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Abcc is a new exchange that offers Crypto trading partners for a variety of digital commodities for customers around the world. The exchange was founded in April 2018 and is designed to provide users with professional cryptocurrency asset management solutions around the world.See full review

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Dragonex is a complete trading platform for cryptocurreciee and their derivatives. With this one year platform and its ultimate successes, users will be able to count on the system to smoothly and quickly execute their orders. In addition, the team behind the platform provides much information and guidance to make the process as simple and reliable as possible.See full review

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As we all know, cryptocurrencies have gained massive popularity over the past few years – and cryptocurrency exchanges were the one to blossom during these years. One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market is OKCoin. Founded in 2009 in Beijing, China by its CEO Star Xu, this digital trading platform offers spot trading between the digital currencies and fiat currencies to all customers worldwide. Also, OKcoin is known for its bank-level SSL security which provides users with top-nSee full review

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0x is a modular building block that can be assembled and reconfigured. It is a public and non-lease protocol that enables fast, untrusted exchange of Ethereum-based assets. Searching for rent in the economy is an attempt to increase the share of existing wealth without creating new wealth. Rent-Seeking has proved a loss of government revenue, income inequality and overall economic efficiency. On the other hand, the 0x operation is to create a symbolic world in which all values flow freely. See full review

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BitShares, released in the summer of 2014, is a distributed switcher that eliminates the risks associated with centralized platforms. Daniel Larmier, Steemit's chief technology officer, announced his idea for a distributed BitShares exchange for the first time. BitShares is a platform for individuals who want to trade virtual currency without leaving the block chain. It is a high-performance exchange and offers the most advantages you would expect from a typical central trading platform.See full review

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Qtum has the ambition to become the world's largest and most influential decryption platform. Some people say that this is a very noble goal, but most likely agree that it is very unrealistic. Competition between distributed application platforms is a challenge and must provide a disruptive technology solution that can support tens of thousands of transactions per second for bulk purchases.See full review

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Decred was founded in 2016, but its roadmap was kept secret from the public in the first quarter of 2017. The development team makes every effort to keep up with its RoadMap. The coin is only 2 years old, but it already enters the TOP-30 in the global ranking based on Marketcap volume. The symbiosis of PoW and PoS protocols is not unique in the market, but in this case you can get good results because you can solve many problems and bring coins into a new dimensionSee full review

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Bytecoin is a private and decentralized cryptocurrency featuring an open-source code platform. Bytecoin is a crowd-proven product in terms of security and privacy, and is seen as a solution for people looking for financial privacy through cryptocurrency Bytecoin allows users to process personal transactions instantly anywhere in the world. Not all transactions are fully trackable, so there is no extra charge. See full review

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It used to be one of the great exchange but now it's just like any other average with a good past.even though most kyc issue was self caused as there has been notice since December 2017 imploring people to verify there kyc though will still implore them to ease the verification processSee full review

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