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As a crypto gem hunter, it was tiring filtering potentially good projects by going to each respective projects' websites everytime but here I have high hopes that Revain community will provide accurate review for me to skim and filter out potentially good projects. If by any case reviews of projects are not provided yet, then I can instead investigate and contribute myself and earn Revain tokens. The only against that prevents me from giving a five star is the heavy moderation where my first revSee full review

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I played Brave Frontier Global by Gumi (the English version of the Original Japanese Brave Frontier). I found out about this game from Revain and gave it a try. In conclusion, Brave Frontier Heroes is very appealing with DeFi integrated but still far from the quality of original. In summary, it is integrated with Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain to buy and sell heroes as NFTs and they do have appealing battle animations shown on the image above playing on my Trust Wallet almost as good as the See full review

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It's currently the most popular custodial exchange I know in Indonesia and one of the earliest. If you are an Indonesian, currently living in Indonesia, or have a bank account in Indonesia, then registering to Indodax is highly recommended. In my book "Cryptocurrency 101 for Users", I recommend Indodax for Indonesians starting in cryptocurrency.See full review

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I have tried many wallets on my personal computers and smartphones and I personally recommend Exodus wallet for starters because not only I find it user friendly to use but among the wallets that I recommend to friends who wants to start using cryptocurrency, they prefer Exodus wallet.See full review

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For once there is a currency not controlled by any entity but managed to remain in concensus created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Bitcoin can be the solution for the unbanked, oppressed, and for those who just want to escape the current global financial system.See full review

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In 2018 was my first time in crypto for mining and staking. In 2019 started learning the philosophy behind Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) & other cryptos such as not your keys not your coins. In 2020 explored some DeFi like AMM Swaps, crypto powered content platforms, portfolio managers, and even gambling sites. In 2021 went full time blogging, learn trading, invest in low caps hidden gems. In 2022 started learning front-end DAPP development.

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