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versace bright crystal eau de toilette, 90 ml logo

I have long wanted to buy such eau de toilette for myself, on the market it turned out to be the most profitable, thank you ️️️.See full review

camping tent for five people tramp baltic wave 5 v2, green logo

Not the first camping tent, for a family with children and a comfortable pastime in nature, that's what you need. I put it alone without help.See full review

mountain bike (mtb) forward apache 27.5 3.0 disc (2021) turquoise/orange 21" (requires final assembly) logo

The first day of the test drive, in principle, I am satisfied with the purchase, only the brake handle upset :( But in the kit there were wings, but there were no steps, it's a pity.See full review

instant coffee egoiste special freeze-dried with ground coffee, glass jar, 100 g logo

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good one.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent taste of natural coffee. Cooking speed. Beautiful packaging design. Took on the stock, otherwise the price is too highSee full review

dolce & gabbana eau de toilette light blue pour femme, 50 ml logo

This is my first time using AliExpress. I made it as a birthday present for my mom. The deadline for the return has passed because I was prepared ahead of time. Oh, how disheartening it was to discover that the perfume was a knockoff. The fragrance disappears within 5 minutes at most. The lifespan is nonexistent and doesn't even make it to two minutes. The fragrance is a knockoff. The original will stay fresh for at least 48 hours. There are hologram stickers on the velvet case. Despite this, iSee full review

bureaucrat t-9925walnut executive computer chair: genuine leather upholstery in black logo

So, I have been looking for a good chair for a computer desk for a long time. This niche in the economy has been free for a long time, the choice of manufacturers is very small. At first I chose among the Cathays, then I saw a similar 2022 chair Bureaucrat. I wanted to support the 2022 manufacturer, I bought this chair. And in the end, it's complete bull. The chair is all skewed, nothing is adjustable. I turned to the seller, sent a photo, they kindly said that they would tie the factory, and thSee full review

brit premium wet food for kittens with chicken in salmon sauce 800 g (pieces in sauce) logo

My three are eating well. The capricious cat did not immediately begin to eat it, but now it also eats well. I bought it immediately in large volume, I didn’t buy it before, I chose it based on reviews on a specialized site and did not regret it. There are no health problems observed during the 2.5 months that they eat it. The only drawback is that, despite the presence of yucca in the composition, the kittens are very smelly poop after this food.See full review

xiaomi mi smart sensor set logo

I downloaded it from 4pda with a mix from vesa, with it I managed to set the China region and connect it to a Chinese socket. The functionality of the gateway is truncated compared to the Chinese version. I took it for a test, with payment by bonuses it cost around 1.5k. For this price will go. My smart home is based on sonoff + radio sensors. The price is an order of magnitude cheaper than the Xiaomi one, but the automation functionality in the application is lower.See full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

Pros: She smiles sweetly, quite good sound for her size, good speech recognition even if it is turned on at full volume, no need to yell and hears you so well Different cons: compared to alice from , the functionality is still smallSee full review

protective helmet decathlon, oxelo b100, xs, pink logo

Its pros: Good helmet, light and bright. Didn't check for durability. With its cons: You need to carefully look at the sizes, I missed, the child will not be able to put on a hat.See full review

sports bag / travel bag / travel bag logo

For a price of 1100, there can be no complaints With its pros: Very comfortable and durable bag, of course it's not leather, but a very similar replica. It doesn't lose sight of it. Sturdy handles and carabiners on the strap over the shoulder, which is quite rare. Looks good, if worn carefully it will last a long time. I was very surprised by the small pockets for small things, I did not see about them either in the description or in the photo. Has some cons: a small pocket for wet things, I expSee full review

toyo observe g3-ice 285/60 r18 120t winter logo

Car Toyota Altezza, 3S, stick, lsd =) The rubber holds well, it clings well to the stock eversion and brings the angle to zero, on any surface, on asphalt, the speed is 200 confidently. During the winter, not a single spike was lost in front, the pattern is like new, the rear wheels lost all spikes (driving style) and were burned and replaced for the summer. All controlled drifts)))See full review

adidas terrex sneakers, size 10uk (44.7eu), core black / mgh solid gray / gray five logo

Horror! Avoid taking! Possessing a favorable viewpoint - exploitation is awful. I began by massaging my right leg. I then found that no matter what, my feet always perspire in these. After six months of wearing it, I handed it to my father as a statement. It ought to be better for 8K. They started ripping along the fold. WILL NEVER AGAIN PURCHASE ADIDAS! And I advise you to keep an eye on competing companies, such as your preferred ASICS. maybe Nike, Mizuno, etc.). The company hasn't recently See full review

dry food for kittens royal canin kitten persian for persian kittens from 4 to 12 months 10 kg logo

Our cute little kitten is growing very playful and active) It was this food that the breeder recommended as a proven nutritional option. Everything in the food suited me, as the kitten eats it well and grows healthySee full review

filter aquael ultramax 2000 logo

Today I bought an external filter that I had been dreaming about for a long time. Upon delivery by courier, it was possible to inspect the visual marriage. Cracks and breaks. Further, the courier said that it is impossible to unpack the factory packaging until the moment of payment. When assembling and preparing for launch, when connecting the inlet and outlet nozzles, I noticed that both nozzles are inlet . It is impossible to describe how disappointed I was in this product. The purchase is notSee full review

cylindrical heater aquael ultra heater 75w (35-75 l) 75 w logo

It was purchased in January of this year for a red-eared turtle (which spoil everything in the aquarium) and was chosen on the basis of "so reliable that it can even be used in an aquarium with turtles." At first, it proved itself well in that it did not accumulate plaque from tap water, and the current temperature is also visible. But yesterday, after another change of water, it stopped working: there is no heating, the indicators are flashing from both sides to the center, no effect on it has See full review

l10 pro cleaner navigation by dreametech logo

Pros below: It cleans well, the charge is enough for the whole apartment, a convenient application Has cons: Constantly buggy. Either the card itself changes, it has to be restored, then it travels around the apartment and cannot find the base, then it just bugs and does not startSee full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx115c, black logo

Excellent purchase for funny money. Pros below: Lightweight yet surprisingly powerful. It is very convenient to have a removable handle, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner from a vertical vacuum cleaner in one movement turns into a compact manual one. Got cons: The blown air creates swirls that raise dust if you climb into a relatively enclosed space with it. And there is no "trunk", you can't get it under the cabinet. However, the pros often outweigh the cons!See full review

vmmgame game table space 120, wxdxh: 120x80x77 cm, color: dark red logo

I contacted support, after about six months, as this defect began to appear, they had a nice talk with me at the post office and sent a new countertop to my house! Very pleasant service, they monitor their goods and their quality, respond to feedback, I will definitely order a chair from them again. Has some pros: The table does not swing, two monitors and full-size speakers keep calm Coverage is good, easy to remove, the cover is pleasant to the touch The assembly is elementary, anyone can do See full review

limoni hyaluronic ultra moisture cream logo

Pros below: I didn't see the benefit of this cream. But I have oily skin. Maybe dry will do? Some cons: Thick, heavy cream. I did not expect this for a moisturizing cream. Absorbed for a long time. Then the skin begins to shine.See full review

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