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I like that you can send out mass emails to people in your database with just one click of button, without having to log into each account individually or have them subscribe separately. It's also very easy for recipients to unsubscribe from future mailings if they don't want it anymore. The only downside is there are no rules set up so sometimes we get spammy messages through our list which makes us look bad as well as annoying those who do actually wish to receive information about what we offer! We use this product at least once per month during campaigns when sending lots of info via bulk mailing (upwards of 20k contacts). This saves hours over manually logging everyone into their own accounts, adding all relevant details etc.See full review

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EAT Club

The variety of food options makes it easy for my co-workers eat healthy while still being able meet their calorie needs! There are so many different meal types including salads (which I often get stuck with since they're always fresh), soups/stews etc., but also treats like cake pops during lunch time or ice cream sandwiches in after hours snacks. Sometimes there isn't much good selection at certain times when we have off days--like breakfast only has oatmeal available which doesn't really suit me well as an athlete who does not want carbs first thing every day :) But overall this product works great if you need specific nutrition plans throughout your workday without having too strict restrictions because everything here will fit into whatever diet plan best fits what YOU desire each week. It's nice how customizable things tend be--I've never had something where all items were just outta sight gross before now :( They usually.See full review

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EatGeck is my new favorite food delivery! The service that they offer to all of us, not just those with allergies or dietary restrictions; their customer support team are extremely helpful if there's any concerns we have about our orders (i'm so glad i didn't realize how easy it would be for me last week when I tried them out). They don’t automatically charge you once your order has been delivered but make sure this option as mentioned in an earlier comment isn't turned off by default because then every time something happens where money changes hands without notification from either party - like what happened today-you're at risk getting charged twice unnecessarily. My next step now will definitely include having allergy free options available via both website ordering AND mobile app!! Food was fresh tasting & delicious each day/time received which allowed more hours per month than other similar services offered here locally (& nationwide). ! I love that they are able to cater from any restaurant. They have an amazing variety of food and drinks for all different types of events. The customer service is also great, they are always available to help with questions or concerns. I wish there was more options for alcohol delivery. We were looking for a place to host our wedding rehearsal dinner and reception, and they did such a good job! They were able to provide everything we needed and everyone enjoyed their food. See full review

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Click Solutions GmbH

I love that they provide such high quality training materials - you can't find this anywhere else! They also had some great salespeople who were super knowledgeable when it came time to implement (or at least understand) their technology platform. The whole experience felt very rushed from start-to-finish; there was no "getting used" or getting comfortable period after all my initial meetings/webinars ended. There just wasn´t enough follow up / support afterwards so i didn’t even get an opportunity to use what we decided upon during implementation phase until several months later once things started coming out into production mode. This is not really anything new as far as software implementations go but its still worth mentioning if anyone would be looking around other providers specifically focusing business management solutions within the finance space. See full review

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