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skateboard diablo 31.7″x8.125″ logo

In general, the skate is good, but it seemed big to me, and I'm 186, before that I rode a plastboard and it was difficult to change to a classic skate, the board in my legs seems very massive.See full review

lego education wedo 2.0 45300 basic set, 280 pieces logo

The designer came quickly, well packaged. For the development of children is a very good toy. My son goes to robotics at school, and now he is doing it with great pleasure at home.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Cheapness - almost a complete copy of the Hakkapeliitta 7 tread, when compared in terms of money - saving 2 times (on average). Handling when driving on snow and ice is just a buzz. And in the snow you can't even hear the noise. The tread is aggressive, deep, rakes in snow/dirt. During the season, one spike flew off the front left tire. The run-in was done honestly. no higher than 60-80 km / h. The rubber itself is very soft and despite this, the tread did not eat at all from the word, althougSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Given the cost of the grill - a solid five. Overcooked already everything that is possible. Vegetables, meat, meatballs, cheesecakes, tried to dry bananas for rodents. The general impressions are extremely positive, no matter how clichéd it sounds - I don’t understand how I used to live without a grill. Summing up, I strongly recommend the grill. Any food is prepared quickly, it turns out very tasty, no oil is needed at all, because. the coating is non-stick, just do not scrape it with anythinSee full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

Rubber stood from the factory for the first two and a half seasons without complaints, and then, as if they had replaced such a rumble, it appeared that it lays ears. For comparison, the winter studded Nordman 4 is 2 times quieter on dry asphalt. Her price is 6 thousands, the ceiling, and not 10,000. I will take Nexgen cheaply to replace it, but without any claims for that kind of money.See full review

well pump dab divertron 1000 m (650 w) logo

I have been using it for 5 years, it has 15 rings in the well, it has excellent pressure of about 2 bar. There was a problem with it, it stopped working. I bought a new one, it worked for a week, it broke down, I took it to the service center, they said that the water got into it can not be repaired. There was nothing to do, dismantled the old one, cleaned the pump part and it worked, it has been working for 5 years.See full review

computer chair raybe k-5923 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/white/red logo

If you decide to take it, then do not be too lazy to find out what screws are there and go buy a set of the same ones. This will make assembly easier for you. If they were 1 cm longer, then there would be no problems at all. Armrests are constantly unscrewed. As a temporary measure before buying a good chair for six months or a year, it will do, if you understand that you will save up or earn 10-15 thousand in a shorter period, then there is no point in it at all.See full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

A trustworthy tool. Its pros: Great sound, great look. Ideal for studying at a music school in today's world. The child is overjoyed. With its cons: Pedal sliding. But since it came in a set, it's hard to judge. I will take another.See full review

mechanical jack zubr professional hijack 43045-3-135_z01 (3 t) blue logo

I took 3d for my field to climb a terrible mess. already used it several times in a terrible swamp. just super. height allows you to throw the car out of a deep rut. I have a clearance of 36cm, so the height of the lift was an important criterion for me. raised to the maximum, pushed the car from the side, it falls off the jack and is not in a rut. : 2 years of use in the "wear and tear" mode as part of off-road rides, normal flight. The last trip in May on the 23rd was through swamps, water-muSee full review

gaming chair cougar armor one royal, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, I replaced the rollers, I had to get used to the pillows, but now, after 4-5 hours of sitting, my lower back thanks me. The chair is moderately soft, which is correct - this is not an office "director's chair" in which you lie down and spread out playing crystals. This is a device for work / gaming with the expectation of minimizing the damage from a static seat. You should not expect the comfort and coziness of a grandmother's feather bed from him. See full review

mountain bike (mtb) stels focus md 21-sp 27.5 v010 (2019) grey/yellow 19" (requires final assembly) logo

Pontovy. unreliable, Different pros: Beautiful, initial mountain is great for the highway at one speed. Has some cons: Weak gearshift mechanism, insufficient tightening of the steering column (does not tighten). Poor rear brake adjustment.See full review

multitool huohou k30 pro hu0191, 18 in 1 tool logo

Overall, a good multi-tool for the money. If you do not give a serious load, several applications will live - pliers. Dangles in the axial. Photo opening.See full review


Surprised by the disappointing reviews. This is an electric saw, its charm is not in the speed of sawing, but in its versatility and the ability to saw where it cannot be reached except with a blade. In terms of speed, you need to compare with other hacksaws, and not with chain saws / circular saws / axes. As for vibration, everything is also fine, the main thing is to rest against the emphasis. Great hacksaw for sawing with one hand.See full review


Conclusion. If you need a good camera close to professional for shooting photos, then the D90 is the perfect candidate for this position. But if you need a universal device on which you can shoot a decent video, alas, the Nikon d90 is not capable of this. Pros below: Ergonomics, excellent image quality, long battery life. The presence of external controls and the top screen makes it possible to quickly set up the camera, which is very important in reportage shooting. The screwdriver significantSee full review


Excellent sweetie, a little less settings than a more expensive model. If you take to replace conventional light bulbs, then I advise.See full review


With its pros: The mattress is excellent. One side is softer, the other is harder. Stitched perfectly Got cons: Upon delivery, the packaging was damaged and the corner of the mattress was worn and dirty.See full review


I have been using the tools of this manufacturer for a long time, I bought several screwdrivers, a reciprocating saw, so when the question arose of purchasing a cordless screwdriver, there was no doubt about the manufacturer I knew well, and two days ago I received an order at the point of issue of the online store. There is no limit to disappointment. The shaft of the curve and the bit writes circles, the charging indicator does not work, the red LED lights up when charging, the rest are on strSee full review


Bought for my daughter, for beginner musicians, that's it. My daughter has been using it for less than a month, but she loves it. We'll add a review later. A huge plus is that you can adjust the volume of the soundSee full review


The table came all wet, apparently they drove it all day in the cold, I hope it will not swell from this. Incomprehensible stains that do not rub off. A chip on the corner, apparently carried at random. Parts are like plastic, although they should hold up the table. It is better not to save, but to buy a little more expensive.See full review


Recommended for lightly soiled, non-greasy surfaces. Otherwise, it is better to treat with something more effective first, and then with this weak remedy. Summary: good spray, but only against dust) Got pros: Sufficiently gentle on a variety of surfaces with a relatively good ability to clean Its cons: Often it only smears grease on heavily soiled optics. Antistatic effect, we can say that, no.See full review

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