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magnetic pickup tools gifts for men - 2 pcs christmas stocking stuffers for men dad birthday led telescoping pick up tool set strong magnet for hard to reach place cool gadgets women fathers husband logo

Small enough to fit into pockets. Also the flashlight on the end is an awesome feature since crews, nuts and bolts that get dropped tend to fall into deep, dark pockets or corners that are difficult to see. This has already come in handy as I installed a new car stereo in my truck and one of the screws fell into the dash.See full review

stylish and comfortable mary jane shoes for baby girls - ideal for weddings and first walkers logo

I purchased these for my baby who is a size 1 in shoes. According to the sizing, it says it's a size 1. But it's not! It's like a size 3 or so. They fit so big so I gifted them to my 10 month old niece because they were super cute. I will purchase them again when my baby is probably 9 months. They just need to fix the sizing on their description.See full review

protect your loveseat with neween's soft, washable dark gray sofa slipcover and elastic bottom, featuring foam sticks and a bonus pillowcase for kids and pets logo

I was excited to try out Neween's Soft, Washable Dark Gray Sofa Slipcover with Elastic Bottom, especially since it came with foam sticks and a bonus pillowcase for kids and pets. However, the slipperiness of the fabric made for a frustrating experience. Every time I sat down, the cover would slide around, leaving my loveseat looking messy and unkempt. On the positive side, the washability of the slipcover is a major plus, especially for those with little ones or furry friends. And the included bSee full review

highly visible amber led traffic advisor light bar for trucks and vehicles - lamphus solarblast 38 with 32w, 48 flash modes, ta controller and waterproof design logo

I installed the arrow stick in the rear of a utility truck. I am an emergency product outfitter and was hesitant to use this "Chinezieum" stuff. I was really surprised by the outcome of this bar. It does not have the blinding power of a Federal signal or Whelen bar but it sure does come close and for way less money! As far as brightness maybe 7.5/10.Off angle 6/10.plenty of patterns to chose from. I think they stole the knight rider flash pattern. Till will tell how long the bar lasts. See full review

waterproof digital sports watch for men with stopwatch, alarm, and led backlight - ideal for military use - cke brand logo

Very easy to use. I love it. It doesn’t look cheap. I’m going to take this to basic training and I hope it lasts me the 2 months good. See full review

sparkling rhinestone bridal wedges with low heel and peep toe for women by erijunor - perfect for weddings logo

Had to return but wish I hadn’t! I had a pedicure with sparkling light blue nail color that would have looked great with open weave shoes. See full review

whitefang skateboards for beginners, complete skateboard 31 x 7.88, 7 layer canadian maple double kick concave standard and tricks skateboards for kids and beginners logo

This was my very first skate board so yes I’m a beginner. And it’s worked perfectly for me I have no complaints the design is strong & sturdy. I’m 5’2” and 130lbs I have no worries about it supporting my weight. The grip tape works just a good, once I got comfortable with my balance it was kinda hard to fall off of it when I was just cruising. I haven’t started doing airborne tricks yet but I’m sure the board will stand up to a little more wear and tear. Definitely a great quality board for me tSee full review

friendship gifts women birthday graduation logo

Based on my observations, these friendship gifts are a must-have for any food service industrial and scientific setting. These pieces are both functional and AESTHETICALLY pleasing, perfect for impressing guests. The intricate details and quality construction of these serveware items are impressive. The only downside is the limited color options. Nonetheless these friendship gifts are a standout addition to any tabletop display..See full review

abahub 3 piece adjustable sup paddle - lightweight stand-up paddle oars with aluminum alloy shaft and nylon blade in multiple colors logo

I'm 6' 2" and this is too short. The quality is horrible. It's just trash. Lightweight plastic and the handle rotates. Happy happy. See full review

sandisk microsdxc class uhs 1 performance logo

After trying this product I am impressed with its performance .It is fast and reliable, allowing me to capture high-quality photos and videos without any issues. The card has plenty of storage space, perfect for storing all my electronic files. However, the price is a bit high compared to other similar products on the market..See full review

zalaver compatible silicone replacement alaskan logo

My analysis of this product showed that the silicone material is thin and easily tears resulting in an unreliable replacement piece for my camera .The only good aspect of this product is its affordable price. However, the poor quality outweighs any benefits, and it ended up costing me more in the long run as I had to buy a replacement that actually fit my camera properly..See full review

myard pnp 115445wn screw-free universal fence pyramid top cap fits post 4 x 4 inches (actual post size 3.5 x 3.5) (qty 1, walnut) logo

Do not order consecutive orders, you will NOT get your shipmentWait several weeks then order again; They may see your order twice and claim it was processed already.I ordered (3) 10 packs and only received 2 packs and I no longer see the kitsadvertised in Revain. I had to finish the remaining postcaps with the Atlanta brandthey come in a 12 pack. they look and fit almost the same but do mount different. See full review

🔵 set of 8 grey replacement eartips for beats by dr. dre powerbeats 2 wireless stereo earphones logo

I was hoping I would find the exact replacement to the one I lost, but these were just a little different. They're still good quality and they fit my earbuds. I'm sure most people would find these perfect for them.See full review

flirty floral ruffle tank top and boho skirt set: perfect summer outfit for clubwear, tropical parties, and more! logo

It’s wayyyy too big! I got the 2X based on the size chart and my measurements, and it was way too big. There’s a lot I can grab at the waist. And it keeps falling down on my hips awkwardly. I can definitely go for a large honestly. The top is a little short but I don’t know if that’s just the cut of the fabric? It isn’t anything like the picture See full review

high-quality adult dry dog food for bichon frise by royal canin, 10lb bag logo

My dog is very picky and doesn’t eat any food. I went to Petco and found this one, but in smaller bag. I gave it to my dog and he enjoyed it. It was hard for me to find this in bigger size and finally found it here in revain. This is a great product and so far I purchased this twice as my dog hasn’t complained.See full review

cciyu blade buttons replacement mozb41tg logo

I bought these replacement buttons for my automotive anti-theft system and was extremely disappointed by the poor quality. Through trial and error, I found that they did not fit properly and frequently got stuck forcing me to spend hours troubleshooting..See full review

popsockets popgrip swappable tablets iridescent logo

Based on my experience this Pop Socket is not suitable for larger electronics like tablets... The adhesive wasn't strong enough to hold the weight of my device, causing it to fall several times. While the color was beautiful, the iridescent finish started to peel after just a few weeks of use. Sadly, I cannot recommend this product for tablet users..See full review

kids smart watch for boys girls - touch screen smartwatch with phone call sos music player alarm camera games for christmas birthday cell phones & accessories logo

Based on my observations, this smartwatch is a great find for parents looking for a fun yet safe gadget for their kids. The touch screen is responsive and easy to navigate while the camera and music player provide added entertainment options. The SOS feature for emergencies is a great peace-of-mind feature for parents. The only downside is that the watch face could be larger for easier visibility..See full review

kuntec universal aluminum automotive bearings logo

After trying this tool I can say it's a lifesaver for replacing bushings in any car model. It's lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use. The build quality is top-notch, made from high-quality aluminum that is rust-resistant. The only downside is that the tool is not compatible with certain bushing types, but it does the job for most .Overall, a great investment for any DIY car enthusiast looking to save time and money on bushing replacement..See full review

hillman group 58079 sleeve bearing logo

These sleeve bearings have performed smoothly and reliably for our industrial applications. Based on our own experience they seem to be of high quality and made from durable materials .They have also helped reduce noise and vibrations. The simple design of the bearings also makes them easy to install. The only drawback is that they may not be suitable for very heavy-duty applications. Overall, we highly recommend these BEARINGS for any industrial and scientific needs..See full review

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