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smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 3 global, black logo

Got pros: Very convenient to use. They help you remember what you need to do thanks to the set timer. Always and everywhere I have time! Got cons: Scratches appeared too quickly, it is better to immediately buy a protective glass. It also often lags behind the pedometer.See full review

arm media pt-stand-9 black logo

They removed their sixty-inch TV from the wall and after the repair was completed, they decided to install it on a floor bracket, so that it would be more or less mobile and could be moved if necessary. For a long time we could not find a stand suitable for the parameters, until we finally stumbled upon this Arm media PT-STAND-9 stand. The stand isn't cheap, but it's definitely worth it. Excellent build quality, durable metal, respectively, and a decent load is allowed on it, more specifically, See full review

full hd 1080p mirror dvr with rear view camera / 3 in 1 car dvr logo

During installation, it turned out that the camera of the recorder was strongly directed "to the right", the lens itself did not move to the left, I had to disassemble the recorder (on latches, not on screws), it turned out that the lens was pressed wrong during assembly. After disassembling the body, the lens moves in all directions. After installation, the rear view camera did not turn on, after a couple of weeks it started working by itself. At low twilight, the rear view camera displays a dSee full review

power supply for toshiba 19v 3.95a 75w logo

Got pros: Complete set: power supply and cord with socket. Went to the laptop. Some cons: Short cord, suitable if the outlet is nearby. The original cord was long, it's more convenient. Will have to adjust.See full review

wireless headphones apple airpods 3 magsafe charging case, white logo

The oneplus 9rt is paired with my pair of AirPods. These do not work in the most optimal manner with android. It is possible that it will not connect the first time you try, or that it will connect with only one ear. Also, the connection itself is not particularly quick (I tried to connect to an iPhone - there, of course, they connect instantly). Nonetheless, I went with these headphones because of their design and independence, and I do not feel that I have made a mistake.See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy j3 (2016) sm-j320f/ds, black logo

A good phone, but with flaws, but amoled screen and cheap. The main disadvantage is the battery life. I changed it to j6 2022, it has a coated screen, more RAM, so the new one has more pages saved in the browser, here 1-3. The power of its Internet signal and wi-fi is not very good here, the j6 is noticeably better. There is little built-in memory, but this is compensated by a flash drive. Turns on for a long time, a little slower than j6.See full review

game console sony playstation 4 slim 1000 gb hdd, black logo

Some pros: Hi, yes this - simply PS. Picture, sound, interface. Everyone is happy. Cons below: The PS5 came out too soon. Didn't have enough time to use PS4.See full review

mifo fiitii hifiair noise canceling wireless hi-fi headphones for iphone and android bluetooth 5.2 waterproof ipx7 logo

I'm not an audiophile, but this sound only positive emotions. I use with iPhone. At first I was dissatisfied with the volume, but over time I realized that it was enough. If you turn the noise reduction to full, external sounds are completely cut off. As the headphones came, I have never charged them, 3 days in the mode to and from work, the battery is still full) In general, I am completely satisfied with the headphones, they are worth their money! Top notch packaging!See full review

wireless headphones jbl live 650btnc, white logo

Before buying this model, there was last year's E65BTNC, which, after a year and a half of careful use, fell into the trash (noise canceling stopped working, then the left ear in wireless mode, because of which it is possible to use only with a cable, and then the ear pads fell apart - the leatherette just fell apart). Despite all the problems of the previous version, I had to quickly buy myself new headphones before the holidays and review and measure other options within 10 I have not found aSee full review

📺 sony kdl-40ex720 led tv - 40 inch logo

Not the best memories are associated with this TV 1. The quality of the picture after connecting a TV set I just bought for 35 killed 2. Incompatibility with Sony's PS3 stray 3. The matrix burned out 2 months after the end of the warranty. Threw money away Has some pros The TV shows a good picture with a digital signal, brand "Sony" Some cons: Terrible work with an analog signal (Before that, there was an old Panasonic, the quality of the analog signal is many times better), insufficient image bSee full review

apple iphone se 2020 128gb smartphone, (product)red, slimbox logo

I use my phone for business (email, several instant messengers), as well as for social networks, reading the news, and checking the weather. Examine the applications and cards for the bank every so often. There is an average of 2.5 hours spent in front of a screen per day, ranging from 1 to 5 hours. Before then, he was a content user of his Windows Phone (Kingdom of Heaven). It just so happened that there was a functional iPhone 5 there. I have no current issues with Android, but despite the facSee full review

camera sony cyber-shot dsc-w810, silver logo

For those who yell that the pictures are bad, I recommend that you finally exit the "easy" mode, turn off the constant flash, try to focus on the object (it's very simple: press the shutter button halfway, wait for the beep, see if the object is in focus, press the shutter button at full strength), and then, if you are lucky, you will still get an unattainable 20mpx.See full review

smart xiaomi mi band 7 cn bracelet, black logo

Its pros: In general, a good bracelet, with an excellent bright screen With its cons: Low screen refresh rate, very strong jerks when scrolling through the menuSee full review

reusable gillette fusion5 proglide, black/silver logo

Got pros: it is comfortable to hold, the rotating head shaves better than a regular machine, there is no less gentle shave. Has cons: no battery does not vibrate, although it is not clear from the photo how the models differ. with battery cooler and more efficient and saferSee full review

tablet asus zenpad 10 z301ml (2017) logo

Bought this tablet. I thought that the HD display would be enough for me. It turned out that I was already so used to FullHD resolution (on my phone, computer, TV) that it was already difficult to watch HD video. Yes, and for such a large screen - FullHD just right. I decided to hand it over and change it to Z301MFL. Z301MFL turned out to be much faster . probably due to memory (3 GB versus 2). Now satisfied. It's better to pay a little more.See full review

apple ipod touch 6 logo

That is, this is such a multimedia combine for an undemanding user, turned more on design than functionality and practicality with an extra 13 thousand + -. In addition, it is very fragile, and Apple does not supply spare parts to 2022. so I just come home, I want to upload songs. I'm in a hurry. My computer is equipped with a top-end PCI-e SSD from a South Korean company. starts in 6 seconds. Then I mean download the right music. And to throw it on the player, I need to open iTunes. connect itSee full review

🎵 pioneer vsx-519v av receiver 5.1: exceptional sound quality and immersive home theater experience logo

Different pros: Stylish strict design, transmits sound via HDMI, a large selection of presets for any type of music and cinema, 130 watts per channel at 6 ohms, unrivaled in the price range. With its cons. The volume knob is a little tight, but this can be seen from the fact that in general there is still no week for him. I switch everything from the remote)See full review

apple airpods 2 wireless headphones with charging case mv7n2 ru, white logo

Pros below: Bought as a gift, loved it. I read in other reviews that one of the headphones breaks after a month, it didn’t break for me. Has some cons Expensive, but now it is even more expensive, and the reasons are in the insidious machinations of the West!See full review

computer headset hyperx cloud stinger, black-red logo

Some pros: Test ears. The microphone works well for its price. The ears themselves fit well and sound quality and are great for gaming. Has some cons: Listening to music without additional sound adjustment is not a pleasure.See full review

oneplus 9rt 12/256gb cn smartphone sky blue logo

Pros below: Gorgeous bright screen, 120Hz; animation smoothness; work speed; no lags, good camera; Memory Some cons: Minor periodic bugs related to the OS; occasionally lack of localization; lack of native music app, calendar app and deep memory cleaning tool like MIUISee full review

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