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asus rs200 rog strix riser adapter cable (90dc0080-b09000) black logo

For the price, an excellent riser, even surprised. They say that a video card installed close to the wall will suffocate, I didn’t notice much. 3440x1440 with 2080ti, as they showed 100-150 fps in doom with 70 degrees, it does.See full review

kumho wintercraft ws71 225/65 r17 106h winter logo

235 55 18, stand on the Audi a8 quattro, the use of economy tires is not typical for such a car, but I really liked this model. I put it in early October, I drove it in more or less warm weather and in frost (-5-7), for the European part of the 2022 these tires are enough, they are definitely not inferior to the "Arctic" Nordman RS.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I bought it on a pajero mini - a car with a number of nuances in terms of weight and wheel tolerances. Summer ones are also cordiant, mud ones have proven themselves luxuriously. It looks rather modest after summer by car, but you can close your eyes to this. The tires fit perfectly into the physics of the car. It rows stupidly in any conditions, I didn’t notice a difference with summer tires at all. At the end of the season, it will be necessary to see what happened to the tires, but for such aSee full review

compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

Personal thoughts on the product.Has some pros: The volume of the medicine container in 13 ml is enough! With its cons: The divisions are hard to see on the medication reservoir. .See full review

digital piano casio px-s1000 white logo

My first digital piano, so I have nothing to compare it to, only an acoustic one, and this comparison - Casio is on top! Some pros: Great sound, even with headphones. An almost perfect imitation of a real piano. Compact and very concise, if the volume button were also decided to be touch sensitive, it would be, it seems to me, generally excellent. Its cons: Due to the brevity, you have to keep instructions on hand to call up the necessary functions and settings, although, of course, most of the See full review

basin faucet grohe euroeco 32881000 chrome logo

Fifteen years used Osram (Finland), could not get enough. But there was a backlash at the lever. I decided to replace it with a similar one, I found Grohe, which is almost two times cheaper than the same Osram. Let's see how it will show itself in use. As long as everyone likes it.See full review

seat cover with ventilation 12v logo

It blows so much that I'm thinking of buying a litter for the fifth point. My husband laughs, says that I will soon be driving like a queen and a pea with a thousand mattresses😀. Generally satisfied.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

washing is not difficult. cooks the right way. There are two cups for draining fat, convenient. meat does not burn, vegetables also makes quickly and healthy. in general fly away for this money.See full review

surface pump jileks jumbo 70/50 p (1100 w) logo

After winter parking, in the spring it starts up normally. And it works all summer, intensively enough for domestic needs and for watering the garden. Some pros: Four summer seasons from early spring to late autumn runs without problems. Pumps from great depths. Has cons: there may be noise, but I have it installed in a separate isolated well, for this reason it does not interfereSee full review


In general, pulls on a rating of "4". If not for the above shortcomings, it would be possible to put "5". However, those who designed the product, as if deliberately worsened the properties. Some pros: Large volume, and HK, and MK. I wouldn't call it noisy. There are of course sounds, but not loud. In the middle position, "4", in the MK from -20 at the top to -18 at the bottom. In HK, +4 at the top, about 0. -1 at the bottom. The price is reasonable, can not be compared with the so-called. "impoSee full review


We wanted to buy a TV with the Internet, an expensive pleasure, of course, until we were told about the miracle module. We ordered it on market, as it was cheaper than in other online stores))) it came quickly, a couple of days, the installation took about 10 minutes and that's it . . fortunately there is no limit, we watch programs, films day and night. And in tandem with station🔥See full review


Optimal price-quality ratio, several times cheaper than the original, the quality is about the same as that of the original cartridges Pros: Good quality, I order not the first time. Volume as stated in the specifications. Can be refilled (but be careful, the lid is made of thin plastic) Cons below: Insert carefully, you can break the drum cover, the plastic is thinSee full review


Pros below: a rather evil spike, as a result of which we get good handling in conditions of ice and rolled snow. Got cons: against the background of the shape of the spike, we get a characteristic additional noiseSee full review

nikon 50mm f/1.4g af-s nikkor lens, black logo

I took it for portraits - it fulfills its task 100% noticed that the main -95% travel of the focusing ring - lies within 0.45 -3 meters - at these distances from the object it works perfectly.See full review


Good combo with signature radar. The mount is reliable, I like the quality of the recording during the day (I have not checked it at night yet). No memory card (order 64 GB). Its pros: The quality of the recording, the work of the radar, by the way, it is signature. Cons below: Sensitive to memory cards. It requires microSD or microSDHC up to 128 GB (better than 64! ) Not lower than the 10th class. Reads signs of restrictions from trucks. Well, it doesn’t bother me personally and it doesn’t mattSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Great TV for giving/bath/kitchen/kids. Having a subscription + Internet remarkably copes with the smart function. Without unnecessary lags and brakes. Some pros: Great TV for the money shell Search for TV channels from the Internet (bypassing the antenna) Ease of setup WiFi only 2.4 Has some cons: Well, the firmware is still damp for me 2-3 times the remote control began to live its own life. Reboot helped Small highlights (but price range)See full review


I just turned it on and it heats up instantly. It is especially convenient in the off-season, when the heating temperature is lowered. It performs a lot of useful actions with protection against overheating and freezing, there is a child control - one of the functions that I immediately noticed. Everything is done for maximum convenience, very high quality assembly, good appearance.See full review

storage container rox box 16, 41.5x30x19.5 cm, 1 pc., transparent logo

Normal ones were brought only on the second attempt - for the first time, it seems that something fell on them in the back - they brought a package of plastic crumbsSee full review


Different pros: - the product is executed by the uniform compact block - - the kettle immediately became clean without scale, the water tastes like Aquaminerale - complete kit for self-installation Some cons: - makes a loud squeaking sound immediately after the tap is closed, and a completely audible sound of draining the drain - according to the instructions, it is not obvious that the tubes must be inserted with a force "up to the characteristic" - the outlet water pressure is weak, the kettlSee full review


I have been working on a PC every day for 20 years, there is no ergonomics, it’s huge, I didn’t like it at all, I put it in the closet as a spare. Its pros: There are no advantages, the usual keyboard from the time of the scoop. Cons: clumsy, made without a hint of design and beauty. , the F buttons are small and uncomfortable, instead of engraving a sticker.See full review

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