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game keyboard logitech wireless keyboard k350 black usb logo

I have been using this Logitech 350k for more than 9 years, I am happy as an elephant. If it were possible, if necessary, to speed up the signal, connect it via a wire, then it would be ideal for my work and idle needs. If you suddenly see where it is on sale and you need a reliable wireless keyboard without a hint of serious gaming - take it without hesitation. Well, or tell me where else you can buy it. I'll take it for the next decade =)See full review

🔊 anker soundcore 2 portable acoustics: powerful 12w bluetooth speaker in sleek black design logo

Pros: Waterproof according to statements (did not check), good balance of frequencies, do not fall into low ones, holds a charge for a long time Cons below: When disconnected, you need to reboot, the buttons work with delays, there is no switching tracks on the column itselfSee full review

🔌 black wireless charger docking station for iphone, samsung, apple watch, airpods / quick charge logo

Got pros: Easy assembly, nice soft touch plastic material, backlight button, fast charging on: Apple Watch and AirPods Has some cons The only downside is that there is no button (on / off). Phone takes a long time to chargeSee full review

logitech g g29 driving force, black logo

Some advantages: I enjoy everything, I have already detailed a lot of the benefits here, so I won't go over them again. I did it using a wheel stand pro v2 deluxe and a manual transmission, and I shot it through the window. I would, of course, like a chair in the style of a car, but there is nowhere to put it. Aside from that, I have screwed everything to the rack, and everything is fine. played, folded, slid the card under the table, wished to play, drew it out, unfolded it, and moved forward wSee full review

smartphone lg g6 64gb logo

The G6 is very good on the outside and matches the times on the inside. Meets all expectations. I do not regret what I bought. Pros below: fits comfortably in the hand, very large screen for such a case, pleasant soft colors and contrast, powerful, comfortable shell, instant fingerprint sensor, good headphones included, waterproof, 64GB memory card slot. Some cons: not a specialist, but the camera on the top Samsung is clearly better, the battery as usual for a day of not very intensive useSee full review

smart bracelet honor band 6 ru, black logo

With its pros. I approached the purchase consciously - there were already different watches and most of all I liked the Honors (then still 3i). Very convenient and visual application. The increased size of the watch caused certain concerns, for example, that it would not be very comfortable to sleep with them. However, it is quite normal - the watch is practically not felt on the hand. Well numerically-visually reflects steps, pulse and sleep). Always automatically turn on when you raise your hSee full review

honor magicwatch 2 smartwatch 42mm, agate black logo

With its pros. look good big screen Vibration is softer than on gang 6 missed an important call at night because of this Got cons: Charger The display of the dial is smaller than the border of the watch. But this is from the factorySee full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (no watch), black onyx logo

Has some pros I made a stereo pair with the same speaker with a clock, enjoy the music. Some cons: Sometimes the second column is "lost", the music is interrupted, you have to restart with your voice.See full review

wifi router tp-link archer ax73, black logo

My ZyXEL Giga died . which is already 15 years old . The question arose of what to change. I leafed through several reviews, compared it in the market, read reviews - I decided that I should install a model with WiFi6 (ah) standard. At first I chose several options, but they disappeared for various reasons and the choice remained between the Archer AX73, AX50 and Asus models . 50 disappeared, since it is not friends with Rostelecom (the signal is not of that system :))), Asus significantly more See full review

pampers diapers active baby-dry 3, 6-10 kg, 22 pcs. logo

Pampers have been our diaper of choice for the past eight months. The active infant line is the one that appeals to us the most among these. They have a moderate amount of everything, including the thickness of the filler itself, a fantastic absorbency, a reasonable price, and specials and discounts that are applicable to them. #honestlyOpampers Pros: One of the benefits of diapers is that they come with a strip that indicates how full the diaper is. When the baby is a newborn, when bowel movemeSee full review

notebook dell xps 13 9365 2-in-1 (3200x1800, intel core i7 1.5 ghz, ram 16 gb, ssd 512 gb, win10 home) logo

I took it to the store and a week later they agreed to return the money. There is no alternative in this size, I suffer and do not know what to take, it is possible to take it again with a check in a good (which accepts returns) store. Pros below: Compactness is the best. Design is awesome. The processor is slow, but so far no other laptop has the most energy efficient x86 Intel processor. 5 watt 8500Y series. Cons: Caught all DELL quality problems at once. The power supply itself is cut down, tSee full review

redmi band cn, black logo

They are not an option for the domestic Chinese market to Russify them, that is, SMS weather is all in hieroglyphs. Clock pulse steps taken can be sorted outSee full review

braun oral-b sensi ultrathin (1 pc) logo

I bought the Oral-B Sensi UltraThin because in recent months my teeth have become sensitive and my gums have become inflamed and bleeding. Other nozzles cause pain during brushing. This fitting was perfect for me. Its soft bristles, rounded at the tips, do not cause discomfort during cleaning, do not cause gum bleeding, but plaque is carefully removed. The condition of the gums has noticeably improved, they have acquired a healthy appearance, and the teeth do not hurt.See full review

xiaomi showsee hair dryer a5, green logo

The fact that the hair dryer is not xiaomi is clear to the naked eye even from the pictures. When the goods arrived, I was convinced of this. There is no marking of the aforementioned brand either on the box or on the product itself. In addition, the hair dryer turned out to be red, and I ordered green. Why is that? I hope the answer comes. I did not issue a return, as I needed a budget hair dryer in a short time. The sediment remained.See full review

xiaomi mijia negative ion hair dryer, pink logo

The money was returned in a couple of days, I handed over to the point of issue! It’s a pity that I didn’t get a worker, but I think it’s not a bad hair dryer.See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy j3 (2016) sm-j320f/ds, black logo

The majority of "cellular life" made use of "Nokia" devices, such as 3110, 3120, C3, and X2. Their thoughts and feelings are favorable. Connectivity with Android-based devices didn't last long: the PoketBook A10 tablet died after approximately a year, and the smart Qumo Quest-600 stopped working after about six months. Both of these products did not fail to meet expectations, nor did they excite their users. Throughout the course of the previous year and a half, communication took place with "apSee full review

masil 8 seconds salon hair mask, 100 ml logo

The tool is very cool, but you have to get used to using it. Either through time, or a couple of weeks to use this one, then another. I want to try the same manufacturer, only a different line. To alternate.See full review

eos vanilla lip balm mint, colorless logo

It does absolutely nothing - it is not smeared on the lips, because it is dry and hard, respectively, does not moisturize, does not nourish the lips. Feeling like you've been waxed. Unpleasant. Yes, and for such a price.See full review

photo camera nikon coolpix s1000pj logo

Well, I’ll say right away that I’m like a regular user and I’m ready to use it only right away . that is, I took it in my hands and without digging in the settings to take pictures)) So I’m immediately satisfied with the quality of everything . assembly and ready-made photos, As with view on the screen and on the monitor and TV! And of course such an option as a projector!)) It's very funny and fun in the company)) Since it's new and interesting!See full review

elizavecca aqua hyaluronic acid water drop cream, 50 ml logo

Has pros: Nice texture, absorbs well and stays hydrated all day if you spread it in the evening, you can feel it even in the morning normal skin, no problem Has cons: Fast consumption, went somewhere in 2 months No spatula, narrow neck, fingers uncomfortable and not hygienic, especially when it ends No spfSee full review

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