was an option, I ultimately decided to stick with the Max because it is superior in every way. The price is indeed too exorbitant in our retail outlets, which is why I resorted to purchasing it on an online marketplace. There are advantages and negatives stated for everything else.See full review

laser rangefinder xiaomi atuman duka ls-p laser range finder 40 m gray logo

With its pros: Small, handy, own battery. Accurate. Convenient for quick measurements. Cons below: The manual is not translated into 2022. You can’t insert a pendant on your hand, you won’t hook it. Store in a box so as not to lose.See full review

kids smart watch aimoto disney princess rapunzel wi-fi, pink/purple logo

It is not worth your money, but since the child enjoys it, and I can always get through or quietly eavesdrop on what's happening, so in principle everything suits. In general, the watch is good, there are a lot of features that are worthless, but it's how you like it, and there are a lot of useless functions, but it's how you like it. Got pros: There is the option of wiretapping or callback, a user-friendly program, a color screen, an attractive design, and clear audible transmissions. DifferentSee full review

xiaomi suitcase, polycarbonate, side support feet, reinforcement, grooved surface, 36 l, size s, gray stars logo

Its pros: Excellent quality for your money. Lots of small compartments inside. Its cons: The inner straps for fixing things are not elastic, but simply adjustable in length.See full review

vacuum cleaner weissgauff v9 turbo cyclone, white logo

Reading reviews, I met that many complain about insufficient suction power and short operating time. I can’t agree, because there is more than enough power for ordinary cleaning of wool, dust, furniture cleaning. By the time of work, it is also enough for cleaning a 3-room apartment 65kv + cleaning the sofa and armchairs. More than satisfied for this price. Lies comfortably in the hand. Now the vacuum cleaner has become an indispensable assistant for every day)See full review

tevin suitcase, abs plastic, support feet on the side, waterproof, wear-resistant, 52 l, size s, dark blue logo

With its benefits: Very quick arrival; kind, courteous courier. The child is content for the typically colorful and adorable price. has certain drawbacks They did not bring the design that is shown in the picture at all, and the handle dangles just a little.See full review

asics sneakers, size 7us (38eu), rosequartz/white logo

I would like to see a nice presentation of the sneakers if I were to spend 14,000 yen on them. In a nutshell, the size did not suit me, and there were no alternative sizes available, so I had to return it. When it came to trial sports, I went ahead and made the purchase of the same size gear at a reduced price.See full review

thermometer geratherm gt 101 non contact blue/white logo

At first, like all the "commentators", they thought that the device was taking readings from the ceiling, but after reading the instructions, it became clear that the device had 2 modes of operation: household and medical. There is a button with a house (household) and a head (medical). Accordingly, in the desired mode, the device gives accurate measurements.See full review

orthopedic pillow 40x60cm, askona temp control, size s, height 9 cm logo

Due to the fact that I prefer to sleep on my side, the qualities of a height of 14 centimeters seem to be ideal for someone like me. However, one simply needs to place their head on it for the pillow to be compressed by between three and five centimeters; sleeping on such a pillow is not comfortable, and due to the characteristics of the pillow, placing one's hand underneath it is also inconvenient. As a consequence of this, sleeping on it is not comfortable, it causes pain in the neck, yet it fSee full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock s7 ru, black logo

I love this store so much. My vote is yes! After I paid for my vacuum, it was sent straight to the delivery department. Not wasting any time:) With its benefits, the seller deserves extra credit for including a transparent substrate under the vacuum cleaner (to prevent water damage to the floor when the vacuum is docked). The vacuum works excellently. The deal has been closed. Long finally decided on this model and went with it. The only other vacuum cleaner I've seen that comes close to competiSee full review

vacuum cleaner dyson cyclone v10 absolute global, red/grey logo

The barcode was verified on Dyson's site. The product doesn't exist, and there are no supporting materials available. Considering a product returnSee full review

kitfort toaster kt-2014-3, red logo

If you have a discount code or the price is slightly under $2,000, go ahead and take advantage of the offer; you can't lose. This is a fantastic item for the price.See full review

romanova makeup powder compact sexy nude powder light logo

The impact that powder has on the skin is extremely similar to that of satin. Her consumption is much more frugal than average. Everything has met my expectations, and more!See full review

xiaomi suitcase, polycarbonate, support legs on side wall, reinforcement, 36 l, size s, gray stars logo

Pros: Very comfortable. The wheels are great and very comfortable to roll. Good lightning and constructive. Some cons: Scratched. But this can hardly be called a disadvantage, given how they are thrown at airports.See full review

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