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hub/concentrator usb-c hub 5 in 1 forall/adapter with usb 3.0, rj45, hdmi 4k, pd charging up to 100w for macbook pro/air logo

The first impression of the device is its compactness and stylish design. The hub easily connects to my MacBook and expands the available USB ports. However, I noticed that the connecting cable is quite stiff, which makes it not the most comfortable to use. The cable is too short, and sometimes there are problems with placing the hub in such a way that it can be comfortable enough for work. Despite these small inconveniences, the quality of the product is high, it does not take much time to inSee full review

casio f-91w-1yer quartz watch, alarm clock, chronograph, stopwatch, waterproof, display backlight, blue logo

With its pros: Those same Casio from the nineties. Comes with box with good printing, instructions, warranty card. A great inexpensive gift for connoisseurs. With its cons: Yes, the seller I ordered the watch from is not on the list of Casio distributors (I recommend checking it before buying), but the watch looks original.See full review

computer chair bloody gc-350 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/red logo

I recommend ordering with assembly if you decide to Buy, and see how the master assembler will assemble it. I would take it for a good discount, but I do not recommend it. Pros below: Comfortable, the back does not get tired. It is possible to block the tilt of the back. Has some cons: Very poor quality, the mortgages for the bolts are crooked (at an angle), I suffered for a very long time to get into the thread, the bolts are not a standard size like M5 and you can’t pick up the step, but I neeSee full review

sports headphones neckband / sports headset wireless bluetooth logo

We bought two headphones at once, everything was delivered with integrity and safety. They work flawlessly, they transmit excellent sound and charge very quickly. Recommended!See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

a good option for the kitchen, although the wife periodically complains about remembering the past simple TV, where she turned it on and nothing slows down. Bought for my second mom in the kitchen.See full review

wireless mouse redragon mirage, black/red logo

After setting up the mouse works well, I bought it for work and for a year now it has served me flawlessly. All buttons are in place and work properly, the wheel also turns. I bought from the category "I need a comfortable wireless mouse with memory" (I work with both windows and linux). Office logiteck m100 and the like have always pissed me off. I summarize: the mouse is suitable for work in the office. The fact that she is playful is far-fetched. You can take it only for ergonomics, price andSee full review


I have reviewed a lot of models of sewing machines, but the choice was the Leader VS 400D Cover Stitch. It turned out to be easy to use, compact, light - weight 7 kg, has a large working area. It is imperative to clearly follow the instructions for setting up a particular seam, since I myself had to reconfigure a couple of times. But the result gives pluses, good processing and even seams. I got the hang of working with rubber bands and braid. In general, I am satisfied with my purchase and I seSee full review


Very good winter tire. I was afraid to buy, this is the first non-studded tire in my use, but my fears were not justified, everything is fine. Ice and packed snow are very good, deep snow is very good, dry asphalt is super like in summer, the only thing is that the braking distance increases a little on wet porridge. Stands on the Rio automatic. Before that, there was a Peugeot 307cc, there were spikes on the rubber conti, the bridge behaves no worse, except because of the auto, the speed of movSee full review


Unveiling my honest perspective.It was a gift for ng, I also had a white and colored Mi Esential lamp, and with this lamp the room became much brighter.See full review


Before him, I used the iPad 2 mini, dropped it several times on the tile with both the screen and the back case down and not a single scratch. Then I bought a Samsung galaxy 10.5. I put it in a briefcase, the strap cracked and it fell to the floor. The result was a gl replacement for 15 thousand. A wish to the manufacturers: "If you make such expensive tablets, then take care to pay attention to strength and reliability. " I switched to it with Apple because of the ability to insert a USB flash See full review


Great bike, worth the money. Came without defects, the wheels are even. I immediately ordered another seat, for amazone, because it’s simply not possible to drive at the factory (hard). More than satisfied with the purchase. I recommend to buy. Yes, I almost forgot, I had to give it to a service center for adjustment, because. to. came not configured (from the word in general)See full review


In general, the keyboard is not bad, it is a pity that it is not mechanics. And yes, there are no "simultaneous" keystrokes of up to 19 keys. Sometimes, when 2 keys are pressed, the 3rd one does not work, it infuriates. P. S this was before I hit her -_- Pros: The keyboard justifies the attention of the buyer for its coins. After 2 powerful blows to the clave, due to the noobs in the team, the keyboard is still kept, oddly enough, on its 2 legs, the keys are not broken, which is encouraging, evSee full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

Installed on the Niva and I think this is the best option for her. Both in the city and on the highway, you can safely ride, and without problems you can go off-road. It behaves confidently in the mud, rows well if the mud is too deep) In winter, tires row snow well, behave predictably, only at higher sub-zero temperatures (below -20) it still becomes dull, but the tires are all-weather, not winter)See full review


Impressions on this product.Different pros: Lightweight, comfortable, lots of attachments included Some cons: Doesn't work well with carpets The charge holds littleSee full review


I didn’t want to change shoes back for the summer, it’s a pleasure from rubber and grip and silence and almost no wear during the season, with dynamic drivingSee full review


I bought like everything for a suburban area. A big fan of bringing the site to the state of the jungle, and then swearing to try to mow at least something with an electric mower. =) for the first day of use mowed down almost all of its 12 acres. the scythe tears and thrashes. With the purchase of the disk, I mowed all the backyards and ditches from hardcore thickets, incl. and shrub. for those who like to experiment, I’ll tell you that the disk freely takes sticks up to 1.5-2 centimeters thickSee full review

computer chair bureaucrat knight outrider gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

The box at the bottom was battered from one corner. The mechanism for attaching the gas lift to the chair pierced the box (the part was not damaged) There are a couple of jambs, it’s not very pleasant to receive a thing that is not completed correctly. + - I am satisfied with the purchase. The first chair I bought will be the starting point for this experience.See full review

petrol cultivator daewoo dat 3530 (3.5hp, 26cm) logo

Used in two greenhouses of 10m. for mixing fertilizers and humus. It does the job perfectly - loosens just to fluff. It is not difficult to pull, it runs smoothly along the beds in two directions. The cutters are bent so that the earth is not scattered to the sides - a smooth groove is obtained. You need to get used to it, work better both forward and backward. Two-stroke engine - of course there is a smell, but the power is good, the main thing is to ventilate well. Plus from him not in speed, See full review


Before buying this refrigerator, I took beautiful LG, there was still some kind of crap . . a maximum of two years and something stops working. A friend who deals with refrigerators and kondeya advised Atlant, directly told you beautifully or so that it works? )))))) . . in short, he worked for about 10 years, probably, I don’t remember exactly, my wife knows better, now I ordered the same one from the CSN (I couldn’t find them for half a year) . . I hope for another 10 years . . By the way, thiSee full review


My wife gave it for my birthday. This is the best gift ever. Cooked vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fish, hot sandwiches, overtones on it. Everything is delicious and healthy. Convenient timer. Removable panels are easy to clean, everything is washed without much effort. Satisfied with everything 100%See full review

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