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2006-2011 honda civic sedan 4 door/hybrid amerilite jdm black headlight replacement - driver & passenger side logo

Installation is easy enough. There are videos on youtube that can help you. But the reflectors in mine aren't lined up right. The little cups that bounce the light back to the main reflector are crooked in mine, so the beams aren't doing much. And because they're crooked, aiming them is about impossible. But the lens is clearer than the old ones, so it's putting out a lot more light. Just wish I could aim them properly. I miss the days of being able to find parts that had some sort of productionSee full review

muco front left driver side master control power window switch - compatible with 2003-2008 ford crown victoria; 2004-2008 ford f-150 f150; 2003-2006 ford expedition - 5l1z-14529-aa logo

Took me about 5 minutes to remove the old one and install this one. The auto roll down works fine and they have small green led to see at night. Exactly what I neededSee full review

multi-purpose shower glass door squeegee - 10 inch all-purpose blade with hook for windows, mirrors, tiles, and car glass by amazerbath logo

Afraid of the metal

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Yes, this works well but I’m afraid of the metal and not thrilled with the short arm. I still prefer my rubber one but will keep this one too.See full review

warm cotton quilted down coat for women: sandbank winter parka with stand collar logo

The jacket fits my daughter like expected. It's a good quality material, she really likes the loops for her thumbs in the sleeves. It keeps her warm and snug as a bug.See full review

16 color changing himalayan salt lamp with remote control - natural rock night light for home and office décor, yoga and holiday gift logo

Salt lamps are wonderful for cleaning the air in a house or wherever you live. They also create a wonderful ambience in any room. I LOVE THEM! I will buy them again and again.See full review

60 inch white faux fur christmas tree skirt - perfect for merry christmas decorations! logo

It’s not 48” it’s 44” if that makes a difference to anyone. I was expecting it to be bigger that’s why I ended up measuring it. That is all. Others sell this for cheaper and I felt like for the money, it wasn’t as described in terms of size, and might be worth buying a cheaper one in the future (although I don’t have another one to compare). See full review

tailong men's neoprene waist trainer corset belt - slimming body shaper for workouts, sauna, and sweat logo

This waist belt is very sturdy. I only wear it for an hour six days a week on mornings while heading to work. My back feels great but it squeezes my belly a bit as i dont have a flat belly. However I like this product.See full review

precision 4-inch scissors for eyebrows and moustaches by mehaz logo

I needed one of these to trim my mustache and beard from time to time. I was impressed with the quality of these when they arrived. Nice and sharp and sturdy. Sure beats using scissors for paper. lolSee full review

volador 42inch freeride longboard complete cruiser ( drop through deck - camber concave ) 1 logo

My daughter had regular skate board. but she watched youtube video and wanted to try turn around on the long board . so we got this. as soon as she got it and tried. It's more stable than regular skate board.so she almost did it since she got on.l tried to ride on it. l made it because of stable.some kids like more flip using regular board. This one is long and heavy.so this one is not for flip kind of trick. but my daughter is so happy to get this and ride it every day! See full review

quick-dry diamond jacquard hand towels set by everplush - charcoal, 4 pack (16 x 30 inches) logo

These towels are SUPER SOFT! They stay soft after washing and are great! They are a little less absorbent than plain cotton towels, but they still work really well for hand towels. They are also slightly larger than there average hand towel.See full review

3" ivory flat top battery operated flameless candles with moving flame wick, remote control timer & bright pillar candle for fireplace candelabra or desk decor logo

All candles light up but one doesn't flicker. Mode control on remote doesn't work. attractive candle but wish that all of them would flicker. See full review

protect your ford bronco's cargo space with bordan waterproof pet cargo cover and dog seat mat logo

It's not always easy to maintain the pristine condition of your beloved Ford Bronco's cargo space, especially when you have a furry friend who loves running around and getting into all sorts of mischief. But fear not, as BORDAN has got you covered—literally! BORDAN Waterproof Pet Cargo Cover and Dog Seat Mat is the solution to all your problems. This product is a game-changer, as it not only protects your car's cargo space from any dirt, hair, or stains left behind by your pet, but it also ensurSee full review

dorman 949 034 air suspension compressor logo

According to my experience this Automotive air suspension compressor fell short of my expectations... Installing it was a hassle, and even after that it didn`t work properly. It's noisy and unstable, and it took twice as long to fill the air bags as my previous compressor. Its only advantage was its affordable price. Ultimately, saving a few bucks turned out to be a waste of my time and money..See full review

summer fun for kids and pets: thicken outdoor splash pad with sprinklers, water toys, and kiddie pool logo

This was just great! It held water in the bottom so the kids could splash around in the water and the sprinkling part was nice and high. Was used at a baby q where there were several small kids. The kids had a ball! Would definitely buy again. Wish they made a bigger one to accommodate more kids .See full review

heavy-duty utility knife with zinc alloy body, rubber grip handle & retractable 3 position - plus extra 5 blades refills and safe box cutter design by worklion logo

The Utility knife had slipped out of its packaging and the blade was fully extended when I reached into the shipping box! See full review

eurow microfiber absorbent cleaning towels logo

When I tried this new microfiber towel on my automotive surfaces I was blown away by how effective and efficient it was. The Eurow Microfiber Absorbent Cleaning Towels leave a streak-free shine every time, and the fabric effortlessly picks up dirt and grime. The towels are also extremely absorbent, making cleaning up spills a breeze. The only downside is that they are a bit pricier than some other options on the market .Overall, I highly recommend these towels for anyone serious about keeping thSee full review

women's long sleeve boat neck off shoulder blouse tops by halife logo

The fit is perfect. It’s comfortable. The only issue is that it doesn’t really want to stay off my shoulders which is common with these tops. Other than that I love it.See full review

oneal 2020 element boots grey logo

Based on our own experience with these motorcycle boots we couldnt have asked for a better fit, comfort, and protection. The design offers the perfect combination of style and safety, ensuring a secure grip on the motorcycle while riding.THE durability and quality are top-notch, making them an excellent investment for any automotive enthusiast. The only downside we found was the price point, which may be a bit higher than other options in the market but is definitely worth the investment. OveralSee full review

organic yoni steam herbs - 100% pure blend for women's detox, cleansing & rejuvenation logo

This blend of organic herbs is simply divine! After using it for a few weeks, I feel completely cleansed and renewed. The delicate scent of the herbs is calming and aids in a relaxing steam session. It's truly remarkable how just a few minutes of steaming can make such a difference in how I feel. I highly recommend this elixir to any woman looking for a natural way to detox and rejuvenate. Trust me, your yoni will thank you!See full review

🔌 cordless hair straightener (2022 new) - mini flat iron for wireless hair straightening, usb-c rechargeable, ceramic plates, 4800ma battery, adjustable temperature, travel size - green logo

Great idea, but I charged fully, then went to use it a couple of days later and it only stayed on moments-not even long enough to heat up all the way. Makes the "cordless" part useless. Waste of $45!See full review

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