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2nd Bitcoin in My Eyes

Almost everyone who has started to know crypto coins has recognized ethereum after bitcoin, the first crypto currency, bitcoin, has a very different technology than blockchain technology. According to me, I believe that it will gain as much value as the current bitcoin price, maybe not as much as bitcoin in the future, so I try to collect plenty of ethereum in my hand. One of the other aspects that I love about Ethereum is that everyone has the option to create their own coin due to its infrastructure. For this reason, there are hundreds of coins in its infrastructure and a few of them have gained considerable value. On the downside of Ethereum, of course, the cut fee has recently increased from mining transactions, so I think transfers are quite costly. After bitcoin, I will always try to keep the number of ethereum in my hand for the future and I recommend it to everyone.See full review

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An exchange that, once used, often makes its user regret to trade deposits and withdrawals. The best part is that it does not require credentials for membership, but it takes too much commission and withdrawal fees for other transactions. Sometimes it takes hours of effort to withdraw money, creates a lot of problems and regrets the user, and also takes an excessive deduction fee. For me, hotbit can only be used because it lists newly released coins, except it is not used for trading transactions such as trading.See full review

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When I started the virtual currency business, I think it was the first wallet I used years ago and I still rarely use it. The wallet is very easy to use, simple crypto money options are also very rich and sufficient. Cutting fees usually charge a flat fee. Some of the aspects I didn't like were that submissions could sometimes take hours and there were updates or system issues for urgent needs. Although it is a bit weak in terms of security, it is a very convenient wallet that can be used in small quantities, does not upset the user and has been active in the market for years.See full review

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Coinbase,Best For Me

It is a great wallet that I have used for years and still continue to use it. After hacking problems with another wallet I used before, I preferred coinbase and I was always satisfied. I can say that it is the most beautiful and the most secure wallet I have used in my life, there is no amount of coins in deposits and shipping costs are very low. There is only one downside to me, it does not support a few coins I want, and I guess that it will support them over time, so there is not much problem for me. People who will prefer a wallet can choose coinbase.See full review

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Fastest Most Fixed (XRP)

While the one I don't like at all is that it requires 20 xrp to unlock the first wallet deposit, there are many aspects I like. Xrp is a worldwide known cryptocurrency almost as much as bitcoin, which is why it is fast transfer transactions. There are many good sides to fast transfers. For example, investors generally prefer xrp for transactions such as arbitrage. The other thing that makes it special is that there is no production, that is, it is available in a certain number. To invest in Xrp for the first time, I would like to remind you that they send an amount of 20 Xrp at first to unlock the wallet.See full review

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The difference compared to other exchanges is that it constantly organizes airdrop campaigns and tries to keep its users in this way. It is a very low stock exchange in terms of volume and the fee fees are quite high compared to other low volume exchanges. In fact, there is nothing to tell about latoken other than airdrop, so most of the users prefer latoken. Those who gain in Latoken are usually due to participating in all airdrops and having many references. My advice to new users is to use them not for trade, but to benefit from campaigns.See full review

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Trust wallet is a very useful mobile wallet for me and very rich in terms of coin variety. I can say that it is one of the best mobile wallets I have used so far, there are almost all kinds of coins and most importantly, it supports systems such as ERC20. Although it is good that there is no limit on the amount sent to the wallet on any coin, it is a bit sad that the shipping rates are sometimes too high. Another reliable aspect of Trust wallet is that it is owned by binance, the world's largest stock exchange, making it extremely reliable.See full review

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One of the places where Crypto Money technology started is blockchain. One of the first wallets and the most secure. When I started this business, it was one of the first wallets I used and I always kept my money there. But although all the advanced security measures were active, hundreds of dollars were stolen from my account, the support team found the error in me and it didn't help. Maybe I was wrong and continued using it but still had the same complaint. Then I stopped using it there and moved my money elsewhere. Those who want to use this place can always use it safely, but I prefer not to use it anymore.See full review

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Dogecoin Future

I can say that Dogecoin is my favorite among cryptocurrencies. Because it is available on both trading and many exchanges, and transfers are made fast and at low fees. I also like it used in many investment platforms that make transactions faster. In my opinion, Dogecoin will be more popular in the future and its value will be many times greater than it is now. I will use my preference for many years to increase the amount of Dogecoin I own day by day, as I said above, I guess its value will increase further in the future. I would like to state that I always prefer their own website and applications for the storage of Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies.See full review

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The best thing about Binance Crypto Currency Exchange is that it has the largest volume in the world, which always increases its reliability. The more innovation and the more coin additions are always increasing the level of being better for me all the time. Another favorite aspect of Binance is that due to the large volume, each newly added cryptocurrency causes a price increase in a short time. Although I do not like the crypto money withdrawal fees to be a bit too high, it is a platform for me to trade withSee full review

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