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Review on Revain by Fajar Purnama

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Crypto Focused Review Platform

As a crypto gem hunter, it was tiring filtering potentially good projects by going to each respective projects' websites everytime but here I have high hopes that Revain community will provide accurate review for me to skim and filter out potentially good projects. If by any case reviews of projects are not provided yet, then I can instead investigate and contribute myself and earn Revain tokens.
The only against that prevents me from giving a five star is the heavy moderation where my first review about Bittube was blocked without any chance of appealing. The reason stated was that the pictures I posted does not connect to the review where I disagree. The five pictures shows the screenshot of my own usage about the airtime, adblock&vpn&monetization, wallet, browser extension, and my screenshot of tipping TUBE to a website through the extension.

Updated 1 year ago
Rating changed from 4 to 3


1. In "review menu" found the status of my review about Trust Wallet as "draft".

2. Pressed the submit button.

3. Finally read the notification that that review was actually rejected review: "We kindly ask you not to attach links to articles on external resources.".

4. Wanted to revise but cannot because I already pressed the submit button.

5. Finally that review was declined and blocked with no longer any chance to appeal.


I did not know that my review was rejected. I thought it was a technical failure. It is after I pressed the notification bell that I learned that my review was actually rejected but it was too late.


1. Rejected review should be shown as "rejected and needs revision" status in the "review menu" not only in the notification menu.

2. Reviewers should have more chance to appeal.

  • For readers, one of the very few platform that provides reviews about anything related to cryptocurrency.
  • For crypto projects, services, companies, etc one of the very few platform to get reviews, feedbacks, and interactions from users.
  • For reviewers, get rewarded for making good reviews.
  • Heavily moderated with no chance of appealing.

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November 09, 2022
It's good to know that you enjoy Revain platform. Appreciate your honest opinion.

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